. . .

Is TRUTH of interest to you ?

Do you care ?

No, they really are watching you. The fact that the Holistic have arranged it such that the statement " They are Watching You ! " sounds like something from a SCI-FI story, how it sounds means nothing at all when related to possibilities. To simply react is bad enough, but to react in this manner of dismissal, is the reaction of an utter fool. The Holistic arranged foolish conclusive reactions to be FOOLISH CONCLUSIVE REACTIONS. Thanks to your readily predictable behavior, and your desire to retain it, you can be made a fool of, and you will be made a fool of. Reactions are based upon beliefs. Beliefs are based upon assumptions. Assumptions are practiced by those who cherish a pretentious thinking language that dares place enormous value upon the unproven.

To simplify and describe the situation that each VICTIM is constantly subjected to, perhaps pictures might help. As the following picture illustrates, victims are boxed in, surrounded by an overwhelming intellect that is far far far far beyond normal human comprehension. Victims are tortured and disoriented by a constant incoming of irrefutable paradoxical assertions. Every function, and every component of the victims mind is put through the absolute test of survival, over and over again, endlessly.


DO  IT !





The uniqueness of each component of the human mind is being taken advantage of by the Holistic. If you are strong enough, over time you learn the complexity of human consciousness inside out as a result of this constant bombardment upon different areas of the mind, different separate areas that you were previously unaware of as the result of these separate components of the mind working together as a ONE, a Singularity. You then use this new realization and perception in your own defense, and to assist in maintaining your sanity.

Those in the Holistic plane of reality are trying to detach the Victim completely from the norm and then force the Victim into accepting a whole new set of immoral and unethical laws. This is done by constant torture, group pressure, a false and distant friendship, and further enhancing of the agonizing torture if the Victim does not do what he or she is told to do. The Holistic then brutally force the Victim to have full knowledge of the fact that the Holistic have known of every thought that has occurred in the Victims mind and every move the victim has ever made. But even acceptance of this fact, the Holistic say is not enough. Instead they want proof that the Victim understands their huge Holistic scale, their control, their dominance, and that the Relativistic scale of things is no longer important, that the opinions, actions, and reactions of those who are aware of only the Relativistic reality are to be of no concern to the Victim any more. The Holistic then proceed to force the Victim to prove that this is now understood, by forcing the victim to agree to do something so crazy, so insane, and/or so humiliating that it would never be done otherwise.

The impression given by the holistic at this time is that if the victim goes forward with this insane behavior, then the Holistic might, yes I said MIGHT, stop the torture and of course allow the victim to join up with them now that the victim has thrown sanity out the window. At this point, the situation is set up such that the odds of the victims life NOT being destroyed are no better than one in INFINITY. In other words, they are saying that the victim should have complete FAITH in them, a degree of faith that can only exist through sheer lunacy, a degree of faith that is to totally ignore the fact that they brutally kill people on a daily basis, a degree of faith that is to overlook the fact that they will kill the victim, or continue to do that which is even worse, if the victim does not agree to practicing INSANE blind faith.

Those who turn down their demands, are put back in the box of torture such that desperation will force them to run back to their doctor for medication to shut their mind down enough to hopefully escape any continuation of this unimaginable torture. If the Victims choice is to stand pat, and fight back, then they will cut the Victim off from society, off from having an income, cut off from family and friends, cut off from everything that it takes until the victim eventually ends up on the streets, becomes a Zombie due to medications, or commits suicide. During all of this, the victim is also forced to appear to be no longer capable of being able to look after his or herself, when in actual fact, they are quite capable, but their abilities are being imprisoned by those who oppose them from the Holistic plane of reality.

To the Holistic, to rise above and beyond, is to rise above and beyond all that we believe in. To them, our wrong, is their right, our right, is their wrong. It is their way of detaching themselves from us completely and maintaining that detachment. Those who then join with them, call those who do not, " The losers." They say this while totally ignoring the fact that they have dropped all ethics etc. to the ground. No, instead they feel supreme because of the vast and new enhancement of their intellect, and most of all, their new position of pure POWER.

Compassion is totally dead. Guilt is totally dead. They become heartless machines. " We govern, We set the rules, We do as We like."

And so they do ALL the UNBELIEVABLES. With this brutal combination of ignorance and power, they KILL and KILL and KILL and feel absolutely no remorse at all !!!!!!!

If you commit suicide, then it is your own fault. If your life is ruined, then it is your own fault. This is their brutal attitude, blaming the Victim for the outcome of what they have done to the Victim, the HORRIBLE things they have done to that Victim.

Freedom is Slavery, so say the Holistic.

Earth, to them, is nothing but a Menagerie.

George Orwell recognized the true form of deceit, but did not know of it's source.

Fig. # 1

Fig.# 1 above, is the limited classical view of reality. This is the reality seen by those who have their blinders on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In general, people believe that only the Classical World exists.  99% of the people on this planet are completely unaware of anything that surpasses the Classical World.   Holistic reality is just not in their dictionary.   Although on sundays, to many it existed here in the past, exists at a distance from here in the present, and will exist here again in the future, therefore all being part of the foundation of reality, that somehow magically comes, goes, and comes again, meaning, all of them are ignoring the fact that the foundation of an Absolute Holistic Reality cannot change. In actual fact, those in the Holistic plane of reality have Governed in the past with some exposure, Govern in the present in secrecy, and intent to Govern with exposure again in the future, but actually with absolute deceitfulness and therefore with no true exposure.

Fig. # 2

Meanwhile the Classicists, and the world that surrounds them, are being controlled and manipulated from the Holistic axis of the Complete reality, the Holistic-Relativistic reality. Events are being controlled. Events include worldly events, and of course, neurological events, known to some as Mind Control, and to the rest it is known as a crystal clear case of Psychosis that they cannot prove to be a crystal clear case of Psychosis, but is crystal clear even though they cannot prove it to be crystal clear, but it is crystal clear, even though they cannot prove it to be crystal clear, but is..........  In this case of Fig. 2, it is mind and reality control which is out of sight, and that which is totally unknown of by the subjects.

But not all people are just being controlled. Some people have been given governing positions. They have been given the right to participate. However, to participate in such a brutal practice, your mind must be stripped of all moral and ethical codes. Once done, you can sit back and feel no pity at all for the starving, the sick, the dying, and the mind-body controlled victims as they commit suicide, Etc..

Fig. # 3

MANIPULATION - Step One.   Subject 'A' sees the world with the classical limitations. Subject 'B' is exposed to an extended manipulation of Mind and Body by those in the hidden Holistic reality. Almost every thought Subject 'B' has, is controlled by them. From his Classical point of view, Subject 'B' is being communicated with from the nowhere. Subject 'B' is being physically and mentally tortured by some invisible source.

Subject 'B' informs Subject 'A' of the bizarre but real events.
Subject 'A' sends Subject 'B' to see the Doctor.

Fig. # 4

MANIPULATION - Step Two.   Enhance rejection of the bizarre claims made by Subject 'B'.  Subject 'A' watches a movie as does Subject 'B'. Subject 'A' sees the movie as it is intended to be seen. Those in the Holistic axis of reality, from this axis, know what movie is to be seen beforehand, along with knowing all the details within it. Subject 'B' is placed in a mind state such that questions placed in his or her mind by the Holistic, are then being answered immediately by those whom are speaking within the movie, or so the case seems to be from the Victims point of view. Subject 'B' has thought that these questions in his or her mind were of his or her own origin, therefore being totally unaware that they were deceitful thought insertions that were directly related to that spoken of within the movie. This kind of deception is repeated over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over throughout the entire movie. It then becomes crystal clear to Subject 'B' that each thought within his or her mind is now directly related to that which is spoken of throughout the entire movie. Thus in no way what so ever does Subject 'B' see coincidence as part of this event equation.

Subject 'B' informs Subject 'A' of even more bizarre but non coincidental events.
Subject 'A' sends Subject 'B' back to the Doctor.

Fig. # 5

MANIPULATION - Step Three.   This step includes others, Subject 'C' types, who have given in to the overpowering sadistic Holistic. They are in constant communication with the Holistic overseers. Thoughts, actions etc., of Subject 'B' are passed on to all surrounding Subject 'C' types via those present within the Holistic reality. Subject 'B' is scared and confused and is becoming fully aware that Subject 'C' types surrounding Subject 'B' can read every thought in the mind of Subject 'B' and, for example, were also aware of all of the activities done by Subject 'B' the previous day during the time when Subject 'B' was completely alone. Subject types 'C' clearly have a (+) advantage over Subject 'B'. Subject 'C' types torture and torture Subject 'B' over and over while knowing everything about Subject 'B' and therefore cornering the poor victim in every way possible, and even beyond possibilities as far as the shallow minded Classicists could see or comprehend. The Victim is now cut of from the normal social life, cut off from friends and family, and will be unemployed, all as the result of the work of the Holistics intentions. Now that Subject 'B' is isolated from the norm, Subject 'B' can be torn into and out of an altered reality, an extended reality. Again, to the classicists, this altering of reality, can only occur when a Holy Spiritual figure is nearby, and since we have a shortage of ready and available Spiritual Figures today, then it is BELIEVED that such an event can only occur in the mind of a Psychotic person. Those who believe that the altering of reality in the past did actually happen, for some reason are presently not in hospital for psychiatric examination, even though there is absolutely no difference in these two claims of reality being altered, with the exception of the time period.

Subject 'B' now refuses to inform Subject 'A' about any further bizarre events.
Subject 'B' knows that he or she is in a hopeless situation.

Subject 'B' now becomes aware that the truth can clearly not fit within the shallow mind of a Subject 'A' type,
and definitely can not and will not fit in the frozen programmed mind of a Doctor.

Subject 'B' knows that nobody will believe what Subject 'B' has to say about what is occurring.
Subject 'C' types laugh in the background as they totally destroy Subject 'B'.
Subject 'C' types laugh while knowing that no one else sees nor believes that this brutal murder is really truly taking place.

Fig. # 6

At this point they apply the DO or DIE procedure. DO IT ! , DON'T DO IT ! statements now fly about. But understand this, the torture they throw at the victim while saying DO IT, is equal in magnitude to the brutal torture they throw at the victim while saying DON'T DO IT. But do not think once again in black and white, because this is not a simple Black and white case of do's or don'ts, but is a highly complex and brutal mind game. As I said before, they are forcing the Victim to do something, or not to do something, that is so outrageously insane, humiliating, and dangerous, that without doubt it would put you in a Prison or a Hospital if you actually did it. One has to guess that nothing should be Humiliating anymore since you now know that everything you have ever done and thought in the past has been known of and seen by those in the Holistic reality, so what is there left to hide or be ashamed of.

Of course at the same time that naturally you are to join up with them, you are supposed to ignore the fact that they have killed millions and millions of innocent people and ENJOYED EVERY BLOODY MINUTE OF IT !!!


If you don't ignore this, then consider yourself dead, or worse. They will now beat you to death for not wanting to have anything to do with the extended privileged reality.

Those who now surround you, those who had given in, are all superb actors who cover the truth day in and day out. You ask yourself " How can they be so cruel yet still visually appear no different from another ? ", while the differences at hand are so incredibly massive. The answer is POWER, the power of the holistic controlling and deceiving them, and the power that they themselves now also have, that has overpowered there proper judgment abilities.

Fig. # 7

In Fig. #7, the victim is completely surrounded by the Holistic, yet this is done by being in contact with only one small portion of the Holistic overseer. The number of components that make up an active human consciousness is not infinite, but it is far far from it. And because of this limit, the subject, whose every thread of consciousness is now in contact with the holistic, feels as though the holistic have exposed them to the one and only everything, even though this is far from the truth. The victim feels as though they have been exposed to the absolute and there simply is nothing else anywhere, even though they are in contact with only one tiny tiny point of the HUGE HOLISTIC CONSCIOUSNESS. With the holistic controlling the subjects emotions etc., the ability for the subject-participant to look so innocent while practicing brutal acts of murder from a distance, becomes understandable. You begin to understand why they are doing the absolute wrong and are smiling while doing it. You now understand how power overcomes sanity, how power forces morals and ethics to vanish into thin air. You understand it because you know that nothing can stop them, you know that if the facts are presented to others, such as my presentation of these facts to you, you still do not BELIEVE the FACTS.


It just becomes one big Mafia.

Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen (EPR) pointed out that the quantum-mechanical description of "physical reality" implied that there is a presence of an unphysical, an instantaneous action between distant measurements. Thus Quantum Mechanics is incomplete and therefore additional "hidden variables", must be present to explain "nonlocality". Yet people in general do not believe that one exists, nor its constant presence.

As I said, if you break truth into pieces, the truth is gone. Only if the pieces are joined together once again can the truth be seen.


There is no real GOD, as you understand a God. There is no real DEVIL, as you understand a Devil. What is real on the negative side of the Holistic reality, is far beyond what you can comprehend, meaning far worse than any Devil character that you can comprehend. It is an ongoing BRUTAL CONTROL from the negative Holistic side, and they want it kept secret, NO MATTER WHAT THE COST !  And so it is arranged such that if the truth is presented to you, then the one who presents it is to be tagged with the title " DELUSIONAL ".

It is the religious side that I find so frustrating. The fact that people take the practice of replacing Truth with Belief so seriously, which is a demonstration of plain stupidity on their part, is very annoying when you are trying to teach them the truth. It has opened up Pandora's box by having people give in to something they know nothing about. How can you teach people how to see truth, and what truth is, when they are willing to accept absolute deceit with open arms. Never the less, you have been given Relativistic warnings.

John 8:44
For you are the children of your father the Devil, and you love to do the evil things he does. He was a murderer from the beginning and has always hated the truth. There is no truth in him. When he lies, it is consistent with his character; for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Ephesians 6:12
 For we are not fighting against people made of flesh and blood, but against the evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against those mighty powers of darkness who rule this world, and against wicked spirits in the heavenly realms.

Revelation 9:11
 Their king is the angel from the bottomless pit; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon ; the Destroyer.

Because of the limitations of the human mind, the perception of the magnitude of a so called God and/or Devil, is severely limited as well. For the negative Holistic, this is wonderful since they do not have to expose themselves at all. Instead they can and do continue onward repeating the stories of war, the good and evil, Heaven and Hell, etc., all to cover the nasty truth about taking a nasty advantage of the mechanics of the two radically different planes of reality. And so they go on and on with their deceit and their deceit and their deceit and their deceit and thus maintain the story line such that it completely distracts people from seeing the underlying intentions.

It is such a shame that POWER has allowed them to become so heartless. They just laugh at the Victims as they tell them you can't win, you can't beat them. To them, winning is everything, no matter what it takes! Of course that includes breaking all the rules and slowly killing the innocent men, women, and children. And all this comes with their perfected practice of WRONGFULNESS and CRUELTY that is beyond the range of human belief.

You say, " If it is UNBELIEVABLE, then it isn't happening !!! ".

There is no intention to eliminate the so called unwanted by killing them. No, not at all. The method is to slowly torture people to death, to DESTROY them completely, or to turn them into what they were not before. Yet after this horrible conversion, they are not transformed into decent respectable people. No you see, that is what they were before they were destroyed. Destroy, rather than heal, serves only one purpose, and that is through the practice of absolute selfishness the one that destroys the other, gains both what the other has lost, and gains the opposite of that which is experienced during the horrible destruction process . This leads back to Relativity. By destroying people through boundless torture, this now also allows the existence of the exact opposite. A Heaven is a free paradise, free to those within it, because it is all paid for by those who are not, and not paid for by those who call themselves Gods. All the possible negativities that those who are now in the new Heavens once knew of, are now given to those in Hell as a non-justifiable burden that they have to deal with on their own. The more suffering that those in Hell are subjected to, the more of the opposite can be experienced in the Heaven. If not stopped, this runs out of control. Again, the only purpose of the creation of this new Hell, is to allow absolute Greed and Selfishness to flourish on the other side, and to allow the two to fly apart without an ounce of care by those present in the new Heaven about the suffering that goes on in Hell. Heaven and Hell, is far more extreme than just being winners and losers. The suffering that occurs within Hell occurs within Hell, meaning, it can not occur within the relativistic reality because the magnitude of suffering can not fit within the limitations of the relativistic reality. Simply put, it is HELL !!!!

Meanwhile, there are people across the globe who are in complete support of the existence of the new Hell. This of course means that they are in complete support of all horrible actions such as those that took place due to the work of Adolf Hitler, since these are minuscule in comparison. Many people attend church yet give absolutely no violent objections towards the existence of a Hell. Instead they worship a "God" who wishes to create this boundless Holocaust called Hell. It becomes a game of I win , you lose. Despite this, some will say that they were against Adolf Hitler's Holocaust, yet still they support the idea of throwing fellow men, women, and children into the Holistic boundless Hell !  These people have been deceived. They are willing to place blame upon others in an instant, rather than help their fellow man.


Are you beginning to understand the dangerous limitations of the human mind ? The bigger something becomes, the more your minds eye closes. You don't believe what I say, and as you read my statements, the bigger the point I am making, the more your minds eye closes.

Will what I have just said have any effect on you ? This world is designed in a manner such that my word, the truth, will mean nothing at all to you. People are more concerned with a persons grammar and vocabulary than what that person had to say. Meaning, someone can provide you with an absolute valuable truth, but if it is not presented in the right manner, then it is considered completely worthless.

Is that an act of a sane person ?
Or is it a act of a governed person, a person who is not thinking for his or herself ?


The size of a lie is a definite factor in causing it to be believed because the vast masses of a nation are in the depths of their hearts more easily deceived than they are consciously and intentionally bad. The primitive simplicity of their minds renders them more easy victims of a big lie than a small one, because they themselves often tell little lies but would be ashamed to tell big ones. Such a form of lying would never enter their heads. They would never credit others with the possibility of such great impudence as the complete reversal of facts. Even explanations would long leave them in doubt and hesitation, and any trifling reason would dispose them to accept a thing as true. Something therefore always remains and sticks from the most imprudent of lies, a fact which all bodies and individuals concerned in the art of lying in this world know only too well, and therefore they stop at nothing to achieve this end.

From - Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf.

Yes, he knew.
And it is the cleverness of the Holistic to know that since we now
HAVE experienced the deceitfulness of Adolf Hitler, then we say it is not to occur again, and we are relaxing as we move away from it in time. It is their intent to catch us off guard once we are in this relaxed mode. Also, the Holistic have arranged this reality such that truth can be covered by the observers stupidity. Most of those who have been victimized to the extreme, speak in emotional voice tones because words alone cannot express the truth of just how boundless the horrible hell that they are being put through actually is. Unfortunately that is used against them as well.

To give you an example of just how powerful an effect this has on people, the following is an experiment that was performed on several doctors.

Four healthy intellectual people and four doctors were chosen. The four people, two men and two women, were told to dress as follows.

  1) Man , dressed in business clothes.
  2) Woman , dressed in business clothes.
  3) Man , dressed in casual clothes.
  4) Woman , dressed in casual clothes.

Each person was given an identical script of the exact symptoms they were to inform their specific doctor about. They were told to memorize it perfectly word for word.

  Persons ( 1 ) and ( 2 ) were also told to speak in a monotone voice.
  Persons ( 3 ) and ( 4 ) were also told to speak in an emotional multi-tone voice.

However, I say it again, each intellectual was giving the doctor the exact same information.

The results were amazing. The responses from the four doctors were as follows.

  Patient  #1 ) There is nothing physically apparent, but I recommend further tests to find the source of the problem.
  Patient  #2 ) There is nothing physically apparent. Come back again if the problem persists.
  Patient  #3 ) There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.
  Patient  #4 ) What you are madam, is a Hypochondriac.

I find it amusing to see doctors base their judgment in this crude manner, while at the same time, I see it as being a serious problem since the information that was presented to them, seemed to have such little value on the whole. " The man dressed in business clothes, speaking in mono-tone, is believed. The woman dressed in casual clothes, speaking emotionally, is clearly a HYPOCHONDRIAC ". People in general have the bad habit of this athletically jumping to immediate conclusions !


The sheer POWER of " PSYCHOSIS " used as an excuse to cover the truth, is the biggest problem that will ever exist across all time.

The world is flat, say the many, therefore he who says that it is round, is crazy. The moon can never be reached, and he who says it can, is crazy. Man will not be able to break the sound barrier, and he who says that it can be broken, is crazy .....................

This behavior has not changed at all to this day. It is the result of a crude mentality that somehow has determined that if many support a BELIEF, then TRUTH presented by one, has no right at all to challenge a belief.   Today, the TRUTH is still the CRAZY !

The overall barriers needed to ensure that truth is not to be seen, are as follows.

Create a specific reality structure such that


Distance between belief and truth is maximized to ensure that those who speak the truth are always not to be believed.


The size and number of lies active within the world, must exceed the size and number of truths, such that truths, by not being dominant, become less likely to be accepted as truths, since many " truths " are still defined and classified under the practice of belief, all whilst belief is still governed by the primitive method of majority vote.


Those who are allowed to speak the truth, are to be those of the specific kind who will not be listened to.


The truth is to be the exact opposite of that which is believed by the majority, therefore relativistically, truth is to appear to be crazy and insane.


The truth is to be presented at a time when truth is of no interest to the specific public it is being presented to.


Truth is simplistic, therefore to the public it is to be perceived as nothing but a case of useless simplism.


The truth is to be so highly dangerous when confronting the floating belief system, such that fear will prevent a global release of the truth.


Extremely limited consciousness, determined by the severe limits of an isolated floating belief system, is to allow all acts of brutality to take place that extend beyond this limited scope of consciousness, and therefore to allow it to occur without any fear at all of those within the limited scope of consciousness ever believing any of it to be real.


Presentations of the truth are to be confronted by the majority without their knowing why they are confronting it.


Confrontations of this nature are to be entirely defensive. The confrontation, and not the truth, is to then become the topic.


The attention span of the public is to be less than that which is required to see Truth.


The public is to be a machine of perfect responsive behavior, and is not to THINK.


Rules that have been presented to the world, such as the ten commandments, can be taken advantage of via deceit, such that the deceivers can now catch people off guard and break all of these rules while their false IMAGE claims that they would not.


Rules of this 'Equality' nature, that have been placed in the Relativistic reality, can then be taken advantage of such that the exact opposite, 'Power', can exist in the Holistic reality.


A War then begins, to determine which POWER wins, a regulated POWER, or the unbounded POWER of brutality, greed, selfishness, heartlessness........

  Translated -- Are we to be partners or slaves ?

The ' Jesus Christ Nutcase ' concept must be introduced to the public. Anyone who attempts to release the truth is to be perceived as being " JUST ANOTHER JESUS CHRIST NUT-CASE ".


Set an example of wrongfulness, such as -The Work of Adolf Hitler -, and allow the public to think of it as something that shall never happen again, and then subject the human population to the very same practice, but to a much larger scale and for much more complex reasons, now that man is set completely off guard.


People in general are to believe only the words of those who spoke thousands of years ago, and are not to believe any words at all of those who speak today, unless those who speak have the following credentials, Ph.D., B.Sc., etc.,....... These people are to be extremely Knowledgeable people, therefore just like computers are easily programmable, and most importantly due to having only Knowledgeable minds, they will have little room left within their minds for having any significant ability to understand, including their inability to understand that they are being used. These credentials, Ph.D., B.Sc., etc., will fool the public, since the public can not tell the difference between Knowledgeable minds, and Intellectual minds.

Below is a typical report of Mind and Body Control, still noting only a small portion of the vast array of forms of torture that are thrown at each Victim. This report was created as the result of a collection of common reports received from many individual isolated victims. It was an attempt by many to collect suffice information to help determine the cause and source of the torture. Yet still they were only searching the relativistic plane of reality while looking for the cause and those actually behind it.

Presentations of this nature are also to appear to be both crude and childish. This is arranged, and arranged easily, by the Holistic, and for obvious reasons. Also, at the time of the occurrences of the brutal torture towards the Victim, the Victim is therefore exposed to the massive levels of Power that are within the Holistic plane of reality, all such that the simplicity and childishness of the forms of torture being given, become hidden in the shadows of the Powerful torment itself. The power can not be described to others, since it does not exist nor relate to anything within the relativistic plane of reality. The childish descriptions alone then proceed to mislead those who read them.

( These apply only to the victims who eventually commit or attempt suicide. )

An intense feeling equivalent to that of having onion juice surrounding the eyes -- This will occur only in situations where the victim is somewhat trapped in a no immediate escape situation. Perhaps the Victim is driving his or her car under demanding traffic conditions, or perhaps while at work the Victim is isolated in a conference meeting that simply must be attended from beginning to end, or perhaps the Victim is attending an educational course that is a must as part of ones job, etc.. In all cases this is arranged to create constant embarrassment and frustration that the Victim can't do anything about, all due to the fact that the situation being taken advantage of is a situation in which the Victim can not immediately escape without threatening safety, or perhaps will lead to the loss of his or her job etc.

All sweat glands continuously working full force -- Under normal circumstances this magnitude of sweating does not even occur if under hot sauna conditions, but it is now forced to occur perhaps in the work place at room temperatures as cool as 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit for instance, all thanks to the work of the Holistic. Again this is to cause further frustration and embarrassment for the Victim. The Victim is forced time and time and time again to head off to the wash room to dry chest, back, and legs, etc., as the Victim's clothing, and under garments, are becoming completely soaked with sweat, despite having been constantly working within a well cooled environment.

Blurred vision - This is the result of the focus function of the eye being shut down by the Holistic. Picture for example, the Victim is in an office conference meeting, and the Victim's eye focus is set or fixated specifically such that the Victim can neither read the words on the board, nor the words the Victim is trying to write down on paper. The Victim is therefore forced to have two pairs of glasses readily available, and due to choosing to do so, the Victim's short term memory is shut down such that the Victim has to alternate from one pair of glasses to the other pair of glasses word after word as the Victim tries to copy that which is written on the board down onto paper. However, just to make it clear that the Holistic are in control, the Victim's vision and short term memory are immediately returned to normal after the conference is completed.

Blurred vision - The Victim plans to leave the house, and so before hand the Victim takes a shower and then proceeds to comb his or her hair. At this point the Victim's visual focus is fixated such that the Victim can't see what he or she is doing, but the Victim's vision is restored back to normal, once the Victim gives up.

Blurred vision - The Victim has no problem reading up close, but when the Victim does his or her grocery shopping, suddenly the Victim can't hardly even see his or her own hands, and so it becomes impossible to read the details and prices of the products. Once again, after the Victim gives up and leaves the store, the Holistic restore the Victim's vision back to normal functioning.

Obviousness denied -- The Victim goes to the barber and gives the basic description of how the hair is to be cut, perhaps somewhat sharp and square to compensate for a round face. The barber will then cut and style the hair in the exact opposite manner of what was requested, and so it will be cut and styled to give as round an overall appearance as can be done. The Victim finds a new barber, and the exact same thing happens. The Victim finds a new barber, and the exact same thing happens. The Victim finds a new barber, and the exact same thing happens. The Victim finds a new barber, and the exact same thing happens. The Victim finds a new barber, and the exact same thing happens. The Victim finds a new barber, and the exact same thing happens. The Victim finds a new barber, and the exact same thing happens. The Victim finds a new barber, and the exact same thing happens. .............. The Victims friends say that the Victim must have had a bad hair day, totally ignoring the point about the consistency of the lack of proper cooperation from barber to barber, or they simply do not believe the statement because it points out occurrences that go against their personal ratings of probabilities of possibilities. They believe that nothing can happen that is positioned outside of these ratings, and that's that, meaning in short they believe that it is they who determine the allowance of an event, although they will deny this belief and behavior if it is pointed out to them, and then proceed onward with this kind of belief and behavior when it is not.

Random Timing denied. -- The Victim, as do others, just miss the buss, and see it drive away. The Victim, as do not others, miss the next bus, and the next buss somewhere else at some other random time. The Victim, as do not others, miss the next bus, and the next buss somewhere else at some other random time. The Victim, as do not others, miss the next bus, and the next buss somewhere else at some other random time. The Victim, as do not others, miss the next bus, and the next buss somewhere else at some other random time. The Victim, as do not others, miss the next bus, and the next buss somewhere else at some other random time. The Victim, as do not others, miss the next bus, and the next buss somewhere else at some other random time. The Victim, as do not others, miss the next bus, and the next buss somewhere else at some other random time. The Victim, as do not others, miss the next bus, and the next buss somewhere else at some other random time. The Victim, as do not others, miss the next bus, and the next buss somewhere else at some other random time........ Every bus is missed thanks to the Holistic arranging all the timing of the Victim's daily events. Again, others who the Victim mentions this to, believe that nothing like this can happen because it is positioned outside of their personal ratings of probabilities of possibilities, and that's that, meaning once again that they believe that it is they who determine the allowance of an event, and again they will deny this belief and this behavior if it is pointed out to them, and then proceed onward with this belief and behavior when it is not.

You have Failed -- The Holistic put boundless fear into the Victim's Mind. They tell the Victim they should have blinded themselves as punishment for what they have seen with those eyes. They say that others have done so as I commanded, so why have not you. Next day, the Victim sees a blind man walking on the side walk with his cane and his dog. The next day he sees another blind man, the next day he sees another blind man, the next week, he sees a blind woman. the next day.........., on and on this continues to happen. This shocks and scares the victim because over many years of his or her life, the Victim may have only seen a few blind people, but now is seeing them almost daily. The Victim goes to work and one of the other workers comes to work with an arm in a cast. Next day another worker limps his way through the office. The next week someone else wears a hand cast. The Holistic tell the Victim that they punished themselves as they were told to do, and that you must do the same. What the hell is happening, says the Victim.

Note: You have to understand that even though you think that everything that happens in this world just happens to be, this is not the case at all. The holistic can arrange an event to occur 1 billion years down the road if they choose to, or force the random frequency of odd events that occur to individuals, all to occur at the same time in a work environment, all thanks to holistic view of reality being across all time, unlike ours which is restricted to the present.

You have to think BIG when understanding their boundless abilities, and how they use them to create such crafty deceitfulness, deceiving the majority such that the majority knows not of them and their presence, while at the exact same time in broad daylight in front of the all, through this craftiness they reveal so much, but reveal it to the victim only !

What works, clearly doesn't work. --- The Victim is in a rush and has to shave, but suddenly the shaver does not work, but it works again when it is not needed in a rush. Again this occurs over and over and over. The Victim's VCR records when recording a movie that turns out to be not so good, but will not work at all when its a classic movie that is a must to be recorded. Again this occurs over and over. The Victim gets up in the morning to head off to work, but your car won't start, but it does start when the Victim tries it again after coming back from work. This goes on for weeks, and then for no particular reason, stops. The Victim's TV remote control only works when pointed directly at the TV, but then once sticking to this approach, it only works when pointed elsewhere away from the TV, and when the Victim has adapted to this new working approach, it now only works if you point it directly at the TV. Again, if this is mentioned to others, it is not believed, or the Victim is assumed to be simply a clumsy person who can't even operate a remote control device. The Victim is frustrated, and the Holistic once again laugh about their deceitful imprisonment of the truth.

Imprisonment -- The Victim needs groceries. But when the day comes to get them, the Victim's stomach is swollen giving the appearance of 11 months pregnancy and also causes difficulty breathing. Another day, the Victim needs groceries again, but this time the Victim suddenly feels extremely week and can not even leave the house or apartment to do such shopping. These coordinated occurrences of imprisonment, coordinated by the Holistic, continue on for many years. The victim has to do the best that can be done to get around these kinds of continuous problems. The victim then has to deal with the idiots who respond by saying " How could you have ever purchased any groceries if this went on and on ? ", this happening of course because of the fact that despite an almost endless number of forms of torture thrown at the Victim, the small mindedness of the listener has resricted the recollection of all of the other forms of torture, and therefore assumes only one form is present in what is described as continuous torture.

The Fear Factor -- The Victim is warned. The Victim is informed that there is going to be a car accident. The car will do a rapid " J " turn and then collide into a street lamp pole. The Victim drives in fear. The next day at the office the Victim asks why someone did not show up for work. Response, " Oh, didn't you hear, she had a car accident, she did a rapid " J " turn and drove right into a street lamp pole. The Victim is off the fear list, but now is aware of the " Voices " ability to see future events. Further predictions are given. The predictions follow through. If this is mentioned to others, the response of the others is that they believe that the Victim, the " Schizophrenic ", simply has mixed up the time order of such events, or that it is merely the Victim's imagination that is the source of such a confabulation of these prophecies given by the " Voices ". The others then go off to church and believe that prophecies are real for they are written within the Bible. To the others, only " Religious " prophecies can actually occur. In other words, if " Religion " is not outstanding, then to them it becomes a clear cut case of Psychotic behavior.

It must become not just clear, but obvious to anyone, that the complex and sophisticated arrangements of torture, no matter how simple the torture itself may be, simply can NOT be the result of a mental disorder, since the outcome of the torture exceeds the creative abilities and power of the human mind, and also takes complete advantage of the ignorance and arrogance of those who surround the Victims. But your mind will not let you, for it has control of you, telling you to remain blind.

The goal of the Holistic, is to convert the most important facts about Truth, into an insignificant trifling nothingness, or the absurd and ridiculous.

1) Victims are forced, by the Holistic, to assume or believe that they are being " PERSECUTED ".

This deadly game will continue for as long as possible and will depend on how the subject fights back, which is dependent on what degree or percentage of this person is attached to truth, and what degree or percentage of this person is attached to belief. If belief is dominant, then this will continue possibly to the end. If their belief system is not focused specifically on Religion, but may also focus on science and the possibility of life existing elsewhere in this universe, then another door is open for the Holistic to make fools of these Victims.

2) Victims are forced to assume or believe, by the Holistic, that they are being watched, probed, and abducted, by Aliens, or by the so called -Others-.

The power that these Victims are exposed to is overwhelming, and so despite how ridiculous such claims are seen to be by the masses, they are as real as real can seem to be, to the Victims themselves. Again, the Holistic wish to make fools of both the Victims in broad daylight, and also of the Observers, but done behind their backs, which is extremely easy to do since all Observers Always judge a book by its cover, and have absolutely no interest at all in the contents of the book.

If the person has not been living in the Fantasy land of Belief, then more solid forms of torture will be applied. Paranoia will be more affective for this kind of a person.

3) Victims are forced to assume that they are being watched by the CIA, FBI, NSA, ........... .

4) Victims, being tortured, are therefore no longer being allowed to perform normal grooming and hygiene, which of course is described as " patient displays less attention to grooming and hygiene than normal " by their Doctor.

Doctors note that the "Patients" clothes are dirty or the "Patient" has an odor. But even this is a joke, because the status of the victim is far worse than what the doctor or anyone else will ever see. The abuse applied to the Victim is far worse. But the Victims, after several years of being abused, begin to pick up a recognition of patterns. For instance, it is typical for a Victim to be severely bloated, to have horrible Headaches, and not to have washed or bathed for considerable time periods, due to the boundless torture, and by the way, when a Victim says that it felt as though their head was about to explode during the Headaches, they were describing the event with perfect accuracy. However, at times, this torture diminishes and then comes close to reaching a complete stop. The Victim then knows that he or she is about to be allowed out of the cage of torment, and out of the house or apartment. In other words, their appearance is significantly improved such that those living normal lives, those they are about to see due to being let out of the cage, are not supposed to see or know of what True Hell the Victims are actually being put through when isolated.

Eventually this pattern becomes so obvious to the Victim, that the Victim expects a phone call or a knock on the door, within a 24 hour period, meaning they know that they are about to meet a family member or friend within the next 24 hours. So again, this is the nasty Holistic at work, maintaining their delightful practice of destroying lives, and laughing while doing it, knowing that no one will believe the truth about this brutal practice in progress. On top of that, when the Victim describes the actual level of the brutality, it now does not match the physical appearance of the Victim at the time they describe it to the others. This short time out of the cage, is all that is required to add even more to the almost endless list of varieties of deception that are planned by the Holistic.

Man in general, is so leaned back, so much in a semi-coma, that they do not realize that these Victims are people who are being abused, used, and disposed of. For obvious reasons, I know of the massive intellect of the Holistic, and how they view mankind at this time as being nothing more than educated monkeys, and how they intend to take advantage of mankind before mankind evolves beyond sheer foolishness and selfishness.

To keep people within the mere Relativistic limits, those who are exposed to that which lies, literally lies, beyond these limits, are shot down by the classicists in the manner shown in the following examples, all just as it is arranged to be by the Sadistic Holistic, arranged in a manner that the Holistic enjoy so much as they torture the poor Victims in the appropriate manner such that idiots, ..... sorry I mean Doctors...... will, as usual, categorize the Events as being Delusions and Hallucinations created by only the Victim and no other.

Delusions of Persecution are mistaken beliefs that people are out to "get you " in some way. They are trying to get you fired, cheat you, poison you or even take over the world. The evidence offered for this is unlikely to convince those who do not share the delusion. Of course, if you disagree with them or suggest that they need psychological help, you are likely to be seen as "part of the plot ." Delusions of Persecution are mistaken beliefs made by doctors, that no other reality is required to support a limited frame of reality known as the Relativistic reality, and that the reports handed to them by patients therefore have no foundation to support their statements other than the patients imagination or the result of abnormal functioning of the patients brain.
Delusions of Grandeur are mistaken beliefs that you are better than others. If others are trying to get you fired, it is because they are jealous of your "special talents." Belief in having special powers or being on a special mission. Delusions of Grandeur are mistaken beliefs made by doctors, that no other LARGER reality is required to support a limited SMALLER frame of reality known as the Relativistic reality, and that the reports handed to them by patients therefore have no foundation to support their statements of having any exposure to LARGER EVENTS which the Holistic gave to this patient, be it a twisted version of truth, or not.
Delusions of Reference include mistaken beliefs that innocent events relate especially to you. When other workers are talking, they are talking about you. Even television newscasters could be talking specifically about you, or to you. Delusions of Reference are mistaken beliefs made by doctors, that no other LARGER reality is required to support a limited SMALLER and incomplete frame of reality known as the Relativistic reality, and that there is therefore no external larger plane of reality from which one can alter the lessor relativistic reality, including those within it, such as the patient and the Events that surround that patient.

This kind of cover goes on and on and on and on and on..... . You have to understand that the scope of the intellect that spans across the Holistic plane of reality, that is at a 90 degree angle relative to the Relativistic reality, is huge. This means that we, in the present time, can look across space, and they, in the present space, can look across time. That is a heck of an advantage, and produces a massive massive massive massive sized mind. The end result, is that they have all corners covered by using this benefit, such that anyone who attempts to expose them, or blow their cover, is to be seen as nothing but a Psychotic Nut-Case. You also have to understand that to them a human is almost no more that a mere atom, and because of this they are quite willing to dispose of the lives of as many as they see fit to keep their cover and achieve their goals.

As I said, Religion is used as an excellent cover to cover the truth. But if that is not enough, there is always the backups, Conspiracy theories ,  Black helicopters , Mass surveillance , Men in Black  , Secret Societies , Mind Control through invisible rays, and so on. Now again, these sound somewhat stupid and childish, but of course that is the whole point behind it all.

But IT IS TO BE UNDERSTOOD that at the same time, the victim is also exposed to unheard of Power in combination with these specific forms of deceitfulness. To give you a rough idea, imagine you, and then imagine the Holistic, imagine your heart beat that you can't even hear under normal conditions, then imagine that the heart beat of those in the Holistic plane of reality( if they had a heart) is the equivalent in power to the power of a nuclear explosion, one explosion after another explosion after another explosion after another........ . That is the kind of difference in power levels that these Victims are exposed to, and have to deal with day in and day out.

On top of that, every component that creates the consciousness of the Victim, can be altered, every thought controlled, every intensity of a thought can be suppressed or magnified etc.. But of course in the minds of the many, as I have said time and time again, this event manipulation can only occur 2,000 years ago, but can not occur today, or to put it another way, it can occur but it can not occur, it can definitely occur, but it can definitely not occur..... .

Victims of this torture and disposal are not all the same. As I have stated elsewhere on this web site, if you are born with the intellectual capacity to see Truth, and you are within close proximity of others who are interested in the mechanics of life and reality, via physics and or philosophy, as in the case of your parents being involved in these studies, then kiss your life good-bye, because if you continue on this path, then the holistic will prevent you from finding the Complete Truth, and will make a fool of you in the process such that that path is identified by the masses as a dead end, or a path leading to insanity.


If you have perfected a skill such as pattern recognition, then trouble awaits you. If one studies the patterns embedded within life itself, then you will begin to take note of your incredibly important and unique observation. One has begun to notice that many of the Events that take place in this world, do not have a cause, or so it seems at first. At first one is puzzled by this impossibility. Second step, one knows that impossible is impossible, and so you then search for the actual existing cause by finding a pattern within your large collection of the Events that appeared to have no cause, that you have acquired awareness of over time. You then begin to notice that intelligence and purpose is shown within these specific Miraculous but negative Events. A step by step flawless analysis of reality, now possible since one includes both the Events whose causes are identifiable, and the Events whose causes were not identifiable, can now lead you to the complete awareness and understanding of both the Relativistic plane of reality and the Holistic plane of reality which is the very source of the mysterious no cause Events.

Then comes the nasty part !

In come the Holistic to discredit your words if you choose to speak of this newly found subject. They will now make a fool of you such that the path you have identified now becomes a dead end for you, and such that it will be of no interest by the masses, for it now appears to be a path that can only be seen by the insane. The Holistic will make a fool of you by taking complete advantage of Event manipulation, such that you appear to be as crazy as crazy can be. This of course is quite simple and easy to do, since those who the Holistic wish to deceive, are the shallow and gullible minded Classicists who have no interest in the truth, because in their minds, it is they who shall define truth, and that truth itself has no rights.

You will receive the NOBEL PRIZE for other of your works which society approves of,
such that this so called INSANE accomplishment of yours, known by you as quite SANE indeed,
is displaced even further from having any chance at all of being Accepted by the masses !

now seen by society as a crystal clear case of SANE verses INSANE.

Your name, is John Forbes Nash !

Stated by the Forbes character in the movie "A Beautiful Mind ", was the following ,

"And so....., you see that if the Zero on the Riemann Zeta function corresponds to 
Singularities in Space-Time

......singularities in Space-Time......, then................
then conventional number theory wil........ ,
it breaks down in the face of Relativistic Exploration !"

To the Classicists,
The Relativistic Thinkers , nothing exists in-between the Relative Pairs. To the Classicists, there is no middle, there is no singularity, there is

So you Victims out there, try not to forget, if your Doctor says that you are having Delusions and Hallucinations and are therefore not in touch with reality, simply ask your Doctor the following few questions such that he or she can prove that he or she is -TRULY- in touch with reality.

  What is the cause of the Uncertainty Principle ?
  What makes " Action at a Distance " possible ?
  What is the explanation of Particle-Wave duality ?
  What are the requirements needed to create Consciousness ?
  What is, and what is the cause of, the Collapse of the Quantum Wave ?

If the Doctor can not answer these questions, then clearly the doctor is NOT in touch with reality,
which is why he or she does not even know what Reality is !

Keep reading the rest of this web site,
and YOU will be able to answer most of these questions.


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