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DVD #1  will give you a brief introduction to Bible Codes, plus a heavy dose of extremely revealing codes.

BIBLE-CODES-2011 ( 1 hour 8 min. ) FREE

DVD #2  gradually exposes you to the language of Bible Codes in a slow -step by step- process.Here you
will be exposed to aMASSIVEcollection ofBible Code Revelations.Once you have watched this DVD, and
thus have learnt the code language, a 2nd view ofBIBLE_CODES_2011_INTRODUCTION,is an eye opener.

916 MB ( DVD ISO file ), 207MB Zipped. 4.2 GB ( DVD ISO file ), 829MB Zipped.  

Both ISO files were compressed via  7-Zip  software.  7-Zip  is therefore also to be used to unzip these files.
This compressor/decompressor works inWindows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2008 / 2003 / 2000 / NT / ME / 98/.

Download a free copy of  7-Zip
if  7-zip  is yet to be installed.



   Once extracted, use software such as  IMG-
   BURN to burn the ISO Image file onto a DVD.


7-Zip, once installed, conveniently integrates into Windows Explorer's right click menu, thus now creating a
7-Zip submenu with several options.To extract the ISO file, using your mouse you simply right click on the
downloaded 7z file and select 7-Zip "Extract here".The file is placed within the same immediate directory.

After completing the DVD image burn process, just drop the DVD into your home entertainment DVD player.
Next step, select  
"CLICK HERE TO WATCH ENTIRE MOVIE".Option #2,  select just one of the indexed chapters.