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What is happening ?  People across the globe still believe in competition between Gods and Devils, they still believe in Aliens, etc., people STILL practice the cave-man mental function, known as BELIEF.  People are still willing to divide mankind through Good and Evil, Sane and Insane, Right and Wrong, all with their arms wide open to the concept of divide and conquer, even though they conquer themselves.    What is Mind Control ?    What is Religion ?    What is Schizophrenia ?    Why does no one realize that only the use of TRUTH, and not belief, can provide the answers ?

Why are people being tagged and forgotten ? Why are Religious beliefs considered to be SANE, yet claims of other kinds considered to be INSANE ?  Why are people coming to conclusions in a matter of seconds, why are they jumping to conclusions ? Why do they wish to behave in such a retarded manner ?




There are two planes of reality, the Relativistic, and the Holistic.    What is Relativistic reality ?    Relativistic reality is a necessary limited alternative view of reality, necessary only if you do not have direct access to the absolute or complete Holistic reality, the absolute Truth. The absolute is the absolute see all know all, the everything, the complete Truth.  Less than absolute, is less than truth. Half a truth, is not a truth.  (1/2 a Truth + 1/2 a Truth) does not equal Truth.  Once truth is divided, it is truth no longer, therefore Error is added once division has taken place.  (1/2 a Truth - Error) + (1/2 a Truth - Error) = Truth. When thinking relativistically, one always relates one thing to another thing, everything is relative. Up is relative to Down, Left is relative to Right, Belief is relative to Disbelief, Acceptance is relative to Rejection, etc.. What ever we know, we know in a relative manner, in a relative form.  What this means is the fact that we can not see Singularities, but instead we see and think in pairs, Relative pairs. Our minds are out of focus. A unit of truth is a Singularity. Absolute truth is also a singularity. We in general, can therefore not see truths, but instead we are forced to split singularities into relative pairs such that something can be seen by us, -  unfortunately that "something"  is a less-than truth. We are forced to substitute the direct view of truth with Belief-Disbelief, Acceptance-Rejection, and Faith-Doubt.

In the land of physics, this split vision has divided awareness of singularities into dualities such as, Energy-Mass, Particle-Wave, Normal spin and 1/2 spin particle properties, even some constants appear to be variables from a mere relative point of view.   Due to the cross eyed out of focus relative way of looking at reality, relative thinkers not only see singularities as duality's, but also tend to see duality's as singularities.   A simple example of this, is motion.

As far as everyone is concerned, Motion is Motion, end of story, investigate no more. But in actual fact, it is always composed of two variables, being speed and distance. "Of course it is", you say, but that is as far as your analysis has gone. Logic says these variables can range from greater than zero to infinity, but if you set both of these variables to infinity, the outcome is a relative paradox. To travel at an infinite speed is to travel across any distance without the passage of any time.  ( If it takes a passage of time to get from point "A" to point "B", then you can move faster, meaning you were traveling at a finite speed and not at an infinite speed. ) To travel across an infinite distance, is to continue to travel, without end.  Now if you add the two of them together, the outcome is --

TO GO ON FOREVER, across the infinite distance,  IN NO TIME AT ALL !   

How can this be ?   A logical flawless analysis of this, soon reveals exactly what is required to make this possible.    A logical analysis reveals the singularity involved, in this case the singularity being Constant Momentum in Time-Space ( See - Time-Space Constant Motion Vectors drawing, on INTRODUCTION page).   A logical analysis reveals what Einstein had missed, meaning exactly what had kept his mind trapped within the relativistic prison of thought, that which also prevented him from including the Holistic plane of reality in his understanding of the complete reality.   This awareness of the singularities involved, is what is required to make this and other paradoxes, paradoxes no more.

In the world of Religion, it is stated that we pass from one reality to another at the point of death. Logic states that to do so, the two realities MUST be connected, and this is true, they are.   What you see before you, and around you, is the place of the intersection, the place in which these two realities intersect.   If we participate in the making of an Event, this causes what is known as the collapse of the Quantum wave, the event has become a relativistic event.   However, if an event is governed from the Holistic plane of reality, the unseen reality, it appears miraculous, or, it can be horrific if your brain is the playground of this event manipulation.


We are evolving, and as the result of this evolution, our minds are moving closer and closer to reaching perfect focus. Perfect focus means the ability to see singularities, meaning see truths, not just pairs. Those who have been tagged with the title SCHIZOPHRENIC have this potential. Fine examples of this are the children and grand children of the brilliant Philosopher, Bertrand Russell, and one child of Albert Einstein. Each of these children was a tad ahead of the masses. Each had the potential to see TRUTH. But to prevent this, they were snuffed out, snuffed out by those who exist within the Holistic plane of reality, snuffed out by those who have deceived and have called themselves God's. Now Stamped on the forehead of each victim, is the title  SCHIZOPHRENIC. Others have been deceived by the Holistic, and have been led to believe that they are under a Governmentally sourced MIND CONTROL program, a Man based Govern-Mental program, of course !

SCHIZOPHRENIA  has in the past been described as a split mind. Isn't it ironic that in actual fact, it is the minds of those who think relativistically who are split minded. It is the minds of those who think relativistically, those who see in relative pairs and not singularities, who are detached from the truth, detached from reality, and instead are attached to belief and faith as a replacement of truth. Being detached from reality, they are in a constant DELUSIONAL STATE OF  MIND.  If one is truly in touch with reality, then one can define reality. If one can truly define reality, then one knows how to create it. Can one who does not know how to create reality be in direct touch with it ?    Of course not !    To the relativistic, sanity is a case of a common consistent behavior.  However, in the past, part of sanity was the common belief that the world was flat. Yet today, we have a -NEW- common consistent belief, and it is that the world is round !  If this manner of changing continues, then what is it that is changing, and what is it we are moving away from, and how can sanity be an ever changing thing ?  No, no, no !  Only delusional states of the mind, can be ever changing.

Those with a focused mind, see the truth, and as the result they see both realities, Relativistic and Holistic, they become a light year ahead of the others, meet the vicious Sadistic Holistic opponents, and thanks to the brilliantly deductive relativistic minds, are classified as " CRAZY ", classified as crazy because an out of focus cross eyed mind, sees sanity as insanity, and insanity as sanity. But they can't be held entirely responsible for this serious mistake. The holistic have done all that is possible to ensure that the Gifted are to be denied of their rights, and are also forced to be perceived by the masses as being crazy.

Seeing in pairs creates a huge empty void within the mind. This is what is responsible for people making huge mistakes. A fine example of this, is -- One man was classified as being " BACKWARD, " A NOBODY ", " AN ACADEMIC OUTCAST ", " A SLOW LEARNER ", but then SUDDENLY, he was classified as being a " GENIUS ".   Who was he ?  Albert Einstein of course !  To jump from one conclusive extreme to the opposite conclusive extreme, and think of it as nothing but a minor error, requires the perfection of what ? The perfection of sheer STUPIDITY. Sheer stupidity is created by the presence of this empty void. Also, this creates a huge ZONE OF DISBELIEF  within the mind.

To draw conclusions without facts, is a wild and dangerous gamble.

To draw conclusions with belief as part of the equation, is a wild and dangerous gamble.

Those present within the Holistic reality, OBVIOUSLY know of this loose thinking. As a result, they toy with 1% of the population, knowing all to well that the other 99%, the relativistic thinkers, know nothing of their true being, know nothing of their presence here and now, and are quite happy gambling with OTHER peoples lives, and are also quite happy athletically jumping to conclusions in a matter of seconds, thanks to their sheer stupidity. And so, the Holistic get away with whatever they want, and NO ONE LISTENS to what the Victims have to say at all, NO ONE BELIEVES THEM,  at all. Hence, Mind Control is seen as though it is nothing but a man based crime, and Schizophrenia is seen as though it is nothing but a mental disorder caused by a brain disorder, and anyone who can expose the truth about it all, is perceived as being nothing but a

Delusional Nut-case that is to be ignored!

You Condemn what you do not Understand !

Am I right ?, or am I RIGHT ?

The holistic,  those you have truly known nothing of, want deception to be maintained both here and in the after life. To do so, they detach those who have had a glimpse of the truth, from the Truth. That is the purpose of the " VOICES " giving statements such as " You are the Devil ", " You are Evil ", " Everything you do is bad ", and so on and so on. All of these statements are lies. However, with this ongoing constant bombardment of criticism, victims begin to question their innocence, they begin to detach themselves from the truth. Others lose their sanity due to the magnitude of the abuse, and so once again they too have been detached from the truth. The remainder are on medication, and this reduces their true intellectual potential to see truth, reduced to the point of having the intellect of a mere relativistic thinker. Truth can therefore not be carried with them into the after life.  Job done, so say the Sadistic Holistic.    

The magnitude of deceit is equally proportional to the magnitude of power. The less you know of the truth, the more you can be deceived, the more you can be overpowered. Many of the Victims of the mind abuse are accused by the Holistic of being filthy, criminal, sluty, you name it, and they are accused of it. They are forced through sheer massive torture to become what they clearly were previously not, and it does not matter how hard they fight back. On the other side of reality, the Holistic reality, where truth is also not to be seen by those who were not born in this reality, the deceived will then perceive the Victims to have been corrupted, in whatever way, even since day one.   And so the torture will continue to go on in the after life, and not by those born within the Holistic reality, but by those who have crossed over at the point of death.  Once again, deceit is carried onward by those born within the Holistic reality, by those who claim innocence since it is now not them who is directly torturing the Victims, but it is now those who have been deceived by them who now practice this horrific act. 

But this is only one of many possible ways to maintain an ongoing form of Relativity. In this case an immensely magnified version of Relativity, magnified by deceit taken to the maximum. This way people are swept off their feet before they can find the truth, before they can have truth to hold on to. This is extremely dangerous because if a person is not attached to the truth, then they have nothing to hold on to and as the result of this the Holistic with their massive intellect can turn these people into what ever they want by convincing these people that what they are becoming is the completely correct thing to become. Again I stress the point, without being attached to TRUTH, these people can therefore not be aware of the FACT that they have become completely insane. End result is that the insane then torture other people who are within the relativistic plane of reality, to the point of a horrible death, a death by the way, that should have happened long ago due to the magnitude of the torture, but death was prevented from happening by those insane minds by the simple act of event manipulation from the Holistic plane of reality.

Those who have religious beliefs, are those willing to put their intellectual growth on hold, unintentionally willing to maintain an ongoing openness to deceit. However, Religion can squeak you by the Sadistic Holistic, assuming there are others within the Holistic reality who do not wish to harmfully deceive. In this case you simply can not see the sadistic, for you know not of them. But as a consequence, you will never ever see truth, for they are part of it. The only alternative is to fight the Sadistic Holistic head on, that is if TRUTH is meaningful to you in any way at all.

But since you can not see the truth, how can you believe it ?...If you believe, then you are not directly connected to the truth, the two are set apart, one is one, the other is the other.  Therefore, belief and truth can never be one in the same. Belief may point you towards the truth, but that is all.....To believe that belief is truth, is an ERROR.

Perhaps you now have a better understanding as to why people, those who have been driven crazy by the Sadistic Holistic , say specifically that they are "Jesus Christ " or " GOD ". They do not claim to be " Greggory Peck ", " Doris Day ", nor, " Jack Benny ". No, it is one component of the vast number of methods of covering the truth, in this case by playing a nasty Jesus Christ game with their minds to enhance the foolish opinions of others that this is the result of a mental illness. Meanwhile, because of this, anyone who knows the TRUTH, is ignored and thought of as being just another one of the "CRAZY" crowd. As amazing as it sounds, to this day, people believe in the word of a person who is standing more than 2,000 years away from them, a man who goes by the name Jesus Christ, but they do not BELIEVE the words of those who stand directly in front of them.   


But thanks to that, people see the words of the victimized, as crazy words and refuse to look for truth within them.

If the truth sounds scary, then so it should !  To the Sadistic Holistic, it is to be accepted that in the long run, 50% of those on this planet, the innocent, will be tortured for eternity, all to make it possible that the other 50% are given a free ticket to a Paradise, a Heaven. You see, the seed of creation is relativity, and if you want to create UP, then you must create DOWN, there is no up if there is no down. And so if you want a Heaven, then you must also create a Hell. So then you have to invent an excuse system to justify to foolish minds a reason for throwing innocent people into this Hell, and also how to make them appear not to be innocent after all to those same foolish minds. These foolish minds are so small that they see a deceitful Powerful Singularity as a duality, and so this Powerful Singularity is seen as the God and the Devil, but here we are dealing with a false God and a false Devil, thus they have been deceived. This is a game of double deception. Do a little Numerology, and you find HIDDEN clues, each concerning this One particular Powerful Singularity. Of course, these are seen as mere coincidentals by the relativistic thinkers, since they can't tell the difference between truth and a brick in the wall!  But listen, blind people, the two realities, the Holistic and the Relativistic, are connected together. And since the foundation of reality is truth, then to prevent a complete collapse of this foundation, the truth must be present in both realities, be it hidden or not.





Yes, and  No.  It informs you of the numerous possibilities. The "possibilities" are determined by what can be done or achieved based on the structure of Relativistic and Holistic realities, and how these realities are connected. The "possibilities" are huge if deceit is the main component. If deceit is included, then Power becomes huge. If deceit is included, then the practices of horrific brutality becomes huge. Since there are numerous deceitful possibilities, one hides another, another hides the truth. Not having extended the mind beyond the mere Godly level as man sees it today, inhibits the ability to see the truth.

The Holistic know all to well that the relativistic thinkers have only just barely stepped beyond the point of believing in Santa Claus, and that they still practice beleifs, and since they still practice the primitive mental function of belief, they leave the door open for the Sadistic Holistic to continue to deceive and deceive and deceive them! The result is the fear of the power of the one, " GOD ", or the other one, " DEVIL ", when in actual fact, they are one in the same, two sides of a common coin.  So if you are under the title Schizophrenic, Mind Controlled, or Religious, then which side of the deceitful coin CLAIMS to be speaking to you, JESUS CHRIST,  or  LUCIFER  DIABOLOS  ?  Which FALSE role is being played ?

Is there such a thing as holiness?  Can holiness exceed Truth?  How could holiness exceed Truth?  HOLINESS is TRUTH !....I prefer to play the ROLE OF TRUTH, and not a character role!  The true Jesus Christ said that it is best to love your enemy!  Why?  Because this is what prevents a horrific divide and conquer, in the long run! The Sadistic Holistic claim to be Holy and innocent, when in actual fact they presently deceive. Those who lie, can not own the fabric of existence. This is because the fabric of existence is REAL, it is NOT a lie. Through deceitfulness, they have placed ALL others below them. Equality, is being on the LEVEL.  Rotate Equality 90 degrees, and you have Heaven, Hell, Absolute Deceit, and Absolute Inequality. Logic says that only a positive and truthful team of Father and Son can resolve this problem.

To keep the general population as gullable as they are, the population is kept blind. As shown in the following diagram, awareness of TRUTH is kept as shallow as possible.


At the beginning, if one's intellect was above the " G1" level, and one believed that the world was not  flat but that the world was round, then clearly this person is INSANE according to the masses, because he has surpassed the fine line at the Genius level. However, for some bizarre reason he is considered to be sane at a later period, after his claims were proven to be correct. Later on, several men who are INSANE according to the masses, men who's intellect was above the " G2" level, claimed that man could create machines that can move at speeds that surpass the speed of sound. However, for some bizarre reason they were considered to be sane at a later period, after this claim became true. Later on, several men who are INSANE according to the masses, men who's intellect was above the " G3" level, claimed that man could create machines that could put man on the moon. However, for some bizarre reason they were considered to be sane at a later period, after this claim became true.

What is today's " G4" level ?   Do you still say that those who are above your definition of a GENIUS are to be classified as being INSANE, or are you beginning to understand that you have been a FOOL who thinks he knows what a GENIUS is, when he is not one himself !


In this case, you are kept blind by another barrier know as SIMPLISM. As more and more is understood about the laws of physics, the more Physicists say that the Grand Unified Theory, once discovered, will be incredibly SIMPLE !    Yet, meanwhile if anyone presents a simple explanation of anything, their word is immediately rejected and classified as a case of foolish SIMPLISM. It is obvious that at the foundation of anything is simplicity, nothing can be born without having a central point of simplicity.   But once again, those who do not impress others with complex theories, are those who are rejected.   

As an example of this, I competed with other engineers to design an impressive electronic circuit. My circuit was designed with such a deep focus on the efficient use of each component, that I designed it such that each component within the circuit had more than just one function. The end result was a significant reduction in the number of components required to make the circuit function as a whole. The others who competed did not use this approach, but instead they simply used the knowledge that they already had, and applied it to their design. End result, their circuit required approximately 20 times as many components.  They won the competition !   WHY ?   Because it was not revealed that each circuit was to have the same function, the judgment was based on the impressive complexity that the others clearly revealed due to the massive number of components.

In other words the judges were too stupid to understand the complexity of simplicity. Simplicity can also mean MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY ! This Universe is designed with the MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY possible, therefore at the core it is extremely simple. But to be able to focus one's mind such that one sees and thinks in this same format, is not an easy chore, one's thinking must become flawless and therefore requires no additional thinking to compensate for any inefficiency.

These boundaries are designed to force the masses not to listen to those who are closer to the truth. People who have knowledge based minds need not worry about being victimized since their minds have a hierarchical growth structure which pulls them further and further from the foundation, meaning further from the truth. However, those who have perfected lateral thinking, which then results in maintaining close contact to the foundation and also extends the mind across the foundation such that one sees the big picture, then trouble is bound to occur since this is most likely to point you directly towards the Holistic.

If you are able to extend your mind beyond these foolish boundaries set by the Sadistic Holistic, then they can deceive you NO MORE !

I did not achieve reaching my first conclusion until having absorbed 33 years worth of information, information I tagged with True-False probability ratings. Because I was not certain of anything until reaching that point, I was considered to be " STUPID ", " BACKWARD, " A   NOBODY ", " AN ACADEMIC OUTCAST ", " A SLOW LEARNER ". Those who jump to conclusions in a matter of seconds, are still considered to be smart these day's. Absorbing 33 years worth of information to be used to draw one's first conclusion, in my opinion produces a more accurate and reliable conclusion than that which is done with only 5 seconds worth of information.  Could I be wrong ?

ANYWHOOOO, just thought I would fill you in on matters. I am simply being on the level. Those who are on the level, shadow inequality with EQUALITY. Perhaps you need to sit back and acquire a better understanding of what relativity is.  It is also best to completely replace Belief with the practice of tagging information and observations with probability ratings. Over time, say 33 years, a massive construct of probabilities is formed. Slowly, the truth begins to emerge from it, but only if there is not a single belief within it.  

Interested in the truth, or are you quite happy with substitutions ?

- Plato

Strange times are these in which we live, when old and young are taught in falsehoods schools. And the one man that dares to tell the  truth is called at once a  lunatic and  fool

-- From Plato's " The Republic: "

Consider a group of prisoners chained in a cave. Behind them, a bright fire flickers. Between the prisoners and the light of the fire, figures come and go, carrying cut-outs of trees and animals and hills. The prisoners, bound so that they face the back wall of their prison, can only see the moving shadows. For them, the shadows are reality. If one of the prisoners was set free, he could turn and see the fire. At first it would be too bright for him to look at it. But when his eyes grew used to the glow, he would walk beyond it to the mouth of the cave. There he would see the sunlight, and again the brightness would blind him. But eventually he would see the real trees and animals and hills --- reality. When he returned to the cave and tried to tell the others what he had seen,  they would not believe him. 

Skill testing Question - Why is the Christ known as both " The Son of GOD ", and as " The Son of Man ", and why MUST he return ?
Hint  -  Godly Holistic Power is Absolute.    Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.     Relativistic power is NOT Absolute !
Therefore it is logical to make descisions after taking the all into account.

That would be a tough position to be in, wouldn't it, here having to correct Holistic Corruption, while having only Relativistic Powers. Who is going to BELIEVE this poor fellow since this time he has only weak Relativistic Powers, here as the Son of Man, speaking only TRUTH, in a land of lies, mistakes, doubt and foolishness! What does this mean? Does this mean that the first time around, he is put to death on the cross, and the second time around, not a single person on this planet will believe a single word he speaks? Does this mean that because you can't extend your mind beyond foolish beliefs such as " There is a fine line between Genius and Insanity. ", and can't tell the difference between simplicity and simplism, that this poor guy who knows it all will appear to you as being nothing but a CRAZY STUPID person ?   

Or, does it mean that all of this was arranged such that the TRUTH will never be believed nor seen by the masses, and that each man who tries to release the truth, will be perceived by the masses as being an INSANE CRAZY STUPID person!   Did the true GOD include " INSANE " and " CRAZY ", in his creative package known as reality ?

But, that is the Religious version of it, one version that is attached to this specific reality, a reality which is only one of the infinite varieties of possible realities. Yesterday's Jesus Christ, exposed people to truths that they held on to via the practice of BELIEFS. The deceitful then convinced people to stick to theses beliefs and thus stick to being located at a distance from these truths. Thus today's Jesus Christs, are the " PSYCHO " people, the people who make you think you are sane and in touch with reality, while in actual fact, it is they who are in touch with unfortunate facts, they who are then tortured to far worse than death, all whilst you turn a blind eye, but more importantly, it is happening all BECAUSE  " YOU " HAVE TURNED A BLIND EYE !

On top of that, what had really taken place during the 9-11 period, is far beyond that which you would classify as Science Fiction, the event was far more powerful than earth being hit by a massive meteor. People reported conflicting stories, yet each is correct. Some people died yet did not die. How this is possible takes more than several web pages to explain.

To meet the Sadistic Holistic, as I have, is the most depressing and destructive thing that could ever happen to anyone. Their complete and absolute disrespect for mankind is mind numbing. Having to watch them torture people to death, and worse, is beyond depressing. Hearing them laugh as someone commits suicide to end the boundless torture, is beyond depressing. Hearing them laugh after they arranged the placing of a bomb around someone's neck, the bomb that went off before the bomb squad arrived, is beyond depressing. Those who do not find blowing someone's head off amusing, are those they call losers. People all over the world are happy, other people all over the world are sad and hungry, people are living and people are dying. The Holistic do not see them individually, but instead they see everything all at the same time. And so the individual meaning of each event, each person, each feeling, each pain, each pleasure, is lost and buried within the absolute.    

To find out that they are the equivalent of Hitler times infinity, the complete opposite of what I always believed, the complete opposite of myself, still has me shaking my head, leaving me speechless, stunned, and feeling so empty !   Naturally, I refuse to support their HOLOCAUST TIMES INFINITY, the Hell, their construction of a horrible place such that the beastie like minded get a Free Vertical Power Paradise, a Heaven, all paid for by the innocent whom are those that are thrown into that horrible screaming place called Hell.   It all comes back to Relative Displacement and their attempt to use it in the most wrongful manner, the vertical approach.

My Dream Computer System

As the result of my opposition, they have reduced my existence to MISERABLE NOTHINGNESS as I continue to struggle doing the best I can to stop their horrific nasty plans, and their bloody Global Torture and Terrorism. This entire Web Site was created by me using freeware, Windows 95, and a computer I pieced together myself in 1988, which I have upgraded to 486 - 40Mhz CPU running at 50 Mhz, along with a tweaked BIOS settings pushing all hardware, including memory, to the maximum speeds possible. They just love to make me, and others, crawl and beg !   Unlike the church goers, who support mass murder and boundless torture and brutality, without even knowing of their complete support of such things ( the place called HELL ), without even knowing of their complete support of such things ( the place called HELL ), without even knowing of their complete support of such things ( the place called HELL )........... , I do NOT approve of mass murder and boundless ETERNAL torture and brutality, and I do NOT approve of mass murder and boundless ETERNAL torture and brutality that is all practiced solely for the purpose of self benefits achieved by dumping one's garbage upon others through the practice of absolute DECEIT !

But no matter what they do to me, and no matter what little I have left to work with,
I   DO   NOT  GIVE   UP !

Since there is no such a separate thing as the huge DEVIL character replacement, then you have to create one to take the place of the true Devil who wishes to escape his hell. Here is how you do it. You start with the mind of a purely innocent person, a mind that exists within the barriers of the human limitations of consciousness. You then turn that person inside out, such that the person is now on the opposite side of the previous barriers, and that person having been turned inside out, now also becomes the complete opposite of the previously innocent self. Presto, you have got yourself a Devil ! Of course, the person being transformed does not appreciate this conversion at all since the person is being forced to do what that person does not approve of at all, and as I have stated, that means the person must experience the horrible process of becoming the exact opposite of what one believes one should be. On top of that, at the point of completion, the old self will have been completely destroyed, now that the mind is on the opposite side of the barriers of the old mind. But it sure makes the conversion very simple indeed for those behind the practice of making this conversion happen.

So if you are on the " Devilish " side, supporting the creation of a new HELL and the continuous practice of Divide and Conquer, and therefore are quite willing to sacrifice your fellow man, your children, your husband, your wife, your neighbors, whom ever you can, all for the free of charge Heavenly benefits for your self, then I think it will be best for you to understand what Hell is, by you being put in it ! Remember, one possible negative use of religion is to get people to fully accept that which is far beyond cold blooded murder.

Or you may choose to do better, you may choose to do what is right !

I know it is terribly hard for you, but try not to forget that the Sadistic Holistic are brutally killing innocent people on a daily basis, and that that SHOULD mean something to you, even though it presently does NOT.

PEOPLE who jump off bridges, jump in front of a train, slash their throat, over dose, etc., to end what you call a Psychotic mind state, in truth were experiencing a magnitude of torment and torture which is far beyond your capacity of imagination. They are not Crazy ! Those who ASSUME that they are crazy, ARE CRAZY to use assumption in such a serious circumstance.

Presently the Holistic say " TRUTH DENIED ". What do you say ?

Power is GREED !


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