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Can you be conscious of yourself ?


Relativity is a powerful and productive function. Without it, you have nothing at all. As you have learnt, a Relativistic reality can be created using numerous constants which appear to be variables when viewed from a limited perspective. Included in our reality, is the Time Dimension. The Time dimension introduces more Relative functions, relating past to present to future. It also makes consciousness possible. Can you be conscious of yourself?   OF COURSE NOT!   A " SELF " viewing a " SELF ", is impossible!  It is impossible because a " SELF " is identical to a " SELF ", and as a result there is no relation, no Relativity!  Even if this was possible, the result would be the self viewing the self, and the self viewing the self viewing of the self viewing the self, and the self viewing of the self viewing the self viewing the self viewing of the self viewing the self,....................... . So how does it really work ? The trick is Time Delay. Through Time Delay, what consciousness you have of yourself, is an awareness of yourself as you were a fraction of a second ago, an awareness of your thoughts, your thinking, but from a fraction of a second ago.


So, you can not be conscious of yourself, but you can be conscious of your delayed self!  Time, in this case, provides a displacement, a distance, such that Relativity is possible. This principle is then further amplified within the brain for additional benefits, and these are called memories, short term, long term, episodic, knowledge, procedural, etc.

Well, that's all fine and dandy, and Mr. " U " above looks happy, but what more can be created by using the Relative function.  Well, for one thing, a lie is Relative to a Truth.  The bigger the lie, the greater the size of the relativistic creation.  But it gets worse.

Getting back to reality, we have a Relativistic reality that resides within a Holistic reality, and to get from one to the other, one has to rotate those within the relativistic reality by 90 degrees in Time-Space. This is what creates the so called Heaven and Hell. If one goes up, then the other must go down, it is the expansion of relativity, expanding it across the holistic reality at the same time, and minds are expanding directly across Time instead of requiring memory. As the result, the mind becomes bigger and bigger, the intellect becomes immense. Thanks to this growth, those now attacking us from the HOLISTIC plane of reality throw the lessors, the innocent, into the screaming Hell. At the beginning, it is similar to the fact that the Self can not be aware of itself, in real time. And so, if you take those who practice wrongfulness, then practiced wrongfulness upon them, to a degree the two cancel out. It is like trying to hit a hammer in motion, with a hammer in motion. Hammer #1 will not be able to catch up with Hammer #2. So what could be more effective than punishing the innocent !  The deeper they are thrown into the Hell the Bigger and Bigger their suffering becomes. This will create the ultimate Suffering possible in Hell, and the greater the suffering in Hell, the greater the paradise of Heaven, since an extreme negative relates to an extreme positive.

To get this Heaven and Hell plan on the go, Victims are required.

Taking the place of 5,000 of those who died horrible deaths in the German prison camps, is the equivalent of being under the torture gun for six or seven years for some. For others it is less extreme, and for others, it is even worse. Accusations and lies are thrown at the victims from all possible directions. Torture of all possible forms are thrown at the victims from all possible directions.   And once again I say, ALL VICTIMS ARE ALL INNOCENT, yet the torture happens! The Victims are all accused of being what they are NOT! This is why you may have heard of " VOICE " statements reported to their doctors by the victims, such as,


Typically, each of these not so kind statements are repeated approximately 75,000 times per year. So the Victims are experiencing this repetition of negative accusations, on an average of every seven minutes. This is in combination with the endless number of other forms of torture.

Victims are then cut off from society, they can't understand why Family members now reject them, they can't understand why they were laid off from work, they can't understand why people have suddenly become rude and throw insults at them for no reason, they can't understand why despite going against all odds, their TV broke down, their radio died, their VCR broke down, their DVD player no longer works properly, their car won't start, the bank machine doesn't work for them but it works fine for the next person.   WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON, THEY SAY !

They can't understand it at all, because it is the very reality around them that is being altered, including the actions and thoughts of those who surround them. Oh yes, one can divide the Red Sea, heal the blind, and bring the dead back to life, and do so via control originating from the Holistic side of reality, but you can also practice this very same principle while doing so in a negative manner, all to proceed to do, and get away with, a massive range of unthinkable brutal acts. The Sadistic Holistic present on the Holistic side of reality, who thus have negative intentions, do exactly that! Meanwhile, since the cause is from the other side of reality, the cause is also out of sight.

And so if a miraculous event is a positive one, it is called a miracle. But if it is a negative event, and a victim reports it to others, it is said that "It is ALL in your head." and that nothing truly real has happened at all. This is due to the overall selfishness that is practiced by the masses. A person will accept incredibly bizarre events, known as miracles, as real events if they are positive in nature and thus in some way benefit the self now, or will benefit the self at a future date when these strange events known as miracles will begin to occur once again. But as I say, if the bizarre event is negative in nature, then people respond by basically saying, "That's your problem. You have to deal with it. Keep it to yourself. It is of no benefit to me.".

Victims are chained to One Point. They are accused, by the Holistic, of both doing something that they are not supposed to do, and accused of not doing something that they are supposed to do. Meanwhile, these accusations amuse the Sadistic Holistic, because they, through boundless force, are the cause of the Victims doings, and the Sadistic Holistic do everything possible to prevent the Victim from doing what ever they stated that the Victim should be doing. No matter what the Victim does or doesn't do, the Holistic will blame the Victim. This of course, is totally disgusting! The Holistic, the negative and positive overseers, see ALL and KNOW all, and are therefore in the parental position. In such a position, they are 100% responsible for what ever happens in the Relativistic reality. And so a religious victim becomes very disappointed now knowing that the " JUDGMENT DAY " was a scam, since it now becomes clear that everything was arranged by the Holistic, and that it is the Holistic who are to be blamed for any negative outcomes. But of course this is the negative Holistic at work, deceiving the victim into believing that there is no positive side to the Holistic reality, and that they, the negative thus Sadistic Holistic, are the one and only.

And my popular line, " But it gets worse ! ".

It gets worse because the Sadistic Holistic have a massive sized consciousness and intellect. Compared to the human scale of consciousness, it is better to simply call it an  - INFINITE -  sized consciousness. As the result of this, if a human mind is submerged within a petite portion of a HOLISTIC MIND, then from the Human point of view, he or she is now in touch with the ALL, when in fact, they are faaaaaaar from being in touch with the True ALL, but instead are in touch with a mere petite fragment of it !   Because of this occurrence, Victims are convinced of exactly what is classified as right, and what exactly they are then to do, all by the massive intellect that surrounds them, a massive intellect who now plays the role of a POSITIVE being, a false POSITIVE. The convincing, is absolute, for obvious reasons. Then, as the Victim proceeds onwards to achieve this goal and therefore escape the torture, a new, but NEGATIVE massive intellect now completely surrounds them in place of the POSITIVE intellect. Its power to convince, is also ABSOLUTE, due to its scope. It has also rotated the mind of the Victim in combination with memory blanking, such that the previous convincing can no longer be directly seen. Once again the Victim is ABSOLUTELY convinced, but this time by the NEGATIVE massive intellect .

Then, as the Victim proceeds onwards to achieve this NEW goal and therefore escape the torture, a new, but POSITIVE massive intellect now completely surrounds them in place of the NEGATIVE intellect. Its power to convince, is also ABSOLUTE, due to its scope.  Then, as the Victim proceeds onwards to achieve this New-New goal and therefore escape the torture, a new, but NEGATIVE massive intellect now completely surrounds them in place of the POSITIVE intellect. Its power to convince, is also ABSOLUTE, due to its scope. It has also rotated the mind of the Victim in combination with memory blanking, such that the previous convincing can no longer be directly seen. Once again the Victim is ABSOLUTELY convinced, but this time by the POSITIVE massive intellect. And because of the power of the Holistic, this circle of torture goes on and on and on and on and on.....................

The Sadistic Holistic continue onward, showing the Victim their endless power, showing the Victim his or her endless Dilemma. The Sadistic Holistic then laugh at the Victim, and state to the Victim that there is no way for the Victim to fight back, it's a NO WIN situation. Once again the Sadistic Holistic proceed with the unthinkable acts, which in comparison to Hitler's acts make Hitler appear to be a Saint dressed in pristine White.

Note that I say " UNTHINKABLE ".  By unthinkable, I am saying that no human could think of such acts of torture because the acts that are performed against the Victims lie outside of the limitations of human thought, and all due to the fact that the source itself lies outside of the mere Relativistic Reality. It is really terrible, because the Holistic are Power freaks, and if you believe in Equality, as did Jesus Christ, then you will be crucified, one way or another. Be you a peace maker, a racism breaker, you will be hit. You have to understand just how deceptive they are. If they say that something massive is going to happen, then that means that it is already happening, but is happening over time and not in one shot. If they say that something has happened, then that means that it has not happened yet, but will happen, and happen out of view, out of site !  The point is that they maintain the presence of continuous displacements from the truths, thus creating a COMPLETE barrier surrounding the entire relativistic reality.

Getting back to their lovely torture, the torturing that makes them feel like a somebody, let us get back to the accusations and the magnitude of the torture.


CONFUSE  - At the beginning, the torture forces the Victim to look outward in ALL possible directions, desperately searching for answers as to why they are being victimized. At the same time, the Sadistic Holistic smile, knowing they can now enforce the maximum amount of torture that is possible, since the Victims mind is fully open when in this search mode. Because the size of the intellect of the Holistic is so immense, then surely you can understand the vast magnitude of intellect that the poor Victim is having to deal with. The Sadistic Holistic accuse the Victim of practically everything right down to even just breathing. With their massive intellect, and control of the Victims mind, the Holistic attach a HUGE GUILT factor to everything that this poor Victim has ever done. Basically what the Holistic are saying, is that if you were born, then you are GUILTY. Knowing at this time that the Victim is totally unaware of the Holistic plane of reality and therefore knows only of what he or she has seen within life so far, meaning the Relativistic reality, the Holistic proceed to take advantage of this limitation. They then place the victim in a Paranoidal frame of mind and then begin to insert specific thoughts into the Victims mind, along with the " Voices " now becoming impersonations. The outcome is the Victim thinking that family members are plotting against them, and that possibly the C.I.A. and or F.B.I. is watching them. Others will think that their mind is being controlled by man made High Tech electronic equipment, and also that other sophisticated equipment is being used to cause mechanical and electrical objects owned by the Victim, to function abnormally or break down. Their Relativistic minds simply can not accept the fact that it is the reality surrounding them that is being altered, and they themselves are being altered. To the Relativistic mind, Solid is Solid, and it can not be changed, yet at the same time, when they are fixated in a spiritual and holy frame of mind, they can imagine others standing there centuries ago, watching the Red Sea being parted. BUT NOT TODAY, not in the NORMAL life, not in the NORMAL frame of mind !   Again, the Holistic are not stupid. This presentation of torture being thrown at the Victim, in no way what so ever has any signs indicating that the source of the torture is Holy, Spiritual, nor Divine in its early stages.

The Victims do not claim to be under the watchful eye of the C.I.A. or the F.B.I. just because of their own guess work telling them that this is the case. NO, this is the result of the specifics involved at that time, the specific complex forms of torture being thrown at the Victim by the Holistic. In other words, events that take place in the Relativistic plane of reality, no matter how large or small, no matter how probable or improbable, these all become components for the Holistic to use against the Victim.

ATTACK    - The Victim is then forced to listen  to the Voices of the Sadistic Holistic by them deliberately focusing the mind of the Victim onto the very function of listening, and there is absolutely nothing that the Victim can do to break free and focus upon something else. This is then followed by the Sadistic Holistic telling the Victim that he or she was not supposed to listen, and will now be severely punished for listening. This kind of punishing of the Victim, punishing the Victim for the very acts forced to occur by the accusers themselves, continues on and on, thus ripping the poor Victims mind into shreds, thanks to the horrendous magnitude of the punishments and the number of them. Next, the Sadistic Holistic then proceed to punish the Victim for every single form of thought that is possible, punished for every single action that the Victim has and can perform. This expanding of the torture, the so called punishing, is of course done in a Bloody crafty and deliberate manner. The Victim is not punished for all thoughts and actions starting from a particular point in time, but instead the number of punishments starts small but is constantly growing. During this growth, the agony of each torture is so extreme, that the Victim has no choice but to turn every component of his or her mind away from the outward and normally functional direction, to the opposite inward and non-functional direction.  As the result of this, the Victim is being completely shut down bit by bit while he or she is attempting to stay alive by preventing any further punishments.

Also it is to be noted that despite the ongoing torture and the COMPLETE hopelessness of the situation, the Victim still wishes to stay alive and keep fighting for his or her life. However, the Victim still wishes to stay alive ONLY because of the fact that the Holistic have dramatically altered the portion of the Victims mind which registers the magnitude of, and the possibility of, the Victims desire to want to stay alive, and magnifying it by an enormous amount. On top of that, the Victim can no longer change this rating nor reverse it, not until the Sadistic Holistic allow it. And so, the mind continues to crawl through flaming agony without choice at all, while one half of the Victim's mind says " I must Die " to stop the agony, and the other half says " I must Live " to fight for my life.

The intensity of both of these conflicting states of the mind,
grows onward as the Holistic continue to torment.

DESTROY   - Once the Victim has turned completely inward, as the absolute necessity to stay alive, the victims mind is no longer capable of looking outward at the Sadistic Holistic, meaning, no longer capable of looking at the source of the torture. This is when the ACCUSATIONS reach the peak, and the Sadistic Holistic now are really laughing.  Why ???  Because what they NOW accuse the victims of, is the exact crime that the Sadistic Holistic are practicing at that very same moment themselves. Yes, they find this very amusing, ripping the Victims mind to shreds, as punishment for a specific crime, the very same crime that they themselves are now performing against the Victim, the crime that the victim NEVER has committed. From your point of view, you probably think that the victim would be able to recognized an exact match between the relationship of the specific criminal acts performed by the torturers against the Victim, and the specific accusations also thrown at the Victim at the very same time by the torturers themselves.   Guess again !   As I have said, the magnitude of the torture is sooooooooooooooooo extreme that the mind is truly converted into a unidirectional mind.

The magnitude of blame administered by sheer boundless torture, is so powerful and overwhelming that there is actually no room left for the blamers to be seen as guilty in any way at all from the Victims unidirectional point of view, even though it is the blamers who are 100% guilty. This is what the Sadistic Holistic define as 100% victory. Eventually, if the Victim is lucky, and if the Victim is strong enough, after many years he or she will be able to know that when in this unidirectional frame of mind, he or she becomes 100 % blamable for everything and anything despite being 100% innocent. The Victim begins to recognize what the Sadistic Holistic have done, recognize its crafty format, and therefore understand why they did it and what they wanted to accomplish by doing it. But for the others, the weaker, the Sadistic Holistic feel powerful when succeeding to deceive someone who is as innocent as innocent gets, into believing that they are as guilty as guilty can be !

All this is accomplished by using the Power of taking advantage of
the Weakness of the Human Belief System.

Due to the fact that the creation of anything is a relative function, the Sadistic Holistic know dam well that if they are going to create a form of perfection, then perfection is related to imperfection and so it too must exist. But they don't want the imperfection, and so you have to get rid of it. This is one of the many functions of the Victims, dump the garbage, dump the imperfections, upon them. And you Victims out there, you need to understand that if your family does not believe a word you say, if your Doctor does not believe a word you say, you need to understand that this is arranged by the Sadistic Holistic such that you are forced to hold onto the garbage no matter what. It is the intention of the Sadistic Holistic to make you appear to BE the actual garbage, for this is the way you shall be seen by ALL others in the afterlife, if the Holistic succeed !

Yes, they know that the people who live in the fantasy land, the " BELIEVERS ", are those who are detached from the truth, detached from reality, and therefore the Sadistic Holistic just love to set the Victims up to appear to be the exact opposite of their true selves, and laugh once again as the " BELIEVERS " trample on the accused innocent, destroying others of their own kind !  The more BELIEVERS there are across the globe, the more Innocent people will be thrown into Hell.

If a Massive Mind surrounds you, then the ONE and ONLY way you can not be deceived, is for you to find and attach yourself to the foundation of TRUTH. If one thinks one can be attached to a truth foundation by using belief, then need I say more about you and your fooloshness.

- DIVIDE AND CONQUER - And you people fall for it, Every Time !

An endless division is created between what is " BELIEVED ", and what is " REAL " or " TRUE ". But then again, how can you blame people who are being controlled, controlled because they do not know the truth and can therefore be deceived.

But on the other hand, YOU NOW KNOW THE TRUTH !

The next page, page 8, is the Bible ELS encoded information which you had access to from page one. Naturally, you will do EVERYTHING that you can to shoot it down, claiming that it is all hogwash, or that it is all entirely coincidental. If this is your immediate opinion, then move on to section-2 of the Bible ELS Codes, and see if you can do the same to what was revealed at a later date when the positive side began to win the battle. Unfortunately at this time, people in general still view reality in a backward manner and thus make a big fuss over fiction stories such as " THE DAVINCI CODE "  , and no fuss at all concerning massive truths that are yet to be exposed. YES, this is the way of today, fact is fiction, and fiction is fact !




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