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What actually is an  EVENT ?

What actually is a  RELATIVISTIC  EVENT ?

What actually is a  HOLISTIC  EVENT ?

This relativistic reality of ours is composed of time units, space units, energy units, and EVENT units, all such that relativity is possible, allowing one unit to be related to another. So far in Physics we have only Relativistic mechanics and Quantum mechanics on the table. However, as you will soon begin to see, Holistic mechanics needs to be added.


At this point, we understand that particles are four dimensional, and since they are four dimensional, they therefore extend, or more precisely, rotate across time, meaning that they exist within a four dimensional Holistic reality. In truth, it is best to think of it as a SIX dimensional reality, since the dimension of Time is multi-directional, just in the same way that Space is multi-directional.

But the most important observation to be noted, is that this Holistic reality is simply ONE huge UNIT of Time-Space.

For an EVENT to occur, the conditions may extend across a complete year, a light year of distance, for instance. This is where Holistic events come into play. The following information below will prove that not only Relativistic events occur, but that Holistic events also actually occur, and it is all part of the total laws of physics.  

This can be difficult to understand from a Relative point of view here in the present time, because all the circumstances that existed across a light year may be taken into account to make or allow an event to occur. Once an event is in progress, any attempts to change the event are not changes at all. Instead they are part of what brought the event into being possible in the first place. This has today's physicists very confused, especially when dealing with multiple components which I will mention a bit later.

As an example, Physicists say particles have a particle-wave duality that is described as a peculiarity. A test known as the double slit experiment, demonstrates the existence of the so called particle-wave duality of photons, the quanta of light. The following diagram Fig.# 14 shows interference patterns created when light passes through one slit followed by passing through two slits and reaching the destination. The interference pattern only occurs when both slits A and B are open. Physicists foolishly state that if both slits are open that each photon actually passes through both slits at the same time, and not just through one slit or the other. But this is not actually the TRUE case at all.

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FIG. # 14


If only slit 'A' is open, the collection of photons reaching the destination is in line with the 'A' slit with the maximum intensity in the middle. The same applies if slit 'B' is open only. However, if both slits are open, an interference pattern appears at the destination wall. As I stated earlier, to make travel across space possible, particles must have a spin property. This includes photons. They too spin and extend their spin corkscrew pattern across time as well, and for an event to occur, the path across both space and time has to be clear. The first photon begins the event. As time passes, more photons must find clear paths. Since no changes are made during this passage of time, each additional photon path is stacked upon the previous paths.

If we leave the light source active for one minute, then the outcome is due to all the conditions present across one complete minute of time. This is a conditional HOLISTIC agreement across one minute of time, an agreement between all the multiple components, being photons in this case. It is the HOLISTIC EVENT UNITS  that has everyone confused. A holistic event is just that, an event. Everything that is present during this holistic event is taken into account. Everything between the START and END of this event.

This creates one complete final  HOLISTIC  event.

What is a Holistic event, and where is the proof, you say ?  In the next diagram FIG. # 15, the test is basically the same, except this time we are using Electrons in place of Photons! In this case to prove the point, we release only one Electron at a time. We also do not proceed to release another Electron, until the previous Electron has reached the destination wall.  End result, there is no way in which one Electrons path extending across Time-Space, can interfere with another Electrons path extending across Time-Space, or at least no way for it to happen as far as our Relativistic point of view has to say. But despite this careful arrangement, if both slits 'A' and 'B' are open, over time the Electron count at the destination wall will still reveal an interference pattern !

FIG. # 15

So exactly how does one electron know the Time-Space path of the previous electron?  It can only be known from the Holistic plane of awareness, not from the Relativistic plane. As I stated earlier, this Holistic reality that the Relativistic reality resides WITHIN , is simply ONE huge UNIT of Time-Space 

Being only ONE unit of Time-Space, from this Holistic view, all the electrons are seen at the same time, one time, it is the SEE ALL Holistic point of view. All the events of electrons moving from source to destination become part of a singular Holistic determined event. But that does not mean that the Holistic reality is governing everything. If we participate in an event by monitoring the event in progress, this will cause what is still crudely described to this day as the collapse of the Quantum wave, meaning that the interference pattern will no longer occur. The event now becomes a Relativistic event alone. This reveals that again, if we do not monitor the event, then it becomes a Holistic Event.

Now this Holistic point of view, is a SEE ALL, KNOW ALL, point of view....Sound familiar ?...If an Event was governed from the Holistic side, the side of reality that we can not see across due to being trapped in the present, then it could appear Miraculous, since the source is unseen.

So what we have is basically two different realities. Ours in which time ticks and we think sequentially as time passes, and another reality in which All can be SEEN, and ALL can be KNOWN....This does sound familiar, doesn't it ?

So if this Holistic reality does not even exist, then explain how the electrons reveal an interference pattern even though they are released one at a time from our point of view, and how can objects extend across time if there is no huge but single unit of Time-Space to extend across?

You can't !  and  You can't !  and  You can't !  and  You can't !

But I can, and I have !

Granted, if one places a sensor at slot "A" and another sensor at slot "B", and one measures the occurrence of an electron passing through one slot or the other, the final result reveals the collapse of the interference pattern!  WHY ?  It is to be noted that because of this measurement, the Event has now been reduced to less than  an overall entanglement of the four dimensional electrons as seen from the Holistic plane of reality.  Now the first Event is the detection of the electron at slot "A" or slot "B" instead, meaning a lessor Event has taken place, preventing the possibility of the larger singular Event from occurring as one complete conditional Holistic Event.

Also it is to be noted that the definition of an " Event " says that a CHANGE has occurred, the change is the Event. In this case the Event of the sensing of the electrons presence, is the component responsible for causing a change in the time line of events, and therefore bringing about an additional change, meaning that a change involves at least two components, and both will create a change which would not have occurred at all if the two components had not met.


Without CHANGE, there can be no Event unless an Event can happen without a cause or without an effect, which clearly it can not. In other words, a sensing, as in this case, could not occur without a price being paid, the price of a CHANGE. Thus, in this case, the collapse of the quantum wave, as it has been called, is not related to the previous condition of blocking of one of the two slots, which also removed any wave-like interference patterns, but in this case is for less obvious reasons. Once this Change has occurred, the original conditions that would have allowed the possible Holistic Event to occur, exist no more!  As stated previously, these smaller Events have taken the place of a larger singular Event.




To give you an example of the laws of physics that reside within the Relativistic  reality, lets look at polarized light. The Polarization of light is simply the property of light that is defined by the orientation of the photons spin relative to the three dimensions of space. Polaroid sunglasses, for instance, work by blocking out all of the photons that have a certain polarization. The light that bounces off the road has a certain polarization. The Polaroid sun glasses have polarized light filters which block out this particular polarity, now allowing you to see the road, and not the horizontal light that reflects off of it as well. For now, I will use the ancient wave description to simplify the following drawings.


FIG. # 16       

As shown in Fig.#16 above, the Vertical polarized waves slip through the vertical polarization filter.  Horizontally polarized waves on the other hand, can not pass through this filter.


FIG. # 17       

In Fig. 17, we have filter #1 set as a Vertical filter, and filter #2 set as a Horizontal filter.  As a result, 0% of the light can pass through this two filter combination due to the vertical waves not being able to pass through the horizontal filter at the end. However, something strange occurs if you place the 45 degree H/V filter in-between the first and last filters. Now, 25% of the light makes it through the three filter combination!  How can this be?  We start with a vertically polarized filter and end with a horizontally polarized filter, so how can the light get through??. The answer is simple. Again I say, one of the components of physics, is the Event. One event, is one event, period. Meaning, with the first two filters, 50% of the light can get through due to the filters being at a 45 degree angle relative to each other.

Relativistic Event unit number one is  now determined. 

Events can and do occur only because particles are four dimensional, and due to being four dimensional these particles are rotating back and forth across time producing the minimal required time window needed to set up a conditional window to allow an event to occur and also to determine what event will occur. K.S.P.

This time window is basically the unit of time that determines the ticking of time.
In other words, it is the unit or Quanta of time.

Now event two. The middle and the last filter are also at a 45 degree angle relative to each other, so once again 50% of the light can pass through this second double filter combination as well. 50% of 50% is  25%. We on the other hand, although wethink..sequentially, weview  all three filters simultaneously and scratch our heads wondering how the light gets through.   

With the first polarized filter alone, one hundred percent of the light can penetrate through, despite the forward and reverse shifting across the dimension of time, as the photons travel. However, if the second filter is at a 45 degree angle, then only a limited amount of light can still get through, but get through with the assistance of the fact that some photons may be obstructed by the second filter, yet others are not obstructed, meaning, because photons have forward and reverse shifting across the dimension of time, and their polarity is rotating during this forward and reverse shifting across the dimension of time, some photons will able to meet both requirements and others will not. To begin, some photons could only pass through the first polarized filter when they had reached forward in time, some were in-line with the filter in real time, and the remainder were in-line when reaching back in time, all of this being possible because of the forward and reverse shifting across the dimension of time, as the photons travel.

The end result is that only 50% of the photons can meet the requirements to pass through both filters, meaning that the window of opportunity had been narrowed because of the relative 45 degree angle between the two filters. This also implies that an Event of this nature, can only occur in the PRESENT Time, meaning that those photons which also pass through the second filter are those which have this particular polarity in the present moment being the moment the event takes place. Therefore, even if the second filter is one mile from the first, and even though the photons spin sends it back and forth across time, its polarity for an Event of this kind, is defined by what it is in the present time regardless of whether the photons have extended forward in time or backwards in time thanks to their four dimensional rotation.


Based on the assumption that all objects are moving at " C " motion, the " Present ", or grouping of all, meaning all objects existing at the same time, is possible because they all share the common element of that " C " motion. All were at a specific location in Time-Space before hand, and now ALL are in a new position in Time-Space, and ALL at an equal distance from their previous position in Time-Space, since ALL travel away from those previous positions with the common " C " motion at work. This is an expanded understanding of what the " Present " represents.

Again, even if the second filter is one mile from the first, events are still phased together thanks to the ongoing movement of the " Present ". To help clarify what I mean by this, you must recall that these filters, no matter where they are, they are moving through Time-Space with the consistent " C " motion, and that the photons are moving through Time-Space with the consistent " C * 1.414231... " motion while they also have a consistent " C " angular spin motion, and that therefore we are dealing with phased relative movement present between all three of these properties. In short, this means that different spatial distances between these filters is just that, just the spatial distance, and so one must not overlook the fact that to get from one filter to the other, one must include their motion through the dimension of time as well which therefore determines the total distance between the two. And so, both Phased position, and Phased polarity, will govern an Event, and not the spatial distance between the two filters.

The PROOF that an Event has taken place, is the fact that the photons that have passed through both filters now have a new average central polarity in the present time. AN EVENT IS A CHANGE.The average of their new polarity is relative to the present time therefore on average they are extending equal distances across time in both the forward and reverse directions relative to the present time.  If this was not the case, then no Event at all would have occurred.EVENTS are CHANGES, and again it is to be clearly understood that if a change has occurred, it can not have happened without a price of some kind being paid. When an Event has occurred, it is sort of like resetting a physical clock creating a fresh start such that one Event can be separated from another Event, thus preventing all events from the beginning of Time to the end of Time from actually being just one huge Event.

The Event is complete, and the photons, with their new central polarity, now move onward to meet the next test, being the next polarized filter which is at a 45 degree angle relative to their average central polarity. Once again some photons will be in-line with this next filter as they reach back in time, others in real time, and the remainders as they reach forward in time.  But the outcome is once again only 50% can pass the test of this next 45 degree angle filter as this Event occurs in the present time. No matter what speed one moves through space, and no matter what speed one's clock is ticking, everyone everywhere is sharing one thing in common, and that is the PRESENT time. Present time is everywhere!


FIG. # 18

Fig. # 18 To expand the understanding of Relativistic-Holistic Events, lets examine the above Fig.# 18 experiment. The source of the light is multiple meson decays. Each meson decay always creates two photons of equal polarity but moving apart in opposite directions across space, while at the same time, this common polarity itself is always random per meson decay. With zero rotation of each disc, zero percent of the light at the origin, the Meson decay, would reach the destinations due to the two Polaroid filters being of opposite polarities, horizontal and vertical, and that the paths between the source and the destinations includes both these filters. However , if disk #1 was rotating at 1 rotation per minute, photocell #1, which converts light into electricity, would detect a sine wave pattern due to the increase and decrease of photons that are reaching the cell. But since this is a closed conditional Event, a sine wave pattern would also occur at photocell #2. This means that even though the two photocells are 1 light year apart, the action, rotation of disk 1, will create an immediate result at photocell #2.

That's communication faster than the speed of light !

All this is happening because of it being a  Relativistic / Holistic Event! The receiver at disk #2 then recognizes the 1 cycle per minute pattern. He then begins to rotate his disc also at 1RPM and adjusts the phase until the photocell is receiving a constant peak signal. Person at disk #1 now also receives a constant peak signal and says, "Message received.".   The only problem is that what ever the distance is from the meson decay to the photocells, say 3 light years, you will have to wait this long before this real time communication can begin.

One may think that because each pair of photons were released at the exact same time when a meson had decayed, that the photons would only reach the Photo cells if both filters preceding them had the exact same polarity orientation. However, this need not be the case. Thanks to the fact that each of these Photons have forward and reverse shifting across the dimension of time while also having polarity rotation during this forward and reverse shifting across the dimension of time, despite them being identical photons, they can still pass through filters that are not of identical orientation. Instead, it depends on the position phase, and the polarity phase properties, of the photons released after the meson decays, that which is determined by the relative conditions created by relative differences between the orientation of each polarized filter, which then creates a conditional Holistic agreement for a Holistic Event to occur. Also, since this is a Holistic Event, the conditions required for the photon to pass through both filters can cause the meson to decay at a time which is in the present time, but also is not. Meaning the Meson, which also rotates back and forth across time as it spins, can decay as it reaches back in time to reach into the present time, or forward in time to reach into the present time, which then defines its phase property relative to the filters !

The above experiment can also help you understand what today's Physicists call " Action at a Distance " or " Spooky Action at a Distance ". By setting the orientation of the polarized filter at one end, there will be an immediate effect at the other end, hence action at a distance across space. Also, as the disc is rotating it is determining what photon polarity is required to pass through the filter at each moment. This therefore also determines what the photon polarity must be at the point of release, being the decay of the Meson. In this case we have what appears to us to be action at a distance across time, because the photons were released long before we had set the rotation of the polarized filter in motion.

And so, these actions across distances of Time-Space can seem to be quite spooky and inexplicable to us since we are actually observing the outcome of a Holistic Singular Event while making our judgment of the Holistically determined Event from our limited Relativistic point of view.

Holistic and Relativistic realities are two different points of view.
As shown in the diagram below, from the Holistic point of view, all time is seen.


We can only see the 3 Dimensional space while being trapped in the Present Time of the 3 Dimensional Time dimension. Again I stress that once an event is in progress, it can not be changed. You may think that you can change an event in progress, but in actual fact what you have done would actually be part of what caused the event to occur to begin with. When an event is in progress, everything that is included in the circumstances between the beginning and end of an event, is part of what made the event occur in the first place!

The intertwined Holistic and Relativistic Realties determine the occurrence of an event.

At this point, I have clarified the view of reality such that we can distinguish the basics of the two realities, Holistic, and Relativistic, and how they work together as one, and also that all particles have four dimensional properties. It has provided proper explanations for the bizarre occurrences that today's physicists have discovered yet can NOT fully explain, such as bizarre Spin Properties, Particle\Wave duality, collapse of the quantum wave, and the most bizarre of all,  the Actions at a Distance across Time and-or Space.

So yes, proof that the Holistic reality does exist for sure,
is here to stay, proof that it clearly is connected to us right here,
right now.


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