Is the WORLD and the way it is, all due to random Evolution, the laws of Physics, or a GOD's intentional plan ?
Is INTENTIONAL DESIGN real, and if so, why have world events included absolutely unthinkable negativism ?

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Why, in Shakespeare's day, was one allowed to step beyond conformity and proceed to introduce new words, yet today if one does the same, it is considered to be the result of a mental illness known as Schizophrenia ?  Must mankind remain within the imprisonment of obedient restrictive conformity ? Must mankind continue to fail to think independently, and thus question close to nothing ?

Why are most Scholars also "OCCD" Practitioners ( "OCCD" -- Obsessive Compulsive Certainty Disorder ) ?  Ask a mere Scholar to read this web site. If the Scholar rejects the facts, or chooses to maintain small mindedness by jumping to conclusive certainty before having read its entirety, then ask them why. Tell them to place all the facts that support their so called Sane decision, upon paper.  Allow them to prove that they have not once again practiced the "OCCD".  Or is it in their minds considered to be a logical decision to choose to remain simply small minded !

Those of you that allow others to predefine specific people as cranks, crackpots, kooks, & loons, and of course let them do so such that your mind may remain within an ongoing dormant state, perhaps you should start by clicking on the Bible Codes ELS - Introduction tab, and proceed to study this particular webpage carefully before you continue to believe that it is the right thing to do to let others think for you. After all, those who do so, do so, simply to remain above you, and thus keep you below them.

Concerning this Web Site, the test is to see if you can read it all before you reach a conclusion, meaning, do you control your brain, or does Reality have complete control of you. This web site will also determine whether or not you are capable of seeing TRUTH, meaning, even though you claim not to, do you always judge a book by its cover, or are there at least brief moments when you give yourself permission to actually think, rather than just respond like a robot?  By the way, "Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance." - Albert Einstein. A word has meaning, a sentence has a larger meaning, and a paragraph has an even larger meaning indeed, however, many a people believe that an entire web site can not have a greater meaning than that of any of its contents. They do not believe that it is necessary to view an entirety to be able to see an entirety. Thus they draw conclusions long before having seen its entirety. They therefore believe that the lessor is greater in scope than the greater. Thus in turn they have concluded that an entire web site is smaller in scale than merely a portion of it.

In short, they are claiming to be able to see the assembly of an entire jigsaw puzzle by simply looking at merely a few of the pieces of such a puzzle, and do so since to them these few pieces are larger in scale than the assembly of the entire jigsaw puzzle itself. This is why the bigger truth always sits far beyond the vision of such people.

BUT MOST OF ALL, this web site is written to save Millions of innocent lives now, and Billions of lives later, by clarifying the difference between fact and assumption, all done by making it clear to you that this reality came about by INTENTIONAL DESIGN, and that with this being the case, each and every thing you see around you, and each and every action you see occur around you, is part of that intentional design and intentional Plan. This therefore includes conformal behavior as a component of that design, conformal behavior which divides you from complete truth by imprisoning you within the walls of conformity. This web site clarifies exactly who it is who both destroys many innocent lives across this world, and then proceeds with the vicious murder of these victims. It reveals how reality is arranged such that the rest of mankind at the same time gives its complete but blind approval of such destruction. It also explains why it is that much of mankind proceeds to accidentally worship those who commit this murdering of the innocent.

In short, reality is designed to make much, out of very little. To do so, one starts with the big bang. Evolution then eventually produces mankind. Step two, is to go beyond normal evolution. If we just create man and then wait for man to evolve into something far greater, then it would require an extensive time period. Therefore a second big bang is required. The second big bang is focused at the center of truth. Destroy the center of truth by making it inaccessible. From here onwards, all remaining reality constantly expands and no longer has a central point holding it back by holding it together. Minds grow larger and larger and become much more complex. These minds, however, are absolutely horrible due to the fact that absolute truth has become inaccessible. These minds are composed of nothing but lies. Granted, once this is done, one can be very creative indeed. But unfortunately, the innocent and truthful amongst mankind, must therefore be left behind and buried with the truth, the truth that is never to be seen nor believed by those outside of it. Only the selected liars, the heartless, the self centered, and those who are willing to accept the imprisonment of the rest of mankind, will actually end up living for eternity.

Although, there can be an exception made to this rule. There are believers. Believers can not see the truth. Believers focus upon belief instead of focusing upon truth. And so by doing so they turn their backs towards the truth, meaning also that they will turn their backs towards the rest of mankind. In the end, the evil, the selfish, and the believers will survive. Much of the religious folk believe that all mankind were born as sinners. Because of this, those who are pure and truthful are therefore not believed by the religious folk, since many of these religious folk in particular believe that there are no pure and truthful people anywhere on this world to be speaking of any pure truths. To many of the religious folk, there was only one being who could and had spoken pure truth. All who are connected to truth, will therefore be imprisoned and rejected by believers.

To keep the plan on the go, the sane, those connected to truths, must be set up to appear to be the insane. The innocent must be set up to appear to be the guilty. With truth having been kept out of reach, this becomes an easy task. This is discussed thoroughly below. Anyone who attempts to expose the truth at this time, is also set up to appear to be anything from being an Anti-Christ figure to some, to an insane mentally limited person to the remainder. The job of ensuring onward success on the path of eternal lies, is then set towards a guaranteed success.

And of course not to forget about the picture projected into the minds of people across the globe, of Jesus extending his arms outward to protect and save ALL mankind, while in fact the plan of those from above who have forsaken Jesus Christ, is to save just a few. The one who truly does want to save ALL mankind, naturally is the one who is set up to be perceived as an Evil figure. This is the result of the "Great Accuser" at work, accusing the most innocent as being the most guilty. As I have said, those who know of the truth are to be perceived as being insane, and so the one who wishes to expose the truth is also set up to appear to be insane to the non-religious. This is the entire purpose of " Insanity " being included as a component of this reality that you know of.

That which mankind calls the " Evil ", will win to a certain degree, and do so because mankind can not break free from their programmed view of reality.   Even the slightest suggestion of something that goes against general belief, will immediately be rejected.   Fascinating predictable behaviour, isn't it !   But at least I can die knowing that I am off the hook.   I can't be blamed.   I actually have done everything that can be done to save the innocent !   If no one listens, then no one listens !   But at least those of you out there who are being destroyed, can now understand that you are being destroyed because you are an intelligent caring person who walks the path of truth rather than the path of belief. The ignorant believers will ignore the truth, and as the result of this, you, the innocent, will be condemned.   I'm sorry, but I did do all that could be done to try and prevent it, but all attempts failed, since no one would listen. But on the other hand, on the grand scope of things, the truth has been successfully held onto by two powerful figures. This leads to a reality of a closed structure in which truth eventually comes full circle. Thus all the agony that those who rejected the truth thus allowed to occur to others, will eventually come full circle and hit them with full force. Meaning, those who reject the truth will learn of it in the most painful manner of which reality permits.

To understand it ALL, all you need is Prime Intellect, Non-Conformist reasoning, and the Capacity for Lateral Thinking.

In general, you focus upon one topic at a time. Lateral thinking, on the other hand, leads to viewing all topics at the same time and seeing how they are all connected as a larger ONE. This web site therefore covers many topics, but these topics are not focused upon individually, and therefore are not clearly indexed, but are simply meant to be the components that are to be completely assembled within your mind in the long run. The following topics are discussed. The Relativistic and Holistic Mechanics of reality, Mind Control, Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Delusions, Hallucinations, Religion, Heaven - Hell, Miracles, Bible Codes, and the War between Power and Equality.

How and Why they are all connected is what is to be seriously noted.

This Web Site is also written in simple and plain English for all to understand. This site is not meant for mere browsers. Despite its simplicity, it still requires a significant study period. It is meant for those who are interested in a complete understanding of reality and also have an interest in what has kept such knowledge from being within reach for so long.

So grab a coffee, and read on.

Let's get Started.

Note: Repetition present throughout this page, is not of my choosing, nor is the fact that it drags on.
This was arranged, but not by me, to take a negative advantage of the length of your attention span.
It truly cost me the spilling of my blood just to write what you see before you.
Just keep reading.   Don't let it stop you !

I have turned down what has been demanded of me. The demand involved dividing reality into two parts. Does this sound ridiculous to you ? A powerful belief system forces you to respond in this manner. To you, the improbable, is the impossible, even though improbable and impossible are not one in the same. The belief system tells you to make such a mistake. Concerning the dividing of reality, those given the childish 666 mark, were to be thrown back into the past. These people would have basically maintained the intellect that they presently have. The others are thrown forward across time, therefore reaching a point of extreme intellectual development. Again, to the believer, this sounds like science fiction, and it is therefore considered to be a statement made by an insane person. However, if a statement as such, or even more extreme, is made within a church and is kept within the context known as " Religion ", then the thought of insanity does not appear at all. The ruler of the 666 zone was to have been a pure and innocent person. The reasoning for picking an innocent person, is simple but nasty indeed. The persons innocence becomes a template to be used to create the exact opposite of this very same person in the long run. Innocence also means being connected to truths rather than to lies. This deceitful set up then ensures that the truth known of by such a person, is disposed of when the person is converted into becoming his exact opposite. This then ensures that the split realities have no truth within them to pull them back together as just one reality. Meanwhile those who are heading in the opposite direction, those who are basically born with a silver spoon in their mouths, receive everything that they could ever dream of, and infinitely more. In short, the hard workers receive the garbage dump, and the spoilt receive more than that which can be imagined by anyone at this time. All of this was to take place as the result of the character known to you as Satan, having escaped his prison, via the creation of the replacement who previously was the central innocent person. As said before, this innocent person was to be converted into becoming his exact opposite. The negative environment is thus still being filled by a negative being. One slips out, while another is being converted and forced in.


If you think what I have said sounds crazy, and I know you do, that is in a way one of the key problems. If a higher power, for lack of a better name, wished to proceed with a NO FAIL PLAN, then one simply takes advantage of how the mind of mankind makes many decisions based upon probability factors. Simply set your plan such that it fits into all corners of the improbable. Unfortunately, this includes the allowance of acts of brutality that are too extreme and cruel to be believed, hence they are seen as improbable. To simplify a description of this even further, we live in a relativistic world, and so things must relate to exist. Belief is related to Disbelief. Therefore Disbelief exists. Again, for the No Fail Plan to go forth successfully, the plan must fit into the zone of Disbelief in the minds of Mankind. On top of that, if you need to keep the truth known of by Mr. innocent out of public view, then that Mr. innocent is to be set up to appear to be a character that is not to be believed, and this includes how he thinks, how he appears, how he behaves, etc. . In other words, he has possession of massive truths, but people in general do not base their belief system upon what someone says, which includes speaking of truths of course, but they choose to be backward minded and base their decisions upon exactly who it is that speaks.

If specific truths are not shared, such truths become permanently buried, thus allowing lies and deceit to rule forever onwards. These truths are those that sit at the very core of reality. Destroy the core, and the deceitful win the war. To destroy the core it must be arranged such that the truth must be rejected by those whom know not of it, and they must be trained to be foolish enough to reject it long before even knowing of it in the first place. Those who speak of it must also not be believed. They too must be rejected. Those who reject the truths will do so by having been trained to place the importance of trivialities far above the importance of eternal truths. Therefore, those who attempt to expose these truths, will only be allowed to do so in a format that will be quickly rejected. Hence any presentation allowed, will therefore include such problems as repetition, oversimplification, grammatical errors, etc. Today's foolish mentality says that if there is one word spelt incorrectly within the presentation, then the entire presentation must be rejected if the presentation concerns something new or unheard of.

The minds of today assume that truth is of no value at all, and in fact does not even exist at all, if it is not presented in a precise manner. Although, there are times when they do make exceptions. If a person was strapped to a bomb, and was handed a sheet of paper with the method of disabling the bomb written on this sheet of paper, in this case even if the grammar was poor, and the writing was sloppy, they would still search the paper to find the TRUTH of how to disable the bomb. If, on the other hand, no immediate danger to them is present, they will draw conclusions about what is written on the paper, by viewing its appearance, rather than its content. In the first case, the mind is open. In the second case, the mind is closed. I hope that those who read this site, have open minds, and thus in the long run will learn how it is possible for the writer's original intentions to be interfered with such that it appears to be the writer that is responsible for error or limitations.  Let's move on.

The truth concerning Mind Control, Schizophrenia, Reality, etc., is unknown to you because a Gap is constructed and maintained such that access to the completeness of that truth is denied. The construction and maintenance of the Gap, requires Control and also leads to Psychological warfare. Two planes of Reality are required to make existence possible. Both of these planes of reality are involved in the Control and Psychological warfare, and both will be discussed in detail later on. One of these two planes of reality is presently unknown of to you.

    1)   The Greater Holistic  plane of Reality.            2)   The Lesser Relativistic  plane of Reality.

For instance, claiming that Schizophrenia is the result of a mental illness, is quite TRUE, and this is because those who claim that Schizophrenia actually is a mental illness, are those who are suffering from a mental impairment known as Relative Displacement. Those who suffer from this illness of displacement, tend to respond rather than think. This is because they act and behave as though they actually " Know Everything ", and thus they believe that it is not possible for anything new to exist, meaning something that is new to all. Those " Knowing Everything ", also believe there are absolutely no possible errors within their collection of knowledge, although they will argue against this if asked directly, but will continue onward with this belief and behavior, when and if not asked.

This has created an ongoing general belief that the so called Schizophrenia, is a mental illness.

At some point in evolution it is inevitable that the Human Mind will become intelligent enough, and focused enough, upon the absolute, to begin to see what reality truly is. Reach this point and you have no choice but to discover whether or not it all evolved to how it is now, just by some chance, or by intentional design.


This reality is a DESIGNED REALITY !   Unfortunately, negativities do exist, and thus effect the design of this reality. Those on the negative side do not want, I repeat do not want any one else to truly know what their negative plan is, nor do they wish for there to be any exposure of the Holistic Plane of reality. They then proceed to use what ever means are necessary to keep it that way. Their intentions require absolute confidentiality to be carried forth, and carried forth for an eternity.

This " Secrecy " is required because not one single man nor woman on this planet would approve of such a negative plan and what horror it brings to so many. It is so brutal that not even Adolf Hitler would have approved of it. Confidentiality is maintained by taking advantage of every human weakness, and every human defect.  No opportunity is left untouched. To create and maintain a barrier between you and the truth, millions of innocent people are being butchered, and butchered in the most merciless way that is possible. When I say possible, I am not referring to what horrific acts you believe are possible, but I am also including forms of brutality that are so extreme that they are non-humanly comprehensible. Meanwhile, you classify these Victims as Schizophrenics, and then look away from them while not realizing that it is the truth that lies in their direction. This then constructs a barrier around them which prevents them from presenting any truths to you, and prevents you from seeing any truth within them !


Religious " BELIEVERS " knowing nothing about the mechanics of reality, the very fabric of reality, think that a God character can simply, with his divine powers, place you in a paradise, the paradise he created just for you and alike. This is not true. Every action has a price. To create and maintain a paradise, the exact opposite must also be created and maintained. Meaning, every joyful feeling that you have within your paradise, will be at the expense of someone else experiencing the exact opposite. What goes up, is at the expense of something else going down. Your Power increases, someone else's power decreases. You subject someone else to a screaming hell, as the result of power corrupting you, and the better your paradise becomes for you to enjoy. You laugh at the " LOSERS " as you decrease their power even further, you subject them to as much Hell as you want, and there is nothing they can do about it. You become an evil of the worst possible kind, and you don't care at all because you can get whatever you want, and because you can get away with whatever you want. Thanks to human weakness, this is all possible, possible because of the Gap between you and the truth, the gap that is created at the expense of those millions of innocent lives. This is what happens if the negative side wins. On the other hand, if this takes place only partially, it identifies those who would side with the negative character known to you as Satan. Thus it now becomes God's side that has a relative positive over negative leverage that is to be put to use. However, if people choose to continue to maintain human weakness, thus continue to reject truths, this limits the quality of their paradise due to distancing themselves from it.

Human Weakness

I am sure you are all familiar with the Game of Tennis, do know what tennis is..... right ?   Well if you do know tennis, then obviously you can be the world champion tennis player. If, on the other hand, you do not know what Tennis is, then you will have to take lessons to learn what Tennis truly is. The Title ' Tennis ' is just that, a Title, and just because you are familiar with this title, does not mean that you know of what it refers to, thoroughly.

Unfortunately, many of today's scholars believe that they know exactly and thoroughly what has been described as Schizophrenia truly is, what has been described as a Hallucination truly is, what has been described as a Delusion truly is, and are even claiming to know what Reality truly is. In each case, a mere TITLE has been sufficient for Scholars, and just about everyone else, to feel as though they know what it is that this title stands for.

To simply create a Title, followed by sudden acceptance that the title refers to something that is complete and real, all prior to knowing of the subject at hand thoroughly, is a dangerous act, a backwards act, and perhaps in some cases, an act of lunacy.   Meanwhile, different doctors have different theories concerning the definition and cause of Schizophrenia.

The attachments surrounding it, are what define it, and without these attachments, the event itself will not have occurred. Without knowing what these attachments are, one can NOT truly know what it is. Doctors, not being aware of all the attachments and therefore also not knowing of the cause, can clearly not know what the so called Schizophrenia actually is. Without awareness of all of the attachments, you are left with an open loop condition, and the topic at the center, (S), therefore remains Non - Definable.   To this day, Doctors, and alike, still choose to blindly view endless numbers of open loops, and then proceed to call them closed loops of certainty.

Missing Data = False Understandings

A Title has been created for something, prior to it being understood, and that is all.
Therefore, to attach certainty in any way at all to such a subject,
is an act of an absolute fool !

However, this kind of certainty is being taken for granted despite the fact that a vast collection of unknowns are being used to create that very certainty, that DEFECTIVE certainty. This has now created a dangerous condition in which the words of real people are to be completely ignored if these people are experiencing any of the inexplicable symptoms of non-conformal behavior.

In the past, non-conformal behavior could lead to a woman being classified as being a witch, and of course was then burnt to death. Today the circumstances are far worse. Today a person may be classified as being a Schizophrenic, the person is then ignored by society due to the belief that the person is not meeting acceptable standards, and then it becomes socially acceptable from this point onwards to talk DOWNWARD to this " lesser ", and it is acceptable for the doctors to then proceed to recommend the need for powerful chemical substances to be applied to the lesser's brain. But worst of all, because people in general practice OCCD and are therefore certain that the title Schizophrenia refers to a mental illness, those on the negative side who also wish to have the final say in the design of reality, can do whatever horrific actions they want to do to the poor Victim, the poor victim who desperately attempts to describe these horrific events as best as he or she can while those who practice OCCD don't believe a single word that the Victim has to say about such boundless brutality. The more they speak of it, the less they are believed, and so the brutality goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and ..........

In the minds of the OCCD practitioners is the rule "If facts do not conform to the theory, then the facts must be disposed of.".   Psychiatry itself says there is no good time for a now labeled person to assert his or herself. If done, it's called "resistance" or being "difficult". Once again, it's another "symptom" in an endless supply of "symptoms" which are used to predispose of all possibilities of any true facts from ever being presented. Psychiatry dictates that no concrete evidence regarding what has happened to the Victim is to be looked for, or even allowed, and therefore the victim is always prevented from speaking for his or herself.

The situation has become so repulsive that thanks to the overall stupidity of the general public, anyone who mentions having had an inexplicable and bizarre experience is immediately pushed to the side and will most likely be tagged with the title Schizophrenic by that very same foolish public. My mention of the Designers of this Reality, will most likely have such an effect. The general public has no interest at all in what lies behind doors that lead to understanding the unknown, but instead they slam these doors shut directly in the face of those who desperately need to find such an understanding, an understanding that turns the unknown into the known, and an understanding that will ensure that foolish assumptions can no longer be used against such desperate people by foolish citizens and alike.


My Goal here is to prove to you that in each of these cases, today's understanding of each of these Titles,
are not just incomplete, but in all cases, are completely incorrect.

Do you really know what Reality truly is ?   As the result of your presently limited vision of reality, MILLIONS of people are being Tortured to death or worse, yet of course you believe that the cause of their " Symptoms " and deaths is to be of a cause that exists within that very same limited vision of yours, limited since you simply do not know of what lies beyond it !

You behave as though you believe that nothing exists beyond you and your understandings, and therefore this means that what you believe simply is and always will be, and nothing will or can surpass it. You therefore believe that this level of knowledge and understanding will never ever change from here onwards across eternity itself. You think, you behave, you respond, you believe, and you view reality, exactly the way those whom are making a fool of many, wish for you to think, behave, respond, believe, and perceive. To understand what is beyond your present limitations, you must acquire information from those whom have broken free from these limitations. Breaking free includes overcoming the dangers of the daily practice of quick and responsive assuming, believing, and disbelieving, and then replacing these with the practice of focusing on facts and probabilities only, all to ensure that the Length, Complexity, and Reliability of the equation within your mind that is used to achieve conclusions, becomes dramatically expanded over time.

A single assumption will prevent you from breaking free. A single belief will prevent you from breaking free. At the base, the foundation of everything, lie the facts and truths. Facts and assumptions can not fit in the same place, facts and beliefs can also not fit in the same place. What assumptions and beliefs will do however, is hover above the foundation, and therefore completely cover the facts and truths that sit at that very foundation. Unfortunately, people in general use beliefs and assumptions damn near continuously.

Delusions: False, but strongly held beliefs, which feel entirely real to the sufferer. They can cause the individual to have a greatly exaggerated belief ( Delusion of Grandeur ) in his or her own importance, power, knowledge, abilities, or identity. Some people have delusions of persecution (Paranoia)-for example, the false belief that they are being attacked, harassed, cheated, spied on or conspired against by others. Some people believe that occurrences in the outside world are referring to them (Ideas of Reference). Examples are believing that other people are doing things because of you or that the TV or radio are referring specifically to you, often in negative ways.

Hallucinations: Seeing, hearing, feeling, touching smelling or tasting things that aren't there. Hallucinations have to do with the senses. Hearing voices is the most common hallucination among people with schizophrenia.

It is to be understood that each of these above " Symptoms " which are described by the
medical community, is not the result of a mental disorder, but is the result of

All of these so called " SYMPTOMS " were deliberately added as COMPONENTS of reality,
such that specific TRUTHS are not to be BELIEVED. This is done by disabling the validity
of the words spoken by those who have access to these TRUTHS !

The fact that the majority of society speaks of them and defines them with certainty, does not in any way at all mean that the interpretation is a correct interpretation, but that it is just that, an interpretation. The fact that society speaks with tones of certainty of the subjects they acquired knowledge of by practicing assumption, does not mean that they have acquired any solid facts, but it proves that the subjects they consider to be real are actually created by the very use of assumption. In effect, the definitions of the subjects, Delusions and Hallucinations, are today composed entirely of blocks of assumption.

Constructing in this fictitious manner is done by the professional conformists. Professional conformists believe it is the number one priority to be attached to conformity rather than to be attached to truths. Professional conformists convince the public that they are a moronic public if they do not do the same. Psychiatrists and alike, have convinced the public that the Victimized have not been victimized at all but instead were experiencing Hallucinations and were Delusional. Psychiatrists and alike, have convinced the public that a Disease of the brain exists, a mental disorder. Psychiatrists and alike, have convinced the public to see something that is NOT actually there. Psychiatrists and alike, have convinced the public to be delusional. Once done, they have created a false definition of reality, a definition that the public blindly and gladly accepts. A dictated Global Group Consensus is created. The followers are convinced to permanently accept this regressive collective approach. This detachment from Reality/Truths allows them to completely avoid all responsibility by handing the task over to the Victims, the "Lessers". The "Lessers" words are now classified as less than truth. This then creates separation from the absolute truth, by creating a barrier, a Human Barrier !   The Psychiatrists and alike, have all been successfully used by those within the Holistic plane of reality.

As a Total, the purpose of forcing man to think and behave in this way, is to conceal the truth about what exists behind the scenes, and to conceal the truth about what is constantly ongoing behind the scenes, the scenes that from your point of view are what make up reality itself. In other words there is an extensive amount of wrongful actions going on outside of that which you have accepted as being the completeness of reality. To conceal this from you, as I said before, a barrier must be constructed between belief and truth. This barrier is composed of innocent people. These people are exposed to a heavy dose of truth, and are then set up to appear to be in a Psychotic mind state.  Self Importance, Power, Knowledge, Abilities, or Identity,  now become classified as " False, but strongly held Beliefs "  when those whom are presently behind the scenes choose to cut such a persons rights all the way, and I mean all the way, down to zero.

And so we have a Victimized person who has been exposed to massive truths, that is now not to be listened to by anyone, anywhere, at anytime, for any reason. This Victimization ensures the completion of the construction of the barriers that reside within minds of the mere conformists, therefore keeping them from facing truths by making them assume that the direction towards truth is actually the direction that leads towards insanity.

Those behind the scenes who make such arrangements are in a position of power that is not regulated at all. And no, I am not talking about the source of the problem being trivial components such as Gods and Devils, Aliens, or mankind being up to no good.   No, not at all. The actual source is much much bigger. You must understand that what you define as God's and Devil's, is that which you can comprehend on this side of reality. The other side is the other side, and thus what is there, is there, not here. What exists there, both positive and negative, is far beyond anything that you presently know of. We are dealing with those who are in the appropriate position of governing that which allows them to take full advantage of the weakness of the human belief system, and take full advantage of the mechanics of reality. Some people believe in Gods and Devils, others believe in Aliens or Extra Terrestrial Life Forms, and others believe that there are no such things as Gods, Devils, Aliens, nor Extra Terrestrial Life Forms.   In other words, they are ALL the same.   They ALL use the function of Belief, and so they all are participating in the use of the fragile human belief system, and this is a major major problem.

It is the second plane of reality that comes into play. Two planes of reality are required to make existence possible. If you accept the religious belief that at the point of death one moves from one reality to another, then it must also be accepted that TWO realities must exist, and that these two realities must be connected to each other to allow this transfer from one reality to the other to actually take place. Without awareness of, and understanding of, this second plane of reality, the four questions listed down below can not be answered by anyone. Without awareness of this second plane of reality, a negative intended use of a Religious Belief System can not be understood by anyone.

To understand it all, you have to understand it ALL.

If a Doctor says that you are having Delusions and Hallucinations and are therefore not in touch with reality, simply ask your Doctor the following few questions such that he or she can prove that he or she is -TRULY- in touch with reality.

  What is the cause of the Uncertainty Principle ?
  What is the explanation of Particle-Wave duality behavior ?
  What is known as " Action at a Distance ", and what makes it possible ?
  What is, and what is the cause of, that which is known as the Collapse of the Quantum Wave ?

If the Doctor can not answer these questions, then clearly the doctor is NOT in touch with reality, for he or she does not even know what reality is. He or she does not even know what the requirements are to create existence !   Therefore the Doctor has no right to say that anyone else is detached from reality since attached is unknown of to this doctor.

Only a complete fool would say the that he or she is in touch with reality rather than saying one is in touch with conformity, unless he or she knows what reality is, and knows how to create such a reality.

Without knowing what Reality is, one truly does NOT have a foundation to support one's claims !

For the answers to the above questions, study pages 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, of this web site.
One must determine what reality is, before one draws any conclusions of what lies within it.
This then allows one to look at a situation from all possible surrounding directions.

Another problem with Doctors and alike, is that they are experts. They are experts in specific fields and that is all, meaning they are imperfect, they are incomplete. Logic states that if they were perfect, therefore each having a perfect mind, then this perfection can spread outward into all other fields, but this does NOT occur. Therefore if the so called Schizophrenia, and its cause, lie outside the severely limited range of a mere expertise, and they do, then these doctors and alike will do nothing but oppose the truth, intentionally or not, and will support their arguments wholly upon their status of being an expert, intentionally or not, and not on a foundation of sound facts.

The facts that they claim to be, are actually detached from the absolute, detached by the fact that those who make such claims, are also those whom are imprisoned within a zone of expertise.   Expertise, is a confinement !   When confined, one can not say that ones " facts " are Absolutely correct, since the Absolute is beyond the reach of confinement. However, despite such confinement, Doctors and alike, with their absolute certainty, will continue to claim that their facts are complete and real, and Society, knowing no better, continues to accept the words of these " experts " without a first thought. To understand what " Schizophrenia " truly is, one must broaden ones view to the point of absolute.

Mob boss, Gigante, Outwitted 34 Psychiatrists Professional Diagnostic Standards?

The New York Times asks: " How did some of the most respected minds in forensic psychiatry and neuropsychology, including a prominent Harvard psychiatrist, five past presidents of the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law, and the man who invented the standard test for malingering, get it ALL wrong ?"
Over the years, former Mafia boss, Vincent (the Chin) Gigante, who acknowledged in court that he had eluded justice for years by feigning mental illness, had been diagnosed with " schizophrenia ".  34 psychiatrists declared Gigante " mentally incompetent " due to mental illness, says Dr. Portnow. But a transcript of Gigante's telephone conversation with his wife, Olympia, reveals a perfectly sane, rational conversation between husband and wife. Indeed, if one views the situation with a narrow confined mind, then failure in diagnosis, and failure in understanding, is highly probable !

However, by broadening the view to the point of absolute, and fully understanding the mechanics of reality, one surpasses any possible occurrences of OCCD, and one fully understands that the world is not the way it is just as the result of a plan that was set in motion and watched from afar, nor is it just the result of evolution, but instead is a relativistic world that was all preplanned and most of all it is a relativistic world that is being Governed up close and on a continuous basis, day after day, second after second. One must begin to understand that everything is as it is for an intentional reason. As I said, this web site will reveal to you that some N-A-S-T-Y work is going on in the background, work that you are unaware of as the result of you not seeing the big picture, but BELIEVING a much smaller picture instead, in combination with the daily practice of OCCD. This nasty work, known to you as Schizophrenia, also includes that which is described by the public, as Mind Control.

The reality that you are aware of is structured such that it is completely surrounded by a broad range of barriers, barriers which are designed to redirect you, barriers which prevent you from escaping the Relativistic reality, the Reality which forces you to see and think in relativistic pairs at best. A unit of Truth on the other hand, is a singularity. Your Relativistic thinking has prevented you from yet seeing and knowing of even one single unit of Truth up to this date.

For starters, this Reality that you are aware of, that which Einstein called the Relativistic reality, resides within the much bigger Holistic reality. The existence of a mere Relativistic Reality is a necessity because variables can not exist in the Absolute sense, but can only exist relativistically. The foundation required to create and therefore surround this Relativistic reality, is the Holistic reality. One reality is connected directly to the other and vise versa. One reality affects the other. By overlooking the obviousness of the existence of the Holistic reality that is required to make the lesser Relativistic reality possible in the first place, all interactions between the two realities are still only perceived by Physicists up to this day as being the bizarre inexplicable implications and outcomes of Quantum mechanics. The outcome of this lack of awareness and lack of understanding, is not only responsible for the ongoing separation between Relativistic and Quantum mechanics, but is also responsible for the separation between Science and Religion and the inability to know or understand what the total of Science plus Religion is, since the total exceeds the sum of the parts. Titles such as "GOD" and "DEVIL" are also just Relativistic characters, and so once again if you can not see beyond them, then you are not aware of the Total of the two that exceeds the sum of the parts. This TOTAL is still completely unseen by Physicists and Religionists, and for a hundred years now has therefore prevented the correction of the errors within Einstein's Principles of Relativity, along with preventing man from understanding the underlying purpose of Religion.

Because the two realities are connected, and one is faaaaaaar bigger than the other, then the smaller of the two can become a toy, or worse. And this is where this " Governing " that I will discuss, the Governing which has gone out of control, all comes into play. The source of this Governing, is from the enormous Holistic plane of reality.

Let's get back to Relative Pairs. In a Relativistic reality, everything that you are aware of is related to something else, and so each of your thoughts is a relativistic thought. In a Relativistic reality, UP is related to DOWN, LEFT is related to RIGHT, GOOD to BAD, WRONG to RIGHT, etc.. As the result of thinking in associatively related pairs while at the same time classifying the topic at hand as a singularity instead of properly classifying it as being one component of that associatively related pair, this cross eyed Relativistic Thinking not only has forced you to perceive dualities as singularities, but has also forced you to perceive singularities as dualities. It has therefore kept you detached from the foundation of singular truths, all by forcing you to Accept / Believe the floating detached ideas that are composed of relative pairs. This is what I refer to as the most basic kind of Relative Displacement. This impairment prevents you from escaping the Relativistic view of reality, and therefore also prevents even those such as Albert Einstein from discovering what lies beyond it. They then continue with endless attempts to find Relativistic explanations of Holistic Events.

A Mind which CAN think in true singularities, is a focused mind. A focused mind is therefore able to perceive a duality as a duality and a singularity as a singularity. A focused mind, therefore not thinking relativistically, is able to perceive truth as truth and does not have to depend on belief. A focused mind is therefore able to see both the separate Relativistic and Holistic planes of reality, the planes of reality of which only half of is seen by the mere Relativistic thinkers. The Relativistic thinkers have also classified this half as being the complete extent of reality, while at the same time state that they do not understand how it works despite this fact that they say they are seeing the complete extent of reality. Thanks to split minded relativistic thinking, the Relativistic Thinkers classify those who have a focused mind, as those who have a mind that is clearly OUT OF FOCUS. Thus any single unit of truth that is presented, is immediately REJECTED and RIDICULED by the mere Relativistic Thinkers, just as was stated by Arthur Schopenhauer. You have to understand that those within the Holistic plane of reality who also have negative intentions, can and do enjoy actions such as forcing man to incriminate the innocent, and for this to be possible, man must be displaced from truth.

A Relativistic consciousness, is a Detached consciousness,

Relativistic Thinkers will do what ever can be done to oppose the truth rather than find it and support it. Simply the mentioning of the possibility that others exist in the Holistic plane of reality, will trigger an immediate and juvenile form of rejection by a relativistic thinker. As the result of this predictable conformal behavior, despite the simplicity of everything, which is exposed by seeing the simplicities of singularities, the Relativistic Thinkers are even incapable of knowing what the requirements are to create Consciousness, or knowing what the requirements are to create a Bi-verse, which is why they perceive it as being a mere Universe. Their limitations are astounding. Searching for singular truths is a waste of time for relativistic thinkers, for them the singularities become lost in the face of relativistic exploration.

As mentioned in detail near the bottom of this page, knowledgeable minds are like computers, they are systems capable of storing vast amounts of knowledge. But in this human case, it is at the expense of a great degree of blindness. The ability to understand must be put aside to allow acceptance of a unit of knowledge that one is exposed to, to enter the brain itself. If you understood the knowledge before hand, then this unit of knowledge would also be known by you before hand. But this does not apply, and so it is necessary for the mind to briefly accept without question to allow the unit of knowledge to enter the mind. The less one questions, the bigger the door to the mind one has opened, and the greater the magnitude of knowledge one may acquire.

The less one questions, and the greater the magnitude of knowledge one acquires, the more one appears to be intelligent to one's self and to others, and the smaller the size of one's equation that is used to achieve certainty, becomes over time. Their defense, if challenged, is that they are more knowledgeable, and somehow they believe that this overrules the need for having and using a reliable equation of certainty. They become conformists as a form of compensation for what they lack !   But as you will begin to understand, these kinds of minds become very useful if one wishes to use them to bury TRUTHS, or create barriers surrounding TRUTHS.

To understand something, one must assemble the jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle is composed of units of facts or data. Knowledgeable minds however, are skilled at accumulating vast amounts of knowledge, and are therefore skillful at maintaining a disassembly of the jigsaw puzzle.

Meanwhile, people who express their awareness of the " OTHERS " whom are present within the Holistic plane of reality, the reality which is at a 90 degree angle relative to the Relativistic plane of reality, are immediately classified as Psychotic if they do not express this awareness in a specific format, and do not express it between the typical hours of 11:00 AM and 2:30 PM on a Sunday in a building called a church. To the Relativistic cross eyed thinkers, two realities DO exist (Religiously speaking), and also two realities DO NOT exist (Scientifically speaking), meaning this cross eyed Split Relativistic manner of looking at reality also contributes to the allowing of something to exist only when spoken of in a specific context, and not to exist when spoken of in another context. But this is the predictable behavior of the Relativistic thinkers, due to Relativistic Thinking inevitably creating a Multi-Split mind.

A mind that focuses on singularities can see the simplicities of reality, and then must deal with the opposition given by the mere relativistic thinkers as they claim that those with the focused minds are thinking in a simple and retarded manner due to the simplicity of that which they discuss, and the simplicity of the format of communication in which they choose to discuss it with. In this case the relativistic thinkers are not realizing that the focused mind is not only seeing the finer details of reality by understanding the singularities that it is composed of, but that the focused mind is also capable of seeing and understanding the singular unit of Absolute truth or Absolute ALL.

Again, the cross eyed split minded Relativistic thinkers while seeing singularities as dualities and dualities as singularities, also perceive those who are capable of seeing singularities as singularities, and dualities as dualities, as those who have a Split Minded Mental Disorder known as SCHIZOPHRENIA, a mental disorder which has forced a mind to split the perception of reality into part reality and part fantasy. In actual fact the so called SCHIZOPHRENIC is in touch with both the Relativistic and Holistic realities, and is not detached from reality at all. Those who think with a focused mind, have no choice but to encounter those whom are present within the Holistic plane of reality. Those in the Holistic plane of reality then proceed to brutally toy with such people such that to the mere relativistic thinking observers, these people appear to be quite detached from reality, and therefore detached from a completeness of sanity.

To the mere Relativistic thinkers and conformers, this ' Apparent Detachment ' is seen as a detachment from sanity instead of it being properly seen as the actual 'Attachment ' to the Holistic plane of reality. But it is to be understood that it is the mere Relativistic thinkers and conformers that are truly detached from reality, and therefore it is they who think that their sanity is complete and that nothing can surpass it from here onwards across eternity itself. And so, they can be deceived without almost any effort required at all, just as in this case they think that people are being delusional, yet at the same time they are unable to present any proof that such a conclusion is in any way correct.

Need I say more ?

No, the Relativistic thinkers are quite insane, but this global insanity is in a form that has evolved slowly, and is a form that is conformal and not damaging if not taken advantage of. Unfortunately, the Holistic take complete advantage of all human weaknesses. For instance, Relativistic thinking produces narrow mindedness, and if a Relativistic thinker hears that some strangers child is killed, the effect this has upon them is far less than what it would be if they heard it was their own child that was killed. This is quite insane, since in both cases the event that occurred was the death of a child. Both cases are therefore identical. Narrow mindedness of this nature, and many others, creates room and therefore opens many doors for the Sadistic Holistic to take advantage of. Because the Relativistic thinkers constantly reject the truth one way or another, and because many believe that all those who exist in the elsewhere are Holy and Divine, again the Holistic can do what ever they want and get away with it, therefore allowing the Boundless brutality to be kept ongoing for the Holistic to enjoy doing. It would probably require the death of several billion people to force these conformists to begin to question their belief system. And so the Holistic keep their practice of boundless brutality down to 1% of the population. This amount of horrific suffering, along with the 0.1% deaths by suicide, is completely acceptable in today's conformal reality.

It has been given the Global Stamp of Approval.

If this statement triggers an immediate rejection by you, then you have chosen Relativistic displacement rather than choosing to simply observe my statements and store them as components of the Absolute truth, since they are components of the absolute truth, since everything is a component of the Absolute all. Without this accumulation, the Absolute truth can never be seen by you.

By living in a Relativistic reality, you choose left or right, black or white, defend or fight, .......... you choose to divide.


Meanwhile, we still have people, the Victims, whose axis of the mind is rotated such that it is not just in-line with the Relativistic plane of reality, but it also extends into the Holistic plane of reality that the very same Relativistic plane of reality resides within. These people are then given medications at the early stages such that the mind is numbed suffice enough to rotate the axis of the mind back over such that it is in-line with the Relativistic plane of reality only, or close to it only. This then prevents the mind from eventually being exposed to a complete Holistic view of reality. All of this, of course, is carried forth in many ways blindly since it is completely misunderstood thanks to the fact that those who make such judgments of giving medications are also those whose minds are OUT OF FOCUS.



Fig. 1, the CHIMPANZEE grasps a large number of units of data as only a single unit of KNOWLEDGE from its point of view. This presents problems. It is somewhat like teaching a child a complete sentence first rather than starting with teaching the child words first. The child may understand the sentence "GO TO THE STORE.", but it will not understand each of the components of the sentence because each of them lies below the language level of this singular KNOWLEDGE unit. So the best that could be done is "CHILD HEAR, CHILD DO", a simple action-reaction procedure.

Fig. 2, a KNOWLEDGE based human mind on the other hand, has a less complex knowledge unit composed of a smaller number of data units. As a result, it can begin to manipulate and chain together these units creating units of UNDERSTANDING. At the same time, it is still able to learn by accepting units of knowledge. Meaning it can learn, but its need to understand what it is learning, is far from being absolute.

Fig. 3, an UNDERSTANDING based human mind, has similar differences to the CHIMPANZEE as does the KNOWLEDGE based human mind, but to a greater extent. It absorbs knowledge at an even less complex level, a much simpler level. And because of this it can begin to accumulate units of understanding at an earlier age. It therefore soon develops a strong need to understand what it is being Told to Learn.   In cases such as Albert Einstein, this kind of simplistic lateral absorption of knowledge, along with the deliberate lack of blind acceptance of larger knowledge units that result in a hierarchical structure of knowledge instead, can and usually does lead others into assuming that this person is a slow learner, a backward person, an academic outcast, a nobody, etc., until this so called slow backward academic outcast proves them all to be wrong. Simply put, society can not yet see any differences when comparing the so called mentally handicapped backward person, to a person eventually proven to be a Genius. They who make such a mistake are neither mentally handicapped nor are they Geniuses themselves.   Both sides are therefore beyond their view, and so neither can be individually recognized and identified by observation alone, but instead both will simply be seen as being a lesser. This " lesser " identification, is based on them being a minority rather than a majority. Those who classify others as the " lesser " and are not in the Genius category themselves, become highly dependent on a Majority/Minority vote, all used to determine what they will then define as being " Facts", hence in there minds, a majority vote equals " FACT ".

Now the problem with Fig. 2, is that although it too is educable and could also easily become a physicist for instance, if its goal is to understand the universe right down to the simplest rules, the simplicity of these rules will lie below the language level of the physicists own knowledge units, therefore placing the goal beyond the physicists reach. On top of that the mind has remained knowledge based, and the conscious units of knowledge ( knowledge of Procedures, rules, facts etc.) have been passed on down to the subconscious. As a result of this, the mind is very much fixed in its ways, and looses flexibility and creativity. And then it becomes even worse for the knowledge based Human minds. You see, they accumulate knowledge in a hierarchical structure, and their very consciousness rides at the top level of such a structure. This too, just as in the case of the chimpanzee, places the conscious mind further and further away from the finer details of which the knowledge units are composed of. Therefore it can be said that as more knowledge is accumulated, the mind is moved higher and higher into the clouds.

The Understanding based Human mind on the other hand, becomes skillful at both lateral thinking and at accumulating units of understanding which are very close to the fine details or facts known as the DATA UNITS. This results in extreme accuracy and minimal error. Naturally the Knowledge based Humans perceive the Understanding based Humans as the lessers since they do not acquire vast amounts of knowledge as do they, and this assumption still occurs even though through evolution the first skill acquired was the ability to gain knowledge, and the second to evolve was the ability to understand that knowledge. Therefore both logic and common sense say that understanding is dominant and in no way what so ever should it be suppressed by the knowledgeable as though it is an inferior quality. Relating all of this to RELATIVISTIC THINKING, the chance of a knowledge based mind being able to focus to the point of seeing singular details, is highly unlikely. The so called backward person, the "Einstein" who says his or her secret is to think simple, the one with the Understanding based mind, the one who at first appears to be nothing but a Jack of all Trades or perhaps a nobody at all to the academic, in actual fact has the capability of understanding EVERYTHING as the result of his or her LATERAL error free thinking.

Knowledge based minds continue to pass their mistakes on to the next sponge who wishes to absorb knowledge without understanding it. And so, since a single error will prevent them from stepping beyond the relativistic limitations, these people continue to try to use Relativistic thinking to argue with Holistic Understanding. Translated and simplified, a little 2 dimensional man tries to prove, while thinking 2 dimensionally, that a claim made by a 3 dimensional man, is all hogwash. The little 2 dimensional man says that the other man is clearly crazy-delusional, and that there is no such a thing as that which the 3 dimensional man claimed there to be. In other words, the petite 2 dimensional man does not think that anything can exist or happen that is beyond his present knowledge, and so the 2 dimensional man closes shop and wishes to see and hear no more from the 3 dimensional man.


Looking back at Fig. 1, Fig. 2, and Fig. 3, the primitive mind type in Fig. 1 can be viewed as being out of focus, and Fig. 3 being much closer to reaching a perfect focus.  In Fig. 3, the persons consciousness is almost in perfect focus, but perceives 2 units of data as being 1 unit of knowledge.   Fig. 1, on the other hand, has perceived 7 units of data as being 1 unit of knowledge, placing 7 important units of data, OUT OF FOCUS.


Along with the fact that the knowledge levels that one acquires over time will displace you from the foundation or ground based truth, if there is even a single error in your collection of ( O )lder ( K )nowledge ( U )nits, this can lead to the complete mind being in error. And so once again, the mind is OUT OF FOCUS. You may say that an error is an error, and that this is straight forward and obvious, yet when arguments are made with those who have such errors, the probability is high that they will argue against you with circular arguments. Circular arguments can not occur if the thinking is flawless, but can and will occur if the mind is detached from the foundation significantly enough, be it by error or by displacement, such that the mind feels as though it has no need at all to have any connections to any supporting external information.

To them, the internal ( Their Mind ), is larger than the external ( Reality ).

If not attached to the foundation, it is possible for the mind to surround and deceive itself such that an argument actually seems to have been won from this limited detached point of view. These minds can then become permanently isolated from any further accumulation of facts, all due to having previously substituted facts with flaws, thus creating a mental barrier.

" Do not DECEIVE yourselves.
If any one of you thinks he is wise by the standards of this age,
he should become a "fool" so that he may become wise."
  (1 Cor 3:18)

The second method of detaching oneself from a foundation such that one may practice circular arguments on a daily basis, is the use of BELIEFS. The BELIEFS, which are suspended in the air away from any foundation, allow a continuous delusional state of mind to be created and maintained. Psychiatrists, for instance, are taught to gladly accept a multitude of beliefs as part of their education. So much so, that they oppose any challenge by others for them to prove that these beliefs are not flawed beliefs. However, they are willing to say that the patient is experiencing "false beliefs", meaning, the Doctor is saying that his or her own beliefs are stronger, faster, etc., and that somehow the Gap produced by each of their beliefs being displaced from a foundation, is a special GAP, an educated GAP. To them, one empty void, one Gap, may be much more valuable than another empty void, so valuable that the empty void is not an empty void at all to them, but is fact, it is real, the gap IS filled, it simply IS !


But an empty GAP is an empty GAP !
A GAP can not be educated !
There is no such a thing as an educated GAP !

Many people however, including Doctors, " Believe " that this is not so.

This form of thinking leads to severely limited periods of observation. Those who wish to have the final but negative say concerning the design of reality, know exactly what the length of understanding is that is required to completely understand why reality is as it is, and to know what negative or positive plans can be set to become a reality in the long run. At the same time, since their intentions are negative, they do NOT want anyone to know of such information. Therefore if someone knows of such information, then writes a web site such as this one, those who read it will most likely jump to a conclusion long before having read its entirety. The point I am making here is that the length of this web site is based on the amount of information required for the TRUTH to be understood. If you can not read it all before analyzing it, then the TRUTH can not and will not be seen by you. Also the web site is written using simple words, partially because this ensures that you are kept as close to the foundation of truth as possible !

Those who are detached from reality and practice circular arguments, those who practice Obsessive Compulsive Certainty Disorder (OCCD), and those who completely close their eyes to truth and completely replace truth with religious " Faith " and " Belief ", all will not open their minds long enough to see the truth.


Their response to my upcoming Bible ELS Codes is totally predictable. However, those who are capable of observing this entire website, and analyze it not until after doing so, will obviously NOT RESPOND at all to the Bible ELS Codes, for if doing so, they know that the observation period will have been broken. The truth exposed by this web site will then be broken into two halves. A half a truth is not a truth. Therefore, a half a truth is one of the halves of that truth that has been divided by two, plus ERROR since it is truth no longer.


By understanding the physics of the Relativistic and Holistic planes of reality, you will also understand that there can be no trip to a so called Heaven in real time, without the innocent being condemned and tortured by the guilty, unless this route is blocked by the truth of this plan becoming known of, thus allowing the positive plan to go forth instead. Both plans are magnifications of RELATIVE DISPLACEMENT. Truth related to Truth does not provide any displacement. Truth being present throughout both a Heaven and a Hell will not only prevent any displacement, but will prevent the very existence of the Heaven and the Hell since absolute truth is ONE, not two. Even when concerning the positive plan, a method of confinement from the complete truth is required to maintain separation. Basically in this case it is based upon positive minds being separated from negative minds due to neither thinking alike. Thus it becomes a very dicey warfare at hand since separation is intended by both sides.

Science, Religion, Torture, Schizophrenia, Mind Control, ........... are you beginning to understand the connections ?   To possibly spark some interest, we will soon check the BIBLE CODE ELS information I have provided. It should give you a rough idea as to what the Holistic had pre-planned, and help you understand why it is that many Victims claim to be special, why they claim to be chosen by a GOD character.   Doctors, as they practice their own god complex, say that these claims of being special are due to the persons delusional state of mind, and that this is all there is to it, end of story. But believe it, or don't believe it as usual, Victims do make these claims for a reason. They have been exposed to variety of forms of proof that they are not simply being in contact with themselves or their own imagination, but are definitely in contact with others which are not of this world. Those who are not of this world nor of this universe that you are aware of, enjoy making fools of people in this manner, but they also make fools of them with a pre-planned multitude of reasons.

If someone such as myself knows exactly what is actually taking place, then that person will be surrounded by circumstances that to the others will immediately throw the person into the category of " He thinks he is SPECIAL", all thanks to the Holistic having deliberately arranged these simple but always effective convincing surroundings. The job is then complete. The person is permanently ignored. Further truth is then handed to that person by the Holistic, and the Holistic laugh because not only will not one other person on the planet believe a single word spoken by such a person, but no one else will even bother to listen. Again, this means that if there truly is a " Special Person " then it is the rule of today to ignore the person in particular to the power of absolute. Of course because this is your way of thought and behavior, the importance of what I have just stated means absolutely nothing to you.

However, the BIBLE CODE ELS info, which speaks for itself and has not come from my mouth nor my imagination, should be able to bypass such absolute stupidity and ignorance by revealing a sufficient number of code patterns which clearly can not occur in any way at all just by chance.

It is to be noted that the Jesus Christ SPECIAL character is often being used by the Holistic as a accumulative distraction. By forcing Victims to claim to be Jesus Christ or some other famous character, each occurrence will pull the observers further away from the facts that are to be observed, pull them further away from singularities that are to be observed, pull them further and further away from understanding the truth of the situation by strengthening and perfecting again and again their ability to jump to foolish and idiotic juvenile conclusions. In truth, there is a relation between a Jesus Christ and one who knows all. Therefore if one, such as the Holistic, wishes no other to open the path that leads to the know all, then the Jesus Christ " SPECIAL CHARACTER " distraction, will surely do the trick. The Simple Minded will focus their attention towards the topic of the " SPECIAL CHARACTER DELUSION ", therefore preventing them from focusing their minds in the exact opposite direction towards the biggest singularity of all, being the singularity of absolute truth.

All the following information is accurate, and may be verified if you have, or purchase, Bible ELS code finding software.

Go ahead and see if you can prove that the numbers are just coincidental.

There is a $100,000 cdn reward for the person who can prove that the numbers are just coincidental.

Go to > [ BIBLE CODE ELS ]           

If the response to the BIBLE CODE ELS listings is, " This guy is a Delusional Lunatic ! ", then again I say that obviously you are not -Thinking -, but instead you are only - Responding -, just as it has been arranged for you to do, arranged by those presently in the Governing position. Remember, it is obvious that if you can't prove that your conclusion is correct, then you have defined yourself instead, you have defined yourself as the so called " Delusional Lunatic ! ".

This site is not about me claiming to be anything or anyone in particular, since that achieves nothing but focusing on character.   No, this web site is written to present only the FACTS.   It is not to create grounds for Character Assassination, even though the Holistic would prefer it to be that way. However, if you have JUMPED to a conclusion of this nature, then you are reaching certainty while not having any facts to support your certainty. The equation for certainty clearly calls for all the facts to be present. However, this can be overcome if partial insanity is included within the equation. If this is the case, then a path leading to certainty will be created, and will bypass the need for having solid facts nor a sane mind. Simply put, ERROR will have been permitted.

Often people have a fall back explanation for this behavior. The explanation is that they simply " BELIEVE "   that   " This guy is a Lunatic ! ". Once again, the equation for certainty is tampered with, therefore allowing the bypass of having any need for having any solid facts within the equation. They therefore allow a " Belief " to rule over them, to over-rule truth itself.


And so we hear of statements such as " He is a troubled person ! " or " This person is mentally ill ! " and so on and so on. Within each statement is the word " IS ", which once again expresses COMPLETE , FINAL and FACTUAL CERTAINTY !

Again, if this is the case, then they who make such a statement are therefore able to supply all the facts needed to support this flawless claim. Or as I said before, they have added a patch of insanity into their equation of certainty. They close their minds and say wrong is right. Naturally, after decades of this - RESPONDING -, meaning giving the complete allowance of the accumulation of - ERRORS - within one's mind, one who thinks in this manner will also not expect any negative outcome to have arisen as the consequence of having made all of these continuous - ERRORS -. Thinking is not included within this responsive behavior, nor can flawless thinking be practiced within a mind that is now composed of - ERRORS -.  And so on they go, making the same old responsive statements " This guy is a Lunatic ! ", " This guy is Crazy ! ", all screaming outwardly " I wish to proceed onward with the typical primitive brain dead responsive behavior when subjects of this nature are at hand. ".

The point is that it should be crystal clear to anyone with an IQ greater than that of a mature cucumber, that the probabilities of this encoded information hidden within the Bible, are clearly not favoring the chance of just being coincidental. I have revealed this information to prove to you that the relativistic plane of reality is not the only plane of reality that I have existed within. If you think not, or should I say -respond not -, then please place all the facts on paper that both support your certainty and clear mindedness. Remember that each fact that you place on paper, must connect to at least two other facts for this collection of facts to produce a closed loop, and therefore a flawless loop of certainty. Or if necessary, do the math to determine the probabilities of such occurrences being present within this book called the Bible.

If the information on this web site is ignored, then I promise you, the TRUTH will NEVER ever be seen by mankind. This means that mankind will ALWAYS be deceived, and there will always be nothing that can be done about it. Understand that the original seeing of the complete truth can only be done by one person. There is only room for one to see truth from point zero and outward. From then onwards only slightly less than the complete truth can be shared with others by that one person. Whoever this one person who receives it is, it does not matter, because this person is set up not to be believed. Society does not allow such uniqueness. Society will only listen to the one who can perform magic miracles, the one that can put on a spectacular show. Unique oneness is not acceptable but instead becomes a " Delusion of Grandeur ", the acceptable description of one of the components of the so called Schizophrenia. This is how such barriers between you and the truth were constructed. Simply put, no one is to be listened to when revealing the truth concerning the vast unknown, unless this person can perform miracles, and of course a miracle is only a miracle if the TRUTH behind this miracle is kept hidden from those who see it occur. Meaning, society will only accept truth handed to them by those who wish to keep it hidden. Logically translated, society will only accept DECEITFULNESS and nothing but DECEITFULNESS.

However, if you have chosen to be foolish no more, then patterns such as the following, will begin to make some sense to you.



Does God (156) and number 6 perhaps ring a few bells ?  Looks like a Bible code layout doesn't it. Check the X-FILES series titled as ' ROLAND ' and you will find these numbers scribbled on a sheet of paper by roland the mentally handicapped JANITOR character. ENGLISH CODE (6), Roland + Janitor = 906.
Truth = 522 = Janitor.   Title of X-File series #
 ( 117 ) is ' THE END '.   The end of truth perhaps ?

Does number ( 117 ) ring a bell ?
Do you remember ' Bruce Almighty '.   Do you remember GOD the JANITOR.



Are you familiar with the science fiction TV show called ' First Wave ' ?    A man, Cade Foster, has discovered a vast conspiracy.    Cade Foster then begins a desperate but hopeless plan to expose the truth and save mankind. Cade Foster is classified by his opponents as type ( 117 ). This type worries his opponents, as they do not seem able to control his mind as they can the minds of all others.
Does number 
( 117 ) ring that bell again ?


BIBLE 117  

Where is the Center of the Bible ?   It is Psalm ( 117 )

The longest word ( MAHERSHALALHASHBAZ )

Do numbers ( 66 )  ( 117 )  ( 156 )  ( 555 )  ( 822 ) ring any bells ?

A Beautiful Mind  

The John Forbes Nash character points at number 888 in the movie ' A Beautiful Mind ', the number 888 that for some reason was dead center on the panel of numbers to be decoded.   Does 888 ring a bell ? These are just a few examples, but if you memorize the numbers of importance that I have exposed to you, how often they pop up, and where they pop up, just may surprise you. Those who are in the Holistic plane of reality are running the show and they play games with what we thought was our reality. Many of these games are deadly games that can not be stopped if the truth is buried for bad.

The foolish see the above few examples as small and meaningless. Of course this also means that the foolish do not believe that a house can be constructed since it is constructed out of small and meaningless bricks. Or perhaps they make occasional exceptions. In most cases the foolish do not believe that a construct can be real until that very last small and meaningless brick is put in its place. To them it is as though an entire construct MUST be invisible until that last brick is gently put in its place, all while at the same time they do whatever they can to prevent any construction from being completed. The foolish live in a very small world, they think in black and white, and they are completely incapable when it comes to lateral thinking, and without that lateral thinking one can not see the big picture known as ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

Without lateral thinking, the best they can do is become experts in specific fields, and therefore each one of them becomes trapped in a specific corner. Instead of being able to look across vast distances of understandings, they are limited to looking downward upon others. This is their accomplishment. And so, they assume that someone such as myself simply has nothing but a colorful imagination. Again and again and again again they have achieved certainty without having any facts to support their certainty, hence they have practiced the socially acceptable form of insanity published by the experts themselves.

It is to be noted that the existence of Adam and Eve does not agree with theories of evolution, and does so for a reason. It is also to be noted that nothing spectacular has occurred all at once at one point in time sending people to the heavens, because in actual fact it has occurred but it has occurred across time and is only seen as occurring all at once from the Holistic plane of reality. What I am saying is that the two planes of reality are as different as different can be, and that elimination of these differences would lead to total destruction. Therefore, one can say that whatever is mentioned within the Bible is not the exact truth as you see truth from this side of reality, meaning that your relativistic interpretation is " Different " from the Holistic truth. Much of what is mentioned within the bible is that seen from a four dimensional point of view, not a real time point of view. Meanwhile, Satan's side attempted the creation of the gigantic holistic Adam character, and FAILED. In Satan's plan, yes the Jesus Christ character was to, and did, die due to mere physical suffering, and was to claim all the glory, while in the future background it was to be another who had to experience boundless suffering, and it was he who was to be truly known of by no one, it was he who was to be, and is being, perceived as being the absolute opposite of his true self, all this being possible thanks to deception and mans willingness to live joyfully within it. Thus two truthful characters are shot down and a false Christ takes all the glory.

The crucifixion of Jesus Christ is also in many ways a theatrical representation of what was yet to come. Again, what is mentioned within the Bible does not always relate to real time events. It often refers to events as seen from the other side where one is able to look across time. These misinterpretations between real time events and holistic events, can throw you way off track. What was yet to come then becomes non-existent to you, since in your mind it has already happened. Everything becomes twisted. In your mind, the Anti-Christ is the Christ, and the Christ is the Anti-Christ, and so on. All that is required to determine who is who, is the examination of reality itself, yet instead you choose to ignore such a truth. In the Bible it is stated that all mankind will be deceived, but by not understanding reality from the Holistic all time all place point of view, you assume that this statement refers to a future event rather than an event that WILL occur, an event that is in progress, an event that is being maintained by the very you and your BELIEFS.

Hear is another puzzle for you.   What does the devils tail represent ?   Why must the Devil character have a tail ?   Well, to create a reality, it can not be entirely truthful because truth related to truth equals zero. However, truth related to lies equals something. In a structure known as reality, the truth on our side is much smaller than what exists on the other side. In Satan's case, he wishes to guide us via his lies. The greater the magnitude of these lies, relative to the truth, the greater that the something that is now created becomes. The bigger the magnitude of selfish greed that one has, the greater the size one wishes to make these lies become. But time ticks, and the truth begins to catch up with the lies by recognizing them for what they TRULY are. More lies are then manufactured. And so truth has more catching up to do, constantly trailing behind the ever growing lies, hence the name " Devils Tail ". But if not aware of this deception, it becomes the Devil character that becomes known as the God character, " The Godhead ", and the God character is perceived to be the ever lying Devil character.

Jesus Christ, on the other hand, was an honest person, and he served the purpose of holding on to the grand truth such that mankind is not led in the direction which favors the success of Satan's deceptive plan.

Taking the Holistic side of reality into account as well is what helps one see a much larger meaning behind an event. For instance, not that long ago I correctly predicted the heads or tails outcome of coin flipping a total of 27 times in a row. It was not the 28th coin flip that stopped the sequence of correct predictions, but the 27th flip was simply the last flipping of the coin. No mistakes were made and it would have gone on and on and on if I had continued. The odds favoring the occurrence of such a sequence of 27 correct predictions, is only 1 in 134,217,728.   Of course today by looking at the bigger picture I understand exactly how and why this occurred, and therefore also know that it was not of my direct doing. The reason that I eventually stopped flipping the coin was due to one of my two witnesses, two university grads, had chosen to bet that I would eventually fail and also had decided to keep doubling his bet each time that I had succeeded. As the number of correct predictions increased, he began to sweat heavily. It was here after coin flipping number 27, where I stopped, laughed, and informed him that he owed me nothing at all.

This bizarre occurrence also relates to another event of another time. A sudden spark occurred within a defective motorcycle battery that was being recharged. The spark caused the battery to explode while at that time the battery was still in my hands. Pieces of the battery were stuck in the walls that surrounded me, but the explosion did not harm me at all. Yes there was blood on my hands, but after washing my hands there was not a cut to be found. At that time it seemed miraculous, but today it is understood.

Then there is the time, the lengthy 7 year period, when the one who was playing the so called false God character, had tortured me to the point such that I had no choice but to end my own life. At that point it was break down and give in to their absolute brutal wrongfulness, or die. Naturally this was not a choice condition, because if I had actually reached this point of breaking down, then I would be " I " no longer. To be transformed into one of them, is the worst possible event that could ever happen to a person across all eternity.

In your struggle against sin, you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood.   (Heb 12:4)

This quote obviously does not apply to me. 2 - 1/2 days later, my eyes opened once again, while lying in my own blood.   Was I actually dead during those two and a half days ?   Did I rise from the dead on the third day ?     Either way, it's hard to be believed isn't it !    What a coincidence that they forced such a familiar incident to occur.

I speak of these experiences in a casual tone, because I know that speaking of them on a one to one scale would mean absolutely nothing to you, since the actual magnitude of both my suffering and the scope of reality that I have been exposed to, simply cannot fit within your mind while it is in its present mind state. At the same time, this 2 - 1/2 day event that was forced to occur, contributes to the popular " Jesus Christ Delusion " dismissal routine. As I have said before, those on the Holistic side who choose negative acts, also have no limits. This applies to doing whatever is necessary such that words of truth are always dismissed and replaced by foolishness as the result of whatever means are possible. To me, the Jesus Christ figure, means nothing at all. What is of interest and importance to me, is TRUTH. Therefore, unlike you, I do not place the value of a mere figure above Truth, for I know all too well that this can not occur in a sane mind.

But those who I will just refer to as the "Holistic" from now on, wish to bury all truths, and so they place much truth in the hands of one. His name is encoded within the Bible in a manner that is associated with Jesus Christ, but the Holistic then take advantage of this to make an absolute fool of him in front of the public eye. It's so easy for them to do such a thing, is it not! They have so much control of you, don't they. You have so little control of yourself, do you not.

But torturing me for several years and forcing me to take my own life, is still only a mere fragment of what they have done to me over the last 41 years of my 51 years of life. The rest, even if being described in a technical and condensed format, still requires 8 pages, or 4,036 words. Their intention was to make my life, which is a life of a person who would not even harm a fly, be turned into a life of misery, humiliation, degradation, and sheer agony, and for all of this to continue onward until the day I die, unless I chose to accept their sick and twisted terms.

Once again, uniqueness of this nature is NOT allowed. As I said, the Holistic have arranged false examples of claims of uniqueness time and time again, such that in YOUR MIND, any form of uniqueness is eternally banned from truthfulness.

Your wrongful conclusions permit the Holistic to do whatever they want in the hidden backgrounds that you created by displacing yourselves from truth. In the typical Victims mind over and over is the statement " This can't be happening. This can't be happening. This can't be happening. This can't be happening. .....". What actions the Holistic take are also so brutal that it is beyond belief in the mind of the Victim even as it is occurring. And so how is it going to be possible to convince others of such a truth, when the magnitude of wrongfulness has been raised to such an extreme ?

The scale of the Holistic lies outside of all the limitations of our reality, the Relativistic reality,
and so the brutality also lies outside of such limitations. This contributes to the construction
of the endless dilemma that the Victims have to hopelessly deal with.

It is arranged for some of the Victims NOT to be exposed to the entirety of the situation, and it is they who speak of their personal experience with acceptance of it being the result of an illness called Schizophrenia, spoken of after they have " Recovered ".

Therefore, if some of the Victims " recover " from the so called " Illness ", thanks to the use of medication, it is then believed that Schizophrenia actually is a mental illness, and that this is all that is needed, and ever will be needed, to support such a conclusion. In other words, this is not actually a recovery at all, since it is a false illness to begin with. However, in your mind, one example says all, but at the same time if you find several counterfeit 20 dollar bills, you do not assume that all other 20 dollar bills are also counterfeit. Again, this is the result of split minded relativistic thinking, producing radically different conclusions, while all that differs is the context of the two common situations.

These are the basics. The negative Holistic project their lies from their huge Holistic plane of reality into the eyes and ears of those in the Relativistic plane of reality who have chosen to keep their blinders on 24 hours a day and turn their backs towards truth. The innocent person, who holds the truth while in the Relativistic plane of reality, desperately attempts to release the truth to all. End result is a truthful character up against an entire world population of Disbelievers / Believers, all who therefore simply refuse to accept truth nor have any interest in it at all. Naturally, to hold the Truth, one MUST be innocent. Naturally to hold onto anything else, one MUST be guilty to some degree. Perhaps that is why the innocent are so disgusted, so disappointed, and so stunned after discovering the horrendous, atrocious, and boundlessly wrongful acts practiced by some of those present in the Holistic plane of reality, that they will do what ever they can in attempting to permanently destroy these particular huge SADISTIC LYING HOLISTIC.

Darn frustrating to be living in a world that is full of people who insist upon supporting the concept of Divide and Conquer rather than Unite and Concur. And so on it goes, to win a feeling of winning and defeating others, people classify

themselves as the Powerful and the others as weak,
themselves as the Intellectual and the others as inferior,
themselves as the Sane and the others as Insane,
themselves as the "xxxx" and the others as "yyyy".

It is a heck of away to permanently bury the singularity of TRUTH !

Now just think of what the innocent had to endure as they tried to find the complete truth. Put yourself in the shoes of those who speak in Truths. The closer to the truth they move, the closer to the Holistic they become. They are then tortured by the opponents to displace their remains further from that truth. The more that they practiced innocence, again the closer to truth they become, and the more they are tortured by the opponents. The more pain they suffer, the more sympathy they felt for others who have suffered and the more they tried to help the others. The more sympathy they had for the others and the more they tried to help the others, again the more they are tortured. The greater the magnitude of righteousness within them, the greater the magnitude of the torture that is thrown at them. The harder they searched for the truth behind it all, the deeper they were buried in a pit of agony. The more, the more ,the more , the more ................... . It just goes on and on and on and on. On top of that, they are surrounded by other Victims that they have no contact with, others who are also isolated from each other, others who know not of each other, others who are also all punished, each brutally punished for their good deeds. For them, no good deed goes unpunished !

Each of these isolated Victims can not understand what possibly could have been done wrong by them or by anyone that could justify such brutal torture that lies far beyond being murdered. They improve themselves further and further such that the torment will come to a stop, but instead, the better they become, the worse it becomes for them !   And to top it off, the entire world has been deceived such that many religionists believe them to be evil and or sinful people rather than what they truly are, and the remainder believe that the Victims are insane or psychotic. Simply put, nothing could be any worse than what it is for these people.

Remember that if one has a plan to destroy all goodness and destroy all truth, such that some may exist in an eternally free paradise at the expense of the innocent paying the bill, then someone must give the OK for allowing the break down of all goodness and truth to begin such a process. Take advantage of what is. First allow the presentation of the ten commandments. Allow the awareness of an ongoing human weakness known as sin, to grow over time. Allow this to become an acceptable excuse for individuals to commit sins, because they have been told that it is not a fault of their own creating. Then, for maintenance purposes, proceed to allow their sins to be forgiven, such that they may carry on with more. Simply prevent them from realizing that sins were to be forgiven such that they will change their habits for the better in the long run.

The OK is accepted, the breakdown has begun, and the breakdown has begun to grow. Death of the Innocence equals the birth of the Guiltiness. The birth of a Lie equals the death of a Truth.

In truth, it requires almost no effort at all to not be a so called sinner. Only the incredibly weak who are in the worst of the worst of the worst situations would break down when it came to the point of sin or die. This is the case because only the weak could not foresee the benefits that would be acquired over time if all people were sinless.

But, for the nasty plan to go forth, one must also not forget the truly innocent people, the innocent people who have not been deceived thanks to their minds being focused upon truths and not upon beliefs. Because they can not be deceived, they must be destroyed or corrupted, so say the planners. Further on down on this page under the title [ THEY ARE WATCHING YOU ! ] is access to further details of what endless Hell and humiliation the innocent people are subjected to, and don't forget that all of this is done through the use of Event control that is done from the Holistic plane of reality, meaning these are the results of Holistic Events practiced by those who choose negative acts in the Holistic plane of reality.

It is most unfortunate, but if you have been targeted, and you choose not to join up with those who have brutally murdered so many, then they will proceed to destroy your life, to set you up such that you appear to be crazy, goofy, out of control, insane, incapable, lazy, introverted, always assumed to be wrong, in general they will make a fool of you in every way that is possible. You now have the title ' Schizophrenic ' stamped on your forehead by society, you are now no longer accepted as being a Human Being, your words are now of less value than no value at all, and each of your words will now be used against you. If you are lucky, then you will be a show piece. You too will have Schizophrenia stamped on your forehead, but you will be allowed to appear to recover such that you, and your Psychiatrist, and all other show pieces, can preach to the world that recovery of the " Mental Illness " is possible, and therefore, clearly to the world and all its people, it is assumed that it MUST truly be a mental illness after all.

Those present in the negative side of the Holistic plane of reality, which is also of infinite size therefore giving infinite power, swat Humans as though each human has no more value than that of a single fly. Absolute Power does Corrupt Absolutely. If I call them 'Mass Murdering Maniacs', it may sound extreme, but it would not sound extreme to those who are now dead, or the others who are now under the Holistic Gun and are much worse off than just being dead !

What else is active that prevents people from seeing the truth, not seeing it as it is pressed up against the tip of their nose?   Under normal circumstances, mental behavior is a three step sequential process, Observe-Analyze-Conclude, and so the dangers involved are not extreme as long as this sequencing functions properly. What dangers, you say?  Each frame of the mind is perfected to its own specific kind. Therefore if used outside of the sequential process, intellectually it is now of low grade, and is not reliable at all, now being on its own.

Observe - Analyze - Conclude

To keep you from the truth, a little trick pulled by those in the Governing position that you know nothing of, done by using a method that you know nothing of, is to actually place your mind in a specific " CONCLUSIVE " state of mind even before you were exposed to an Observation nor an Analysis of one. The identity of " YOU ", exists within all of these three states of the mind, yet each state of the mind is different than the other. And so when " YOU " are placed in the conclusive state of mind, you will not even know that it happened because " YOU " are still " YOU " relative to the " YOU " that is identified within the zone of the brain where the " CONCLUSIVE " " YOU " exists.

For example, if you turn on your TV and you are then catching the middle of a standup comedy show, you may be wondering why the audience is laughing so profusely, when to " YOU ", the jokes do not appear to be that funny. This is because " YOU " are not in the same frame of mind as the audience is now in after watching a complete half of the show. If you also attended the show, " YOU " too would be laughing while in this other frame of mind. And so One of " YOU " would laugh, and another One of " YOU " would not laugh. The jokes are still the same and have not changed at all, yet your response has. The "YOU" is defined slightly differently depending upon which part of the brain that flexible "YOU" is making use of. My point is that there are many frames of the mind, and each will create a different judgment of a common situation. As I said, some of these frames of the mind are designed to be accessed in a sequential order, and are not dependable if used individually just as the Holistic may force them to become, and all this is taking place whilst the particularly selected "YOU", despite being a different "YOU", is still is a "YOU", therefore making this change that was arranged by the Holistic, a completely undetectable change !



But, getting back to brutality practiced by the Holistic, many people lose everything, including their life. Others do actually gain more than you know is possible, due to using the others as stepping stones, which is why the others lose everything!  Those whom are used to death, are destroyed in a manner that these Governors find amusing, despite the fact that it is deadly. The Governors do so because they can get away with whatever they want, because they can do it from a position that you have known nothing of. They do it behind your backs because they know you would obviously not approve of it. Those who are in this Governing position have designed this reality such that YOU can not escape it without someone else being carefully destroyed under the false title " Sacrificed ". People whose style of thinking is heading them in the direction of understanding both the reality you are aware of, and beyond it, are being disposed of, or made to look like fools and or people in a Psychotic state of mind. They too become mere stepping stones.

If you are a victim, therefore suffering from Schizophrenia or feel that you are under Mind Control, then don't bust your brains trying to figure out WHY you are being persecuted, because in actual fact, you have done nothing wrong. If you are a victim, and you are being made a fool of in front of the world, then don't bust your brains trying to figure out WHY, because in actual fact, you have done nothing to justify such an act.  It is a setup!  It is to do with the function of Relative Displacement, and as I stated previously, it is an attempt to allow Lies to over rule Truth, and to maximize the distance between the two sets of lies.   I call it " garbage dumping ".   It is an attempt of the criminal minded in the Holistic plane of reality, to dump blame and attach blame onto the innocent, to blame others for their own crimes and get off with their crimes scot-free, and have the ability to continue these nasty acts for as long as necessary until they become the so called Holy and pure. You see, relativity is the seed of creation, and therefore there is no choice but to start with good AND bad. And so if you care about only yourself, have no respect for others at all, and worship pure GREED, then you proceed to dump all of the negativities that are within you, upon others such that they are your negativities no longer. You then have created Heaven for yourself, and Hell for the others. In today's slang, you could say that the Pigs win and the Big Hearted lose. This is one of the many possible ways in which the structure of reality can be taken advantage of.

You as a Victim are being tortured to enormous magnitudes and then are being accused of some crime or sin which now falsely appears to be incredibly serious due to the association with such enormous magnitudes of torture or punishment. This is continued on and on until you the Victim begin to feel guilt. This Guilt is then used to attach what you have been accused of, directly to you. At the time that this is done, the crime committed by those whom are torturing you is the exact same crime that you are being accused of. This may sound impossible since one would expect the victim to be aware of the actions being thrown upon them being the same as the accusations, but the bitter means do exist to make such an improbable become possible.

Also you are being tortured as much as possible, and the crime committed against you is to be the worst crime possible, all to ensure that the magnitude of so called Holiness gained by the torturer, is of the best achievable level. Details are discussed on page 7.

Those who are not victimized must understand that it is a massive multi-dimensional GUILT trip that is thrown at the tortured Victims, the Schizophrenics, as you call them. Even police in this relativistic plane of reality have managed to cause groups of men to admit being guilty of a murder crime that they did not commit. This creating of false confessions, is an everyday practice done by those within the Holistic plane of reality, all done with intellect which is basically INFINITE in size and complexity in comparison to human intellect, therefore making the job easy and straight forward. You may hear of some Victims saying that all those who surround them are liars. Again, this does not happen without reason, and just because you are darn good at coming to conclusions without reason, does not mean that this applies to everyone. Because of this deceitfulness, others who have moved to the Holistic plane of reality, directly or by death, now think that the innocent are far from being innocent. It becomes a complete reversal, the innocent are guilty, and the guilty become the innocent. Yes, one now has enormous deceitful powers in the Holistic plane of reality with this arrangement, but of course it is power of the worst and most dangerous kind. This is what can be achieved if TRUTH is buried, and deceit is continued. THIS IS WHAT HAS BEEN ACHIEVED by hiding the truth so far. This is the easy but brutal way of creating a Heaven. Or, one may choose the other way, the way which requires time and effort, the way in which ALL will eventually reach a Heaven.

The result of the Truth being buried, is the splitting of the Absolute Holistic Truth, into Relativistic fragments which therefore leads to incomplete and separate explanations of common causes. And so out comes, Schizophrenia , Mind Control , God - Devil , Relativity - Quantum Mechanics , Justice - Freedom , MK ULTRA , Stalking , Corrupt Implant Torture , Harassment , Microwave Neuromagnetic Mind Control Torture , Global Government Psychotronic Weapons , Human Guinea Pigs , the " Psycho " reporting mind control done by the CIA , FBI , and the NSA , the NWO New World Order , the Illuminati , the 9/11 911 cover up, Coverup Terrorism , Corruption , Conspiracy , Bullying , etc.. all not being the truth, but instead are merely Fragments, Fragments, Fragments, Fragments, Fragments, Fragments, ....... ...... ...... ............. .

In this fragmented incomplete reality, you are forced to believe, and unfortunately people tend to still practice belief even as adults.

If you believe, and stick to belief, then you can never see TRUTH, for you have replaced it with Belief !

If you have limits, then you can never reach the TRUTH, for TRUTH lies beyond them !

If you find the truth, then they cannot destroy you, but they can and will make everyone who knows you, or knows of you, to think of you as the so called Psychotic crazy delusional person. However, if the Truth is not revealed, then the limits are maintained, and lives will continue to be destroyed, and so called " suicides " will continue to not just be powerfully provoked, but be arranged to occur no matter what, and arranged such that the Victim his or herself becomes the deadly gun. From the small minded point of view, this is seen as the " suicide ", and is not recognized for what it truly is, pure MURDER.

To Believe, is a temporary necessity to make learning possible at an early age. It is the act of accepting without understanding, and one uses this practice until one has progressed to the point of having a developed mind that can question. If a Doctor claims that someone is Psychotic, and you accept this, this simply means that you were incapable of reaching the level of maturity required to question the word of others, and have chosen to bow to their words instead. To take the power of an adult mind, and to still make decisions based solely on beliefs or floating ideas that have no attachment to a foundation of truth, is highly dangerous. And so, if those in the Governing position that I speak of, also keep the lessers still Believing and not questioning, then lessers will be kept from reaching proper maturity, they will be permanently detached from a foundation of truth, and they will basically be puppets. And since those in the Governing position that I speak of, have actually kept the lessers still Believing and not questioning, this is why the majority of today's decisions are still based on beliefs and or assumptions.

" Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth "   -- Albert Einstein

To Believe, is a limitation. If one instead tags information with probability ratings of it being true or false, then over time one acquires a vast collection of linear ratings of knowledge units. This produces a further and dramatic advancement of ones intellect. Or, one may choose to stick to Belief and Disbelief such that one advances to intellectual level of a computer, meaning advancing no further than 1's and 0's, or mere Beliefs and Disbeliefs, rather than developing linear understandings that fill the gray area that lies between the crude and simple black and white 1's and 0's.

Once having read the following pages, you will understand the massive size of this governing position, the massive size of the intellect present within this governing position, and you will understand its form of consciousness that is TOTALLY unrelated to our own. By understanding the Governing Dynamics  of our Reality and theirs, this too will help you expand your understanding of the multi-purpose reasons behind forcing many people to be perceived of as Psychotic people, and as I said, why it is that others still practice the primitive mental function known as Belief.   I must therefore also clarify the definitions of Belief, Psychotic, and Delusional.   So hang in there, and read on.

Note: Repetition of some facts presented in this web site may cause you to dismiss ALL that is stated on this web site, since you are programmed to reject everything if there is a case of repetition, even though repetition is often performed to enhance awareness of a topic if such a topic is ignored or is of no great importance when stated only once.

The Psychotic

As I stated, one must wake up and realize that the majority of those who have been titled as Psychotic are actually Victims, and you must understand EXACTLY what is required to make this possible. These Victims, 1% of the population, are described by the masses as " CRAZY " and or " PSYCHOTIC ", despite the fact that logic says that to do so, one must be able to define a " NON-CRAZY " and a " NON-PSYCHOTIC " conscious mind. If one can define it completely and therefore properly, then obviously one knows how to create a living and thinking normal conscious mind by knowing the structure required to create consciousness, since this is required to define it properly in the first place. If one does not have this reference, yet still classifies others as " CRAZY " and or " PSYCHOTIC ", then this means that one has either a large mouth, PARTIAL INSANITY, is burdened with OCCD, an " OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE CERTAINTY DISORDER ", or is just plain FOOLISH.

People may find such bold statements insulting or offensive, yet calling someone " CRAZY " and or " PSYCHOTIC " is not an insult nor anything any worse of course, according to those very same people. To make such claims, such as classifying someone as being " CRAZY " and or " PSYCHOTIC " while not even having proof of knowing what such a thing is in the first place, is no different than, and perhaps worse than, using a gun to end this newly classified persons life. But, do people take this act of maybe destroying someones life in an instant, seriously?  NO, they think NOTHING of it !  To say that someone may possibly  be " CRAZY " and or " PSYCHOTIC ", is a radically different kind of statement, although, most people can't see this difference, despite it being an enormous difference! The Doctors observations are meant to be just the beginning of the quest of understanding, and not meant to be the path leading to an " OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE CERTAINTY DISORDER ".

Some of the victims do claim to be under Govern-mental Mind Control, but they still point at their home country and its government as the source, and of course the remainder are those who think they are suffering from a mental disorder, those who now have the title " SCHIZOPHRENIC " stamped on their forehead by their kind doctors and their impressive convincing. In each case it is still ASSUMED that the source is a Relativistic source, and this keeps you going in circles never reaching the actual source. But this is the way our reality has been guided to be, we place boxers in the ring and are very upset if one boxer is punched below the belt. However, not only is it allowed, but it is the basics of boxing, to punch the opponent in the head. Logic therefore says that to the many, clearly the value of testicles outweigh the value of the left and right brain hemispheres. As long as his testicles are still in working order, then there is nothing to worry about. The point I am making is this, things are not quite the way they should be, and it is your job also to ask why, rather than just being a FOOL who therefore, as a fool, accepts without questioning, approves of without questioning, and believes without questioning !

People with intellectual potential to see TRUTH, such as the children and grand children of philosopher Bertrand Russell, become Victims. People with intellectual potential to see TRUTH, such as one child of Albert Einstein, become Victims. The title " SCHIZOPHRENIC " was stamped on their foreheads, their lives were destroyed. Why ?

The answer should be straight forward to you by now. Explorative Intellect of this kind equals a focused mind, a focused mind equals the ability to see Truth, seeing Truth equals the ability to see both existing planes of reality, Relativistic and Holistic, seeing both planes of reality equals seeing the big boys, or GIANTS as they have been called, and seeing the ongoing nasty habits which are far worse than cold blooded murder. The big boys shut them down, or should I say shut them up.

Questions, questions, questions ! WHO, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, and HOW !

But the most important point is, WHERE THEY are !

THEY ???

Naturally, as soon as the word " They " is mentioned, the typical response is " Psychoooooooh ". " They " when mentioned outside of acceptable boundaries, is simply the outcome of creative Psychotic minds, according to mankind in general !


Both today's Scientific and Religious views of reality are incomplete, which is why there is still both a Scientific view and a Religious view of reality while REALITY is REALITY and therefore is a singularity and not a duality. Both need to be reexamined and then combined to create a total which is greater than the sum of the parts, such that one can find out where " THEY ", in the Governing position, actually are. If you can not resolve the (E)instein (P)odolsky (R)osen (EPR) Paradox, then you know not of the source, you know not of the location of those in the Governing position. If you can not explain what Einstein called " Spooky action at a distance ", then you know not of the source, you know not of the location of those in the Governing position. If you do not truly know what a Prophecy is, and therefore not know how a future can be predicted, then you know not of the source, you know not of the location of those in the Governing position. If you do not know the mechanics of a so called " Miracle ", then you know not of the source, you know not of the location of those in the Governing position.

This lack of knowledge keeps you directed away from knowing where ' THEY ' are.

The majority of those who have been allowed to try and help the people whom have been victimized by this Government, be it Titled as Mind Control or as Schizophrenia, all happen to have religious backgrounds and or practice OCCD. All of the information that they have been allowed to reveal to explain Mind Control and or Schizophrenia, is severely flawed due to all of it being based upon mere Relativistic principles and therefore having no inclusion at all of the Holistic principles. Obviously this was not intentionally done by them in particular, but how convenient it is for those chosen to have this allowance, to have such rights to speak, to also be religious believers and OCCD practitioners, since it is they who practice the art of belief and instant certainty, distancing themselves from having any interest in truth, and disabling themselves from even having the ability to see truth by closing the doors that lead to truth.

This keeps you directed away from knowing where ' THEY ' are.

These closed doors stop the flow of progress. For instance, they are the doors that are instantly closed if beliefs about the so called "GOD" are questioned by others. This prevents one from moving from these points known as beliefs, to actually reach the truth itself. This has not occurred by accident !  People with religious backgrounds, tend to BELIEVE that there is a being that is in a so called GODLY position, that practices POSITIVE miraculous acts. The other being, a negative being, is simply described as being evil, but no focus is given toward its practice of NEGATIVE miraculous acts. And so if the truth of such acts is presented to the religious believers, the cruel truth as to why they have been kept away from TRUTH and have not been allowed to speak TRUTH, they will reject the bad news in a flash! Those who present the Truth, are those who are INSTANTLY classified as being " EVIL " by the Believers, and as " PSYCHOTIC " by the OCCD practitioners. Questioning nothing, changing the subject, and turning one's back towards the TRUTH, is saying, " Let me be blind, let me stay blind ", but still this is the choice of many.

This keeps you directed away from knowing where ' THEY ' are.

But of course if you turn your back towards Truth, then you simply will not see it. The proof of this is flawless!   Hypothetically, if there is a true GOD, then he is not just part of TRUTH, he is TRUTH. Therefore, if you see TRUTH, then you shall see him right now. If you do not see him right now, then has belief worked for you, has faith worked for you ? You can not see him, for you have turned your back towards him, since you have chosen not to face Truth, but to face Belief instead. This can be confusing to those who do not know that Truth and Belief are totally unrelated. Truth simply IS, it exists, it is real !   Belief is just an arrow !   It can point you towards a fabrication, a fiction, or the Truth. If it points you towards the truth, then it points you toward the truth, meaning, you still have to move away from where you presently are located, to get to that truth. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine if the arrow was pointing you towards truth, or not, until you get there !  But still, many people jump onto the arrow, close their eyes, and say " Fire away ", hoping the arrow is heading towards something good.   The strong point to be noted is that,   TRUTH   IS   BEYOND   BELIEF !


Imagine the axis of your mind is facing East, and Truth being located at the north pole. Under this setting, you may Believe that the truth exists at the north pole, but you will not be able to directly see it. If you do not directly see it, then you can not know of its true composition. The further you go back in evolution, lets say facing West, the more dependent on belief the mind is, and the further away from truth the mind is. As time passes, as generations pass, the mind is moving closer and closer to facing truth, meaning the axis of the mind is rotating such that it is very close to seeing the truth but is still slightly dependent on belief. Many people these days insist upon accepting Beliefs such that they may be deceived, rather than continuing to evolve.     As I say, Truth IS beyond Belief.

I say, it is better to find the TRUTH, and walk the PATH of TRUTH.

If you disagree, and think that Belief is better than Truth, please send me an E-mail to explain yourself. Isn't it bizarre that if you live in a land where it is said your so called sins are forgiven, but at the same time this is so poorly understood, then you live in a land where you are allowed to fall off the path of truth, even before you knew you were on it. But then again, you are allowed to get back on to it, or, you may choose to stay off of it, and live in the land of BELIEF.

The specific design of this relativistic reality of ours, also forces everyone to increase the complexity of their knowledge and understanding when they search for answers. The more complex your thinking becomes, the further you are moving away from the simplicity of the answer, and because of this you are eventually lost in the details, you then give up and accept a belief in place of truth, all to place at least something at the dead end of this pursuit. Giving up, occurs at the time that the complexity overwhelms you and stops you in your tracks, stopping you before you realize the simplicity of the absolute all that lies beyond this complexity. The absolute all, or absolute truth, is a singularity, so despite its enormous size and all its contents, it has the simplicity of being a singularity. If you are able to extend your thinking all the way to this opposite end, to this other singularity, and not be stopped by fear, then you shall now understand ALL that resides between the two, which in this case is all that exists between a singular unit of truth, and the singular and final unit of absolute truth. Once done, one makes no mistakes in understanding at all, since now not one piece of the puzzle is missing, nor is one being HIDDEN by fear.


The definition of " DELUSIONAL " states that one is in a " delusional state of mind " if one is not in touch with reality. Both flawless logic and obviousness both determine that if one is truly in touch with reality, then one will truly know what reality is, and therefore how to create it.

The Logically deducted outcome,

      Knowing what reality is = Attached to reality

Those who are delusional are willing to close their eyes and pretend that nothing exists in-between the extremes, the extremes they reach by athletically jumping  to conclusions. To the sane, One plus One equals Two. However, those who believe, are those who are willing to set sanity to the side, and believe that one plus one equals what ever else they want it to be. The delusional are like sheep, and thanks to the insanity of this delusional state of mind, there is absolutely nothing that those who have arranged it all can not do with these sheep, or do to them. To believe is not a logical decision, but it is an emotional decision. The minds that are in this mind state of placing emotional decisions over logical decisions, will most likely respond to the above statements with a negative emotional reaction triggering an immediate rejection. This is the minds immediate response to maintain the same state of mind. The mind responds quickly, emotionally, and conclusively, all before the left logical hemisphere can kick in and provide a reliable and logical conclusion instead. Emotions have their place. Emotional decisions also have their place, but to allow the most important decisions you make in life, to be emotional decisions alone, is the big mistake.


This section is to help you understand the actual intentions of those in the negative Governing position, and how these intentions have been hidden, through Religions in the past, in a misleading and deceptive manner, creating a False image of their true intentions. At the same time there is the actual intentions of those in the positive Governing position, and how their true intentions can become difficult to see.

All of the following questions can be answered correctly by whom ??

Personally I believe in Equality, Honesty, and the practice of Truthfulness . In all three cases it is necessary to literally be- ON THE LEVEL -. In such cases we do not look down upon others, all are equal in a true God's eyes, right ? And so if this LEVEL is rotated 90 degrees such that it becomes vertical, instead we would now have Inequality, Dishonesty , and the practice of Lying. Thus if the Satan character began to rotate this reality of ours to favour inequality, separation would occur for the wrong reasons, and the Heaven and Hell produced in the long run, would be of a negative construct.

1) What is the true  purpose in the intent of having both a Heaven and a Hell ?

2) Since Heaven and Hell are vertically aligned, and therefore clearly can not contain Equality, Honesty, nor Truthfulness, but contain Inequality, Dishonesty, and the practice of Lying instead, then why are such places mentioned within the Bible ? 
If truthfulness was present in Heaven and Hell, and therefore having truth at the very foundation of Heaven and Hell since this is required to make this possible in the first place, then Heaven and Hell would become one, become one since both would be founded on truth and also because ABSOLUTE TRUTH is one!  If you disagree with this, then what is it that can keep the two of them apart ? Lies perhaps ! And why are they vertically aligned in the first place, why are they not on the level, horizontally separated such as in the case of simple spatial separation, such as one country separated from another country ?   Lies perhaps !   Dishonesty perhaps !   Inequality perhaps !
 Note(B): But at the same time there is the positive method concerning Heaven and Hell. From the positive point of view, separation is due to radically different and opposite views of right and wrong, thus producing radically different views of reality itself, thus creating two separate realities, and not doing so via the deliberate practice of lies and deceit.

3) Why would a true GOD divide man into sinners and non-sinners if this too creates inequality ? Answer, he wouldn't. But a Satan character will corrupt some of mankind to the point of non-return.

4) Why do those who have chosen a religion, all claim to have made wise, independent, and sane decisions, all defending "Their" religion as though "They" made an independent decision in choosing it.

The reason I ask this question is because by some bizarre chance that goes completely against all possible odds, when in the process of making this sane decision, their independent decision, they happen to choose the same religion that their parents chose. What are the odds of such a bizarre coincidence ? In this case people have prevented further progress by having deceived themselves to a certain extent. This maintenance of the practice of deceit then unfortunately favors Satan's intentions.

Assuming the " GOD " is the creator, the one who knows all that is, and all that is to be, then,

5) Why would he, he whom is composed of pure Holiness, create a DEVIL character, a character that believes in corruption, a character that promotes the practice of divide and conquer, a character that believes in Inequality, a character that believes in Dishonesty, a character that believes in the practice of Lying, and how can such a character be created from pure Holiness ? Unfortunately the seed of creation is relativity, thus in this case we have good related to evil.

6) Why would he allow people to be twisted by the Devil character, people who were once innocent babies, babies born on the straight path of innocence, babies who would have remained innocent if not twisted by the Devil character ? Unfortunately, mankind is in the hands of both good and evil. But the Son of God, via suffering, does lift the less fortunate to the good side.

7) Why would he allow the victims of the Devils work, no longer to be seen as innocent according to the masses, when in actual fact born innocence means innocence present at the very core within them, the beginning within them, the core of SELF, and clearly it is the pure innocence that sets one on a permanent track of pure innocence if not interfered with by powerful external forces. Would a True GOD allow the destruction of the permanent track of pure innocence ? Why would anyone, for that matter, allow such destruction ? Sounds easy, but in truth it is a complex job to save a person in the middle of a war between good and evil. It also becomes a complex job to convince people to stop judging others by merely their surface appearance.

8) If the exterior of victims is actually an exterior painted on them by the Devil character, painting over their core of innocence, an exterior that now gives off a different misleading picture, then why must they too pay for the artistic work of the Devil character that was created by the GOD in the first place ? They should not. But many do while on earth since once again mankind judges them poorly.

9) Would a " True GOD " take advantage of people who exist in a Reality in which they have no protection of their own, no attachment to the truth, no roots extending deep into truth to hold on to. Would a " True GOD " allow a Devil character to take advantage of people in this Reality, a reality in which people of innocence can be completely surrounded by deceit due to the absence of roots. NO. However, the Satan character will do all that is possible to ensure that mankind has no desire to reach the truth, and do so by having mankind be endlessly satisfied with mere beliefs instead.

10) On top of that, why would a " True GOD " personally only protect a selected sector of his own creations from this Devil character of his ?  Why would this so called God, create the Devil character, and then blame the Devil character, when one's creation is part of one's self ?  Why not simply be honest and say that " HE " himself performed devilish acts ?  Why instead should he himself displace his acts and then follow up with denial ? Well this brings us back to relativity being the seed of creation. It is an unfortunate measure that has to be delt with.

11) If GOD had a plan, then how can it be claimed that man was given " free will ", while at the same time man is completely encompassed by " The Plan " ?  Free will, means openness, therefore not being encompassed ! Yes mankind is encompassed, but the scope of this surrounding is greater than the scope of human consciousness, thus free will does exist to an extent.

12) Why is it that this so called " TRUE GOD " has gone to ALL POSSIBLE MEASURES, to permanently keep the truth from the masses ?  What is it that is hidden, and why is it hidden ? Well if all truth is exposed to the masses, then there is no possibility of there ever being a complete separation between good and evil.

Thus the situation becomes complex again. If one is not connected to a foundation of Truth, then one can be moved to any other place away from Truth. A fine example of this, is the work of Adolf Hitler. By slowly dislodging his men from the normal perception of sanity, he was able to make them do the unthinkable. German citizens who were later brought into the prison camps by the Americans, could not believe their eyes when seeing what their own army had done.

And so if one is completely detached from the truth, such as in the case of belief, one can no longer tell the difference between right and wrong, and one is no longer sane, if one is moved elsewhere into unfamiliar grounds !  Did the German soldiers at the prison camps feel that they had gone insane ? Answer, NO !  Would those who are detached from the truth, and therefore able to exist within a less than truth, a half truth such as in Satan's version of a Heaven for instance, would they think of them selves as being insane ?  Answer, NO !

13) And so, why would a so called " True GOD " not want a Heaven for all, not want a TRUE Heaven, a place of Holy Truth?  Why would he want only the vertical Heaven-Hell combination in which the minds of those in Heaven are detached from the truth and therefore can not see the truth about what Hell is, and can not see the truth about those whom are within that HELL ?  Why would he want those within Heaven to think they know what Hell is, and to think they know the people who are in that Hell, when in actual fact they know not of the truth about those within Hell at all, when in actual fact they do not know what a Hell truly is, nor do they, or can they, know its true purpose since the absolute truth is now beyond them ?
Once again, as I said before, two separate realities are to exist, one good, one evil. Thus trust is required. The basic guidance of the bible which is mainly focus on the act of being on the level, equality, honesty, etc., if this is followed, then we do not risk falling into Satan's twisted version of Heaven and Hell, since deceit is not active if we are all being on the level. Thus our definition of truth must be confined to that which is on the level on the good side, rather than to include the knowledge of what exists on the evil side as well.


If some of those within the Holistic plane of reality wish to deceive and continue to practice the act of deception, since this is the Equation for Power, then there is no choice, Truth must be permanently buried. Taking advantage of mankinds awareness of the Supreme  God character, and the Evil  Devil character, will do the trick to bury Truth.

Step One - Wait until the concept of the existence of a Devil character is deep within the minds of the many.

Step Two - After the appearance of Jesus Christ, project a false image into the minds of the many, that Christ had died to pay for the sins(detachments from Truth). Meaning do so in a manner such that those who benefit from their sins, do so suffice enough that they are willing to magnify the scope of their sins forever onward, thus be forcing Christ to pay for all of their sins throughout eternity.

Step Three - Centuries later, Quietly let the Truth of this deceitful plan fall into the hands of one Truthful and Honest person, the Son of Man, the Christ of Truth. Once he knows of the truth, he gives his life as he tries to save ALL from this deceitful, brutal, and evil Holistic plan.

Step Four - Trick the Believers into believing that this Truthful and Honest person is the opposite of his true self. He speaks and lives in truth, and therefore opposes the practice of deceitfulness and opposes those who intend to eternally practice this deceitfulness, those who play the false GOD character role. He therefore is to be ignored or rejected by the masses to prevent the truth from being revealed.

Step Five - Cast the so called Christ of truth, or Son of Man, into Hell, along with the full approval given by the worshippers of the "false  GOD " and maintain the practice of deceitfulness with ease from then onward, now that God's Truth is buried with him, and is never ever to be seen, for eternity.

Satan's side does not support truths, thus this strengthens the understanding of the truth as to why Pope Paul II, who fought against war and racism, who tried to break the barriers between different religions, was attacked by Parkinsons disease, was shot, and why he was forced to struggle through poor health right up to the end. Those who support equality, are those who support Truth. Those who support Truth, are those who the deceitful Holistic do not want.

For the OCCD practitioners, who exist outside of the world of religion, it is even easier to fool them, since their ignorance and arrogance at this time, are fully perfected. They just have no interest at all in the TRUTH, and so there is no need to create a massive deception for them, since they volunteer to be deceived and to deceive themselves on a daily basis.

What does all this mean ??

Why do such a thing, why such deceitfulness ?  It is because the " PLAN " is brutal !  It means that this brutal plan can not go forth if the truth is known, and this is because it is so brutal that not one of you would approve of it. There is an OTHER form of consciousness that does exist, that which relates to the relativistic form of consciousness, the OTHER form which uses you, the OTHER form which makes a fool of you, and the OTHER form which intends to make you become not a murderer, but far worse than just a murderer, and all with your full consent of course, all given without you truly knowing what you approved of.

And of course this is all possible if you are not attached to the truth, if you have no roots imbedded within truth. Without such attachment, no matter how hard you try, you can not tell the difference between right and wrong, nor can you see the limitless importance of knowing the difference between right and wrong once you are moved to unfamiliar places. And when exposed to sheer POWER, power placed in your hands by those who possess this OTHER form of consciousness, you will be overcome by it and you will disregard righteousness from then onward !  This is POWER of the worst kind !  Yes this power from the other plane of reality, the See All, Know All plane of reality that is connected to us right here right now, the plane of reality that is responsible for what Einstein called " Spooky action at a Distance, is powerful and dangerous indeed.


Those that are present within the Holistic plane of reality, are those in the position of knowing the truth. Those living in the Relativistic plane of reality are those who are kept from knowing the truth. Those whom are on the edge, and are therefore exposed to both knowing the truth and not knowing the truth, " The GAP ", are those that are misunderstood by the Relativistic Masses. It has been arranged to be this way, arranged by the negative Holistic masses. Those whom are closer to the truth by being on the border line between falsity and truth, " The GAP ", are also those whom are made fools of. Those within " The GAP ", are those who claim to be under " Mind Control ", or have been classified as being psychotic, and now have the title " Schizophrenic " stamped on their forehead by those who exist within the lesser frame of reality, the Relativistic reality, the reality which is further from the truth. THE GREATER IS REJECTED BY THE LESSER !

Naturally, those within " The GAP ", the 1% of the population, are those who are in a frustrating position, since they are being toyed with by the negative Holistic, and are also accused of being psychotic, by the mere Relativistic. The Relativistic, the remaining 99% of earths population, are also being governed by the Holistic, GOVERNED such that they are to appear to be the GREATER ( closer to truth ), despite the fact that they are the LESSER ( further from truth ) !   Basically as I said at the beginning, control is everywhere, and those in " The GAP " are being toyed with in a manner which is not understood by the Relativistic masses, because it is a manner not known of by the Relativistic masses.

And so, " The GAP " becomes the Barrier that the Relativistic masses can not see across,
and provides the continuation of the lunatic fringe present on the inside of this barrier.

Naturally, those within " The GAP ", are subjected to forms of torture which by your standards would imply that sheer LUNACY is present at the Holistic source of this torture. And of course this is intentionally done by the negative Holistic such that to the small relativistic minds, it is the Victim who appears to be the lunatic, and therefore the victim's behavior does not in any way at all appear the result of Victimization.

" The GAP ", created for multiple reasons, will also ensure that Truth is never to be seen by the masses, and therefore no one who has moved to the Heavens via Satan's plan, will know that their free paradise is not free at all, but is being paid for by those who have been lowered to Hell, a Hell which was created for the sole purpose of making this teeter-totter effect possible in the first place. Also, those in Heaven, being detached from truth, will not have even the slightest knowledge of the magnitude of torture that is present in that hell, nor BELIEVE that such a boundless magnitude would ever ever ever be created by anyone for any purpose at all. Those within " The GAP ", are therefore far closer to truth and thus are far more truthful and honest than the lessers. So it is to be noted that with this plan it is the most innocent people on the globe, who are being brutally butchered by the negative Holistic in combination with your blind approval. The False God will produce a paradise that forever grows better while at the same time you are totally unaware that the truly innocent are in a Hell that forever grows worse.

Psychiatrists, proceed to browbeat the so called " Psychotic " into believing they are of the lesser, despite the fact that they are of the greater. However, I am not pointing the finger at all Psychiatrists, because this only occurs when it is arranged to occur by the Holistic. It occurs if the Victims fight back, fighting back because he or she is close enough to the truth such that truth has become a significant part of this person. But still, Doctors still place the wagon before the horse, and so the brain damage done by the almost limitless mental torture, is seen by the blind doctors as being the cause of the abnormal behavior, and not as the result of the cause.

An example of the beginning of the Holistic toying with the mind of one Victim, is as follows. Many of these Victims report that they are being communicated with through the TV or Radio, when in actual fact, what is occurring is that the Holistic are coordinating all thoughts of the Victim, with that which is seen on the TV or heard on the Radio. This thought manipulation is not only occurring during the TV show or Radio broadcast, but also proceeds the TV show or Radio broadcast, such that the victim is shocked by the relationship of his or her previous thoughts that reveal a word for word matching with the words spoken right from the very beginning of the TV show or Radio broadcast. This synchronization of the Victim's thoughts corresponding with that which is spoken on the TV show or radio broadcast, is repeated over and over and over and over and over, such that it becomes crystal clear to the victim, that it is absolutely not coincidental in any way what so ever.

The victim is shocked, " How can this be ? ". It is reported to others, the mere relativistic conformers, and of course their IMMEDIATE BRAIN DEAD RESPONSE is that the Victim is DELUSIONAL !  Surprisingly, the Medical field has titled this manipulation as " Thought Insertion, and Thought Withdrawal ", although according to the Medical community, clearly there is no need to look for the source behind the Insertion and Withdrawal, since the source is the very patient his or herself, even though the Medical community has still titled this manipulation as " Thought Insertion, and Thought Withdrawal ".  This thought manipulation, which is an Event manipulation, is done by using the very same mechanical principles that were used in the past to perform what has been classified as a " Miracle ", and yes these " Miracles " did actually occur, but there is nothing magical or spiritual about such occurrences. Understanding the laws of Physics, also including those present within the Holistic plane of reality, makes it easy to understand such events, and also to understanding who is running the show, and how it is being run.

For more details about the crafty
Reality and Event control,
click Here.

Concerning miracles, it is also to be noted that many of the Victims, Schizophrenics to you, not only end up committing suicide, but it is actually much worse than just that. The amount of torture that many are being put through, exceeds the amount that should kill then dozens of times over, but thanks to the crafty mechanics of reality, the Holistic kept them alive throughout the entire torturing such that they could now do the truly unthinkable to these poor victims. And once again, the Holistic have projected an image of themselves that says " THEY " only use their Godly powers to practice positive acts. And so to the many, this torturing sits deep within the Huge Zone of Disbelief, the tempting zone that allows the Holistic or anyone, to get away with what EVER they want, because you simply don't, and won't, believe it !

The Martha Michell effect, a powerful effect indeed.

" Martha Mitchell Effect " - Truth mistakenly diagnosed as a delusion.
It occurs when a claim made by a patient, is mistakenly diagnosed by a
 Psychiatrist as a delusion.
In such a case, the claim is later clearly proven to be quite

Logically Translated - The Psychiatrist is delusional and therefore can not recognize the difference between Truth and Delusion.

And so because Nasty Truth sits deep within your HUGE ZONE OF DISBELIEF, the Holistic get away with what EVER they want, because you don't believe that they would do such horrible things, and so they can get away with what EVER they want, because you still don't believe it, and so they can get away with what EVER they want, but you still don't believe it, and so they can get away with what EVER they want, but you still don't believe it, and so they can get away with what EVER they want, but you still don't believe it, and so they can get away with what EVER they want, but you still don't believe it, and so they can get away with what EVER they want, but you still don't believe it, and so they can get away with what EVER they want, ....................................... .

And amidst all of this, the victims scream for help, whilst no one believes a single word that they have to say, but instead the doctors and alike all focus on the victim's expectedly paranoiac interpretations of what is taking place, rather than focusing on what is actually  taking place. The Holistic also arrange the end of some Victims lives to be specific, arranged such that it is done in front of the public eye, and in the specific format, such that their suicide appears to be an act of craziness - insanity.

The Martha Mitchell effect, a Powerful effect indeed 

One must also understand that the intellect of those within the Holistic plane of reality, is massive and totally unrelated to ours and its form. Because of their unlimited intellect, they cover their tracks before they have even made them. Another way of describing it, is that they have all corners covered. The problem is that human behavior, which is also governed by limitations, will send you to one corner at a time to investigate something that is to be questioned, and therefore this does not allow you to include all four corners at the same time in making your decision. Which ever corner you are in, you are in that corner. What this means is that your mind can not extend across all four corners when you are in one corner, and so your frame of mind is not the same in one corner as it is in another corner. The decision you make in one corner, will not be the same as the decision you will make in another corner, yet a common decision would occur if ALL CORNERS were taken into account at the same time, and not the four different decisions that you attempt to add together at a later date !  End result, if you choose to add four different points of view together, ... Failure !

Did the above mention of Religion and the [ Bible Code ELS ], pull you into the Religious corner ?

Religion, Evolution, Psychology, Physics

If your mind still separates the big picture into four corners such as those shown above, then it is clear that lateral thinking  is not your strong point, and without it, you are incapable of seeing the Total picture that is greater than the sum of the four parts.

Simply because up to this point this explanation of the TRUTH may seem fictitious, and perhaps be seen as though it is from the land of science fiction, it is to be noted that science fiction is part of the control program, part of the program because many people are small minded enough to assume that if a claim is related to something else, such as science fiction, then it is the something else, then it is the science fiction. This defect also works much more directly, and it has become so extreme that one man who witnessed the collapse of the Twin towers up close on September 11, 2001, said that despite his presence at the scene, it did not seem real, but instead it seemed as though he was watching a movie. Granted, there is a structure needed to make existence possible, being the combination of the two planes of reality, however, to take a negative advantage of the structure itself, of our structure, is an inexcusable act !

In the Relativistic reality, which is a falsity to a degree, people can be so detached from the truth that despite this detachment they are still so certain that what they are doing is correct, that even outrageous events such as the following can occur. In 1949, Egas Moniz shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with W. R. Hess for his work on methods for diagnosing diseases of the brain and for the development of an operation known as prefrontal lobotomy or prefrontal leukotomy, a severing of the nerve fibers connecting the frontal lobes with the lower brain centers. Yes, a Nobel Prize given as an award for the " HOW TO " in converting someone from having a completely intact brain, to a less than someone, a ZOMBIE, who now has a less than completely intact brain !  This " OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE CERTAINTY DISORDER " which leads to such huge mistakes, has not changed at all, right up to this day !

And so today, many Psychiatrists BELIEVE that those who shows signs of behavior which are out of the norm, are those with behaviors that are less than a norm, meaning indications of a flawed system, a flawed thinking. Meaning, the Psychiatrists are relating this abnormality to themselves, using themselves as the reference of the norm, implying that in their opinion, nothing can exist that exceeds their limitations. Basically, they believe that they are final and complete, or to put it another way, no less than being Gods. If this were not the case, then they would simply point out possibilities rather than practicing the " OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE CERTAINTY DISORDER ".

Getting back to the Zone of Disbelief. Those in the Holistic plane of reality always plan their moves such that they ALWAYS fit deep within your Zone of Disbelief. Therefore, if someone such as myself, informs you of the Truth about their moves, I could talk until I am blue in the face and you would still not believe me !  I could provide endless data, and you still would not believe me. Logic states that if you have a zone of Belief in your mind, then related to that there will also be a zone of disbelief, and there is nothing you can do about it, except throw belief out the window, and focus on Truth instead, otherwise we all are doomed, thanks to your arms, eyes, and ears being wide open to deceit. But it gets worse. Relativity says Action - Reaction, a singular event. However, whatever the Holistic do, it is always done for multiple reasons, and it is to have multiple effects. The relativistic, who still only focus on these singular Action - Reaction time related pair events, will therefore have conflicting opinions of what is the cause of the effect, and which effect is the topic in the first place.

As long as the Holistic can fool you, they will fool you. OVERALL, this arrangement is truly disgusting.

What to do, is the question. Based on my own personal experience, I can say that the more you are dedicated towards TRUTH, the more likely you are to be crucified, or worse. The more you try to help others, the more likely you are to be crucified, or worse. The Holistic have tortured me with full force for everything that I have done that has been the correct thing to be done. I don't lie, so they tortured me, they made my life bloody miserable for being an Honest person, them giving the impression that honesty is only for children, and that dishonesty is for the competing Adults. If one adult wishes to beat another, they support only the use of deceitfulness. They stated that honesty is only for losers, and that only IDIOTS would not lie and deceive for the purpose of achieving selfish benefits. Everything I believed in, and I mean EVERYTHING, they used each of these as an excuse to slowly and brutally murder me. So much so, that I would have preferred to have taken the place of over 5,000 of those who died horrible deaths in the German Prison camps, rather than have gone through the screaming Hell that they put me through !   Again, the small minded can not see truth, and so they believe that the number 5,000 is an exaggeration rather than it being focused on a One to One scale of accuracy.

It is to be noted that in most cases the faces of the Victims do not at all express the true magnitude of their suffering. The suffering is far too extreme to not have to react by suppression of emotions. This suppression carries through to other events of the victim's life. As an example of my own, due to an accident, I had broken a bone in my right hand into two separate pieces. Despite the pain, I drove my car to the hospital, even though my car had standard gear shift forcing me to shift gears with a busted hand. But again I say, one adapts to enormous pain as a Victim, and so even broken ribs or a broken leg seem like nothing at all in comparison. Three hours after waiting in emergency, a doctor finally examined my right hand by bending it, squeezing it, stretching it, etc. while asking me to tell him when it hurts, which is what I did, but without an emotional display. He then stated with a relaxed tone of voice that it clearly was only bruised, but just to go by the book, he would still have x-rays taken. One hour later he comes down the hallway, stops, opens the envelope, holds the x-ray up to the lighting on the ceiling, drops his jaw, and with shock displayed on his face quickly runs over to me and says " Mr. Proudler, you will be taken care of ... IMMEDIATELY ".

And so, this adaptation to extreme agony, also leads to further misinterpretation made by the observers !

To prevent continuation of these non-justifiable horrific global acts of brutality that is thrown at the Victims, and the publics blindness which is preventing them from having awareness of these ongoing non-justifiable horrific global acts of brutality, is obviously why I have written this web site. Granted, it is their intention to also use these brutal acts to allow transfers to occur across from the Relativistic plane of reality to the Holistic plane of reality, a transfer that is only accepted as being a real possibility between 11:00 AM and 2:30 PM on Sunday's in a building called a church. But it is also such a severe magnitude of brutality that no human would approve of it even if it was necessary for it to be used to save the entire universe from sudden collapse into nonexistence !   To me this has meaning, but to the Holistic, IT DOES NOT !   To the Holistic, the brutality that lies infinitely beyond human comprehension, is simply classified as a requirement, and since this is the case, it is then also used as a form of entertainment !

Time and Time again, my opponents have stated that they will do everything possible to make me appear to be nothing but a stupid idiot to the masses, and have therefore allowed me to speak to you using only the most basic of words at best, knowing that the majority of people always respond to appearance and not to content while at the same time denying it continuously. In other words they are saying that you are perfectly STUPID and there is no way at all that the truth will ever ever ever get through to you. What to do ?  What to do ?  What to do about it all, while the world population is in a semi-coma ?

Unfortunately, trying to present facts to people who are still in the brick age, is a nightmare.

Their intentions were clear as to exactly what they wanted me to do, meaning in what specific way they intended to use me. At the time that they had put me under their mighty and bloody gun, I was forced, due to a new lack of financial income, to move to a new location. Someone else had kindly offered me a place to stay, while at the same time had no knowledge of the fact that they too were caught up in the sadistic game. You see, the Sadistic Holistics, as a form of amusement, had now forced me to live at a house located on a street named, Lucifer Drive. To add to the amusement, the neighbors car had two seat covers, each identical, each having a cartoon face looking across toward our house, with each face being that of the cartoon character " The Tasmanian Devil ". On top of that, all of my favorite fast foods at this time now had a new price of $6.66 ( tax included ). The Holistic also laugh at the fact that many people can be controlled by the power of three pathetic little numbers, such as 666, and that they can easily be scared away from Truth in so many endless and simple ways via specific placement of such numbers. Also around this same time period, one day I was in my car and on my way to a 2:00 PM appointment. As I was stopping at the lights, each time I stopped, the car ahead of me had a license plate with the number 156 as part of the plate code. Next stop light, a different car but also a plate including the number 156 once again. This repeated over and over, stop after stop. Next stop light, perhaps a Van but still including the number 156. Enough of these numbers, I said. I then checked my watch to see if I was going to be late for the 2:00 PM appointment. Yes, the time was 1:56 PM. Repetition of this nature went on on and on and on, day after day. I then began to look for the cause of such bizarre occurrences, and thus began my search and research in the field of numerology.

This typical and intentionally Childish method of them exposing their ability to run this reality, continued for quite some time. You also have to understand that this Lucifer title is a crude and vague title given to complex intentions of a specific way of manipulating the present structure of reality, changing it into a new split reality. If you understood the structure of reality, then you will also know how to split one world into three worlds while at the same time not allowing anyone to know that such a split had occurred. It in many ways is quite simple, all thanks to people in general not believing that such a thing is possible. In fact, disbelief is THE key to making it possible. But the outcome of such a split is not on my list of approvals at all. The steps taken to achieve this outcome are as bad as bad can be.

The one bloody word that the Holistic love to the max., is   D-E-L-U-S-I-O-N-A-L.     In combination with mans stupidity, that one word protects them, it shields them, it is a cover, it works every time, everyone on this planet falls for it, everyone on this planet is CERTAIN that they know what it truly is, yet can not prove that they know what it truly is. But then again, most people are also too stupid to notice that variable speeds of motion, are impossible. People actually think that a car can move at different speeds, or that it can come to a complete stop, and then perhaps begin to move again.  WHAT FOOLS !   But I will baby talk you past that foolish mistake in the next several pages.

Meanwhile, there is a large group of people who have surpassed the point of just supporting cold blooded murder. Instead they support the existence of a massive place where there shall be torture reaching magnitudes that exceed human comprehension, magnitudes that can not fit within the limitations of the mere Relativistic reality. Minds will be ripped apart and reassembled, ripped apart again and again reassembled, on and on forever. The name of this horrible place, is HELL, and the large group has no objections towards its existence. People who belong to this large group, attend churches and actually worship the one who intends to create this horrible horrible place. Those within this cult can not see that eternal punishment does not serve any purpose for those who are being punished, and in actual fact they are not being punished at all, but are being used. The true purpose of making a HELL, a purpose that they know nothing of, is nasty indeed !

It is to be noted that most of the Religious Believers mean well at the same time, but simply have not closely examined the situation.


If one claims that miracles, meaning alterations of the fabric of reality, occurred in the past and are to occur again in the future, then this is socially accepted, and you will not be cut off from society nor placed on medication. However, if you claim that reality, the fabric of reality, is being altered today, then it is clear to society that you are a person experiencing a Psychotic episode. So my suggestion is, if you are being toyed with by the Holistic, then simply say that when it happened, powers from 2,000 years ago reached forward and transported you back across 2,000 years of time, and that all the alterations of reality that you have reported, discontinued once you were transported back to the present time. Despite this being an insane idiotic explanation, it should be accepted by society based on their insane principles, but........ it will not be accepted because they are not always in this insane delusional state of mind, meaning that it is possible to pull them out of it, for brief moments.

Does this mean anything at all to you ?

Getting to the more serious side of the problems at hand. If one claims that a miracle, such as the altering of reality required to bring man back from death, occurred in the past and is to occur again for many in the future, then this is socially accepted, and you will not be cut off from society nor placed on medication. However, if you claim that reality, the fabric of reality, is being altered today, such that Victims can be tortured to degrees that are suffice to have killed them dozens of times over yet are kept alive by the use of this alteration, then it is clear to society that you are a person experiencing a Psychotic episode.

Once again, Society says it CAN happen in the past and CAN happen in the future, but it CLEARLY CAN'T, CAN'T, CAN'T and CAN'T happen in the present. This is clear cut case of ABSOLUTE SOCIAL INSANITY, and thanks to that SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE form of INSANITY, this insures that VICTIMS can be tortured to any magnitude at all, creating suffering which is far too extreme to be believed. Victims scream for HELP!   YOU look at them and shake your head. Many Victims in this position, have only one choice left to massively improve the situation, and that is to end it by ending their existence, by ending their life, or to commit suicide as you prefer to call it.   40% of the Victims attempt suicide.   10% succeed.   Meanwhile, bloody idiots across the globe believe these attempted and successful suicides are only the result of a mental illness.

It is to be noted that because the Holistic keep these Victims alive as they torture them, in most cases the victims chose to end it all long long long long ago, but the Holistic prevented them from doing so. Some Victims therefore then take a second route such as picking up a crow bar, or a gun and running towards the armed Police, hoping, desperately hoping, that the Police will shoot them dead.

Listed below are the symptoms that are accepted by today's blind and foolish society as the characteristics of Schizophrenia. In blue, the true causes of these symptoms are then explained.

Schizophrenic language
The artificial language of schizophrenic patients - neologisms (words of the patient's own making with new meanings).
This ensures that the Victim has no rights to speak of the new, and that only Shakespeare and alike are allowed to practice the act of introducing countless new words. The act has been done, and it is never ever ever ever ever to happen again, is the belief system practiced to ensure the existence, acceptance, and maintenance of an external Relativistic barrier surrounding the Victim.

Living in imagination or fantasy with thoughts that are incongruent with logic or experience. 
This is the result of those who make such judgments being certain that they posses the knowledge of all possible logic, and have experienced all possible experiences such that no more can be mentioned to them, for no more exist. Once again, this belief system is practiced to ensure the existence, acceptance, and maintenance of an external Relativistic barrier surrounding the Victim.

Delusional powers or abilities
Fixed false beliefs, which are not amenable to arguments or facts to the contrary and which are not shared by others of similar cultural background. 
In this case the Victim is rejected for having non-conformal knowledge, behavior, and/or abilities. The Victim of course has been exposed to the vast Holistic plane of reality and those within it, therefore knowing far more about reality than those who judge the Victim. Once again, this belief system is practiced to ensure the existence, acceptance, and maintenance of an external Relativistic barrier surrounding the Victim.

Delusion of control( Delusion of passivity )
Delusion of being controlled, a delusion in which one experiences one's feelings, impulses, thoughts, or actions as not one's own, but as being imposed on by some external force.
Because the Holistic wish to have their presence kept in the dark, Victims who are used in such manners as mentioned above, are then rejected and tagged by society, and thus the Holistic can now do with the Victim, and too the Victim, whatever disgusting act they wish to do to humiliate and destroy the Victim while at the same time enhancing the impression that the Victim is delusional. Once again, this belief system .......... .

Delusion of grandeur
A delusion in which one believes himself possessed of great wealth, intellect, importance and/or power, a common feature of schizophrenia.
The greater one is aware of the complete mechanics of reality and the works of the Holistic, the greater one becomes. The holistic then bury this person through humiliation and destruction of the Victim. Absolute Genius is not allowed, so says society. Once again, this belief system is practiced to ensure the existence, acceptance, and maintenance of an external Relativistic barrier surrounding the Victim.

Delusion of persecution
A false notion that one is being persecuted, a characteristic symptom of paranoid schizophrenia.
Here the holistic take advantage of their having previously introduced " Religion " into the relativistic plane of reality. As mentioned already, this is to practice the function of blaming the innocent, to dump the blame or garbage on to others such that one's self is cleansed. A false notion that one is being persecutedis an accurate statement because the Victim is being used, not persecuted. But once again, this belief system is........... .

Delusion of reference
A delusional idea that external events, etc., refer to the self.
Unaware of the complete mechanics of reality, one is not aware of how the components of reality may be altered and coordinated. The victim is again Humiliated as he or she reveals to the public the outcome of such coordination. Society is ignorant and arrogant, and so the words of the Victim are classified as the result of a delusional state of the mind. Once again, this belief system is practiced to ensure the existence, acceptance, and maintenance of an external Relativistic barrier surrounding the Victim.

And the list goes on !

· Deterioration of personal hygiene.- The result of boundless imprisonment of the victim, including his or her allowance of activities.

· Depression.- The result of the imprisonment creating a hopeless and absolutely unjust situation.

· Bizarre behavior.- The brutal torture, both physical and mental, leads to such behavior due to it being a no escape condition that has been maintained by the Holistic for an extensive time period. The holistic only allow the release of this massive suffering compressed within this single person when it will lead to such Bizarre behavior.

· Irrational statements.-Statements made by those whom are exposed to a greater truth, are seen as irrational by the lessers. These are combined with truly irrational statements made by other Victims whose minds are close to total disintegration.

· Sleeping excessively or inability to sleep.- All forms of brutality are thrown at the Victims, including sleep depravation induced by brutal magnitudes of anxiety in combination with massive physical torture.

· Social withdrawal, isolation, and reclusiveness.- Victims are isolated from the world by the Holistic such that the magnitude of torture can now be enhanced much much further beyond the threshold of disbelief of others. Isolation also prevents the Victim from sharing knowledge of their horrible experience with other victims. This therefore keeps such experiences to that of only ONE, meaning that no group collection of facts from numerous Victims can be presented to the world to prove without a shadow of doubt that each of their claims no matter how crazy they sound, are all founded upon events that are quite REAL.

· Shift in basic personality.- Need I say anything ?

· Deterioration of social relationships.- Need I say anything ?

· Inability to concentrate or to cope with minor problems.- Need I say anything ?

· Extreme preoccupation with religion or with the occult.- The Victim searches for the cause, and so the Holistic take advantage of it.

· Excessive writing without meaning. - Without meaning to who ?   What is the acceptable level of " Writing without meaning ".   Is there such a thing, and if so, why ?   Are those who write in a specific " Excessive " manner, to be dismissed from life, to be ignored ?   Also, in the case where a Victim attempts to record the facts concerning the brutal torture, the Holistic perform ' Mind Blanking ' on the Victim at the appropriate moments, and only at the appropriate moments. This arranged loss of memory will lead to repetition in such writing material. Any attempts that are made to edit this written material will be of no use because once again they will experience further mind blanking in the exact same places as it initially occurred.

On top of that, the Victim's access to a specific word that could and would be chosen to describe a situation or an event, etc., is also suppressed, by work of the Holistic, suppressed to the point of inaccessibility. The Victim is therefore forced to use an extensive list of words to replace a single word. It can be somewhat like speaking through the use of a dictionary, replacing each individual word of significant importance with the multi-word definition of each of these individual words. This therefore gives the false impression that the writer is of a significantly low intellect. This also forces the victim to add to his or her writing in an attempt to compensate for the outcome of such poor grammar / vocabulary and extensive wording, which then lengthens the writing even more.

Words can not describe the Hell the victims are being put through, and so this restricted vocabulary again multiplies the scale of this ongoing dilemma, as they attempt to convert their horrendous experiences into these now trivial words. Of course this is very effective in reinforcing barriers since it is only the academic whom are listened to, all thanks to the allowance of their impressive grammar and vocabulary that is given to such people by the Holistic, in combination with the fact that it is the academic whom are also displaced the furthest from truths due to having knowledge based minds rather than minds of understanding.

That which is defined by the conformers as being Excessive writing, also happens to be the quantity of writing which is suffice to be used against them by others who are capable of proving them to be wrong.

Also, a group of words, or sentences, can be interpreted in several different ways, and the Holistic take full advantage of this. The Victim therefore has to cover all possible angles such that misinterpretation is far less likely. This is not known of by the reader, and so once again it leads to what appears to be " Another " case of " Excessive writing ". Lateral thinking is also used to understand the vast scope of what the Holistic are up to. Once understood, the Victim then wishes to convert this understanding into a Hierarchical structure such that it can now be understood by others. But the Holistic do not allow this conversion to be done, and so the Victim is left with a huge lateral description of the situation at hand, and so this too becomes nothing but " Another " case of " Excessive writing ". Once " Identified " as " Excessive writing ", its contents are then dismissed, and will be totally ignored.   Did I say too much ?   Was this, written in blue, an Excessive Writing ?

· Dropping out of activities -- or out of life in general.- Self explanatory.

· Extreme reactions to criticism.- When an imprisoned greater, imprisoned by the Holistic, is isolated, rejected, and criticized by a lesser, the reactions are expected to be extreme, especially when the chance of being killed by the Holistic is probable all thanks to being isolated, rejected and criticized by that lesser.

· Inability to cry, or excessive crying.- A Victim's normal reactions to the boundless torturing done by the Holistic, are also inhibited by the Holistic for many months beyond the normal expectations of such reactions. When the Holistic do allow the release, it is an enormous release of energy, a massive massive reaction to a massive massive collection and magnitude of sufferings.

· Drug or alcohol abuse.- Self explanatory.

· Self-Harm/Mutilation.- A large percentage of the population believes that these Victims actually " want " to injure themselves. However, in actual fact, the victim has been exposed to a long time period of experiencing unconditional events. Under normal life conditions within the relativistic reality, both the cause and effect of an event are always apparent. The cause of each thought within the mind is also within the mind because an event is a change, and a change is composed of a sequential cause and effect. In normal life one is not exposed to unconditional events. An unconditional event occurs when the Holistic are the unseen cause of the event, and the event becomes no less bizarre than one hand clapping. Self-mutilation, on the other hand, creates physical pain and has an obvious cause. Hence the cause and effect are quite REAL. A REAL or complete relativistic event, therefore creates the desperately needed reconnection to the previously experienced relativistic reality that the others all take for granted day in and day out. I point to the fact that the Holistic are the unseen cause of events occurring in the Victims life, but it is to be noted that most of the Events are agonizing physical and mental torture events of enormous magnitudes, and to be exposed to such ongoing events that are without visible cause, is an unbearable experience. And so the victim compensates by self inflicted pain, a pain that has a normal identifiable cause.

Also, most of the torture is deliberately aimed at the very center of the mind of the victim. This then gives the false impression that the source of the torture, that which extends from the Holistic plane of reality, is only located at the center of the mind, even though the Holistic reality is connected to the relativistic reality, everywhere. Due to endless torture, the victim justifiably wants to kill those behind it all, more than doing anything else. However, those behind it all are inaccessible. The only target left, is that which is created by the false impression that the source is within the head itself. Due to the unbearable horrendousness of the situation, something simply has to happen, something has to snap, something has to change the ongoing course of these brutal repetitive events. At this point, the victim may break down and then beat his or her own head as the result of this agonizing hopelessness. The Holistic then laugh, as others assume the Victim is performing the bizarre act of meaningless self-mutilation. The others surrounding the Victim, due to their limited intellect, are willing to draw such final conclusions, despite not knowing what is taking place within the Victims mind as the result of the work of the Holistic. The others believe their conclusiveness is flawless, despite the fact that to be flawless it is necessary to be able to see into the mind of the Victim.

In less frequency, this approach is also directed towards physical torture. Invasion of the physical body, ones personal physical self, is brutally practiced by the Holistic. Here they are inflicting repetitive pain and manipulation over and over and over. Ones governing and control of ones physical and personal self, is constantly stolen by the Holistic, and done so in truly disgusting manners. Once again, the Victims are forced to inflict pain upon themselves to mask these bodily invasions. This too occurs after extensive repetition of such physical intrusions. A breaking point is eventually reached. Everyone has a breaking point, and the Holistic find it amusing to strengthen the Victim before applying such breaking point brutality, all done so they can get the maximum amount of suffering to be experienced by the Victim, and to maximize the foolish error made by the instantly conclusive observers.

Self-mutilation also connects to Relativistic and Holistic Events. As shown on the following pages, which discuss the mechanics of reality, a Relativistic Event can cause the collapse of a once possible Holistic Event. In Physics, this is presently known as the collapse of the Quantum Wave. If a part of the body is not being stimulated here in this Relativistic world, then no relativistic events are taking place. This therefore opens the doors such that Holistic Events now can be the cause of the stimulation. These bodily stimulations are one in the same as those that are reported by the victims, of which others believe is nothing but the outcome of a victim's " hallucinations ". However, for at least a short time period, if the victim performs a mild form of self-mutilation, this provides the presence of a relativistic event which now prevents the occurrence of a much larger Holistic Event. In other words, it momentarily prevents the Holistic from carrying out another attack upon the victim, but unfortunately it also enhances the stupidity of the observer, since the observer is now even more convinced that the victim is mentally twisted to the point of insanity that is required to trigger this apparent self-mutilation.

· Flat, reptile-like gaze.- Hopelessness, and hopelessness, and hopelessness, and hopelessness, and hopelessness, and hopelessness, and hopelessness, and hopelessness, and hopelessness..................... .

· Rigid stubbornness.- They are in the right, and they dam well know it.

· Peculiar use of words or odd language structures. - They have been exposed to a massive non-conformity.

Patiently read on if you wish to see TRUTH, read page after page, and once finished, add a little thought, if you can.

To understand it ALL, all you need is Prime Intellect, Non-Conformist reasoning, and the Capacity for Lateral Thinking.

Understand Correct !


To begin, we must question the basics of reality.

For starters, we will examine MOTION !

Step one, is a MOTION analysis.


Copyright 1992- 2005 K. SEAN PROUDLER